17 Zendesk Competitors that You Should Try

Reading time: 26 minutes19.05.2022
17 Zendesk Competitors that You Should Try

There are a lot of customer communication channels companies use — email, social networks, messengers, and so on. As well, there are many tools to provide support across different channels. One of them is Zendesk — the support suite that combines customer service chat, CRM, marketing messages, and other tools developed for all-size businesses. 

Zendesk alternative
Zendesk admin panel. Source

Why do companies love this solution? 

First, Zendesk is easy to use. It is known for its friendly interface and customizable admin panel. See what features Zendesk provides

  • live chat for sales and customer support;
  • ticketing system to manage clients’ problems;
  • automation, workflows, and AI-powered canned answers to save your agents’ time;
  • 1000+ integrations to unite your business tools and data in one place;
  • knowledge base to enable users to find answers to their questions;
  • up to 20 pipelines to close deals and move them through stages;
  • a dashboard to analyze the team’s performance.

This is why companies such as Uber, Siemens, Khan Academy, and others choose in favor of Zendesk. 

But nothing is perfect, and neither is Zendesk. So companies start looking for Zendesk alternatives because of: 

  • difficult to implement integrations; 
  • complex setup;
  • slow customer support;
  • too high price.

If it bothers you too, we’ve reviewed the 17 best Zendesk alternatives with their features and prices.


Dashly is an all-in-one conversational platform for SaaS and eCommerce businesses. Dashly may become a worthy Zendesk alternative. It will fulfill the expectations of your sales, marketing, and support teams through the toolkit it provides. Also, Dashly offers one of the best live chat software.

Dashly features as a Zendesk alternative

Website live chat is a must-have tool to close more deals. Also, it will help you keep all the conversations from different channels in one place and improve customer service. You’ll be able to launch marketing communications (pop-ups, emails, and others) and catch more prospects. Thanks to a chatbot, CRM, and other tools, you’ll boost sales and close deals faster. So, these and other features make Dashly a good Zendesk alternative.

By the way, you can use Dashly without involving a developer. To set up, you need only to add the code block before the </head> tag. Regarding launching communications, there are numerous visual builders for all the tools — chatbot, live chat, email, and pop-ups. You’ll create them in two clicks.

Pricing: from $39 per month

Free trial: available (7 days), free version: available.

As a Zendesk alternative, Dashly offers a free plan that includes: 

Note that you can use the free plan only if you have less than 1000 visitors/mo on your website. Otherwise, you can start on any paid plan.

There are three paid plans: Business chat, Automation, and Premium. Each of the paid plans includes unlimited support agents seats.

Dashly Zendesk alternative pricing

The Business chat will suit you in case you search for a Zendesk alternative for customer support. It includes: 

  • live chat for eCommerce and SaaS businesses; 
  • integrations with communication tools and services;
  • one chatbot;
  • one targeted message;
  • user data collection;
  • lead cards;
  • team performance report.

The Automation will suit you if you want to use marketing tools and boost lead generation. There are all the features from the Business chat plan included, plus:

  • customer satisfaction reports;
  • unlimited number of chatbots;
  • targeted messages;
  • A/B tests;
  • funnels report;
  • unlimited chat history;
  • SEO settings;
  • automated conversation assignment, and other features.

Last but not least, on Premium, you can get:

  • help of the Dashly team with setting up and launching campaigns;
  • corporate training;
  • advanced analytics.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Free plan and affordable price compared to Zendesk.
— Unlimited number of agents seats.
— 24/7 customer support.
— Website visitors data tracking.
— Mobile apps (IOS, Android).
— Ability to work with leads that were inactive during 30 days.


— No AI.
— No Call and voice services.


Intercom Zendesk competitors
Intercom admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Intercom is one of the most famous Zendesk alternatives and is usually associated with enterprise business. Intercom offers tools for support, sales, and marketing teams — this makes it one of the strongest Zendesk competitors. 

Intercom features as a Zendesk alternative

Many features make Intercom an excellent alternative to Zendesk:

  • live chat, chatbot, team inboxes, FAQs, and self-serve articles;
  • automated follow-ups;
  • personalized marketing campaigns using chatbots, banners, push notifications, mobile surveys, or email marketing;
  • customer data collection, making segments, sending messages to a particular group of users; 
  • bots to automate sales workflows.

Pricing: from $74/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

Intercom Zendesk alternative pricing

Intercom is one of the most overpriced solutions that can be considered a Zendesk alternative. 

To use it, you’ll have to choose from four plans: for small businesses (you can use this only in case there are less than 1000 website visitors per month on your website), for customer support, engagement, and sales. The customer support includes:

  • live chat and team inboxes;
  • ticketing workflows;
  • social networks integrations;
  • conversation routing bot and so on.

Pros and cons of Intercom as a Zendesk alternative


— Integrates many communication channels into one.
— A lot of marketing instruments.
— User-friendly interface.


— Overpriced for small and growing businesses, so you can check out Intercom alternatives.
— Difficult to estimate the final price, as too many parameters affect it.
— Poor customer service.


Zoho Zendesk competitor
Zoho Desk admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Zoho is another Zendesk alternative. It offers all-in-one services for sales, marketing, support, and even HR and finance teams. Zoho will help manage customer communication via live chat, email, phone, social media, etc. Also, this alternative beats Zendesk by its price. Zoho Desk offers many apps and bundles so that each business will find something useful.

Zoho Desk features as a Zendesk alternative

  • CRM, forms, surveys, and phone system integration;
  • Marketing automation (forms, pop-ups, emails, visitors tracking) — lead generation, scoring, and nurturing;
  • Integrations with dozens of communication channels (live chat, email, social networks, etc.);
  • Analytics.

Pricing: from $14/mo/agent

Free trial: available (15 days), free version: available.

Zoho Zendesk alternative pricing

Paid monthly, Zoho’s price will start from $20. The free version includes:

  • up to 3 agents;
  • email tickets;
  • knowledge base for customer support; 
  • default email templates. 

To get advanced features, you’ll need to buy a standard plan, which starts from $14/mo/agent. Talking about the pricing, Zoho is a worthy Zendesk competitor.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— A huge number of features.
— A lot of seamless integrations.
— Pricing is more affordable than Zendesk’s one.
— Easy to implement.


— Bad UX.
— Ineffective customer support.


LiveChat Zendesk alternative
LiveChat admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

LiveChat is a platform that can also be considered a Zendesk alternative. It enables customer support to chat with website visitors while sales and marketing teams capture and nurture more leads. This tool will suit SaaS companies and eCommerce, EdTech, and FinTech teams that search for a Zendesk alternative.

LiveChat features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Chatbot;
  • live chat and automatic chat routing;
  • website visitor’s tracking, ticket, and chat reports;
  • targeted messages (greetings, quick replies);
  • CRM to keep customer data in one place.

Pricing: from $16/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

LiveChat Zendesk alternative pricing

The pricing will be affordable for companies that search for Zendesk alternatives. Paid annually, the Starter begins from $16 ($19 if paid monthly). For this price, you’ll have:

  • 60-day live chat history
  • full channel support (except SMS and Apple Messages)
  • basic chat customization. 

To enable unlimited chat history, complete monitoring, and engagement toolset, you’ll have to choose the Team, which price starts from $33/mo. The Business enables all the LiveChat features and costs $50/mo.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— 45+ languages are supported.
— Auto greetings.
— Friendly interface.


— No spell-check.
— No free plan.
— Sometimes may work slowly, this sometimes makes users look for LiveChat alternatives.
— No ability to see info about website visitors without clicking on it. 


Userlike Zendesk alternative
Userlike admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Userlike is a Zendesk alternative with a very friendly and intuitive interface. It will help you combine live chat and other customer communication channel messages in one window. 

Userlike features as a Zendesk alternative

Userlike provides features for customer support only. Therefore, Userlike may become a Zendesk alternative only in case you’re searching for a customer communication platform:

  • Chatbot, live translation, video calls, and screen sharing;
  • Integrations with Zendesk, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and other platforms;
  • Proactive chat and canned messages;
  • Analytics and reports.

Pricing: from $90/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), free version: available.

Userlike Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, Userlike offers a free plan that includes:

  • canned messages;
  • unlimited conversations; 
  • unlimited website implementations (the number of websites you can use Userlike on);
  • feedback options;
  • image and video support, etc. 

The Team enables:

  • using up to four widgets 
  • four agent seats
  • one messenger channel. 

The Corporate enables analytics tools, video calls, and other features. 

To use a chatbot, you’ll have to buy the Business plan, starting from $720/mo.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Free plan.
— Friendly interface.
— GDPR-compliant.


— No mobile app.
— A chatbot is available only in the most expensive plan.


Freshdesk Zendesk alternative
Freshdesk admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Freshdesk is an all-in-one Zendesk competitor. This cloud-based customer service software combines tools for support, marketing, and sales teams. Freshdesk offers services for eCommerce, healthcare, SMB, and other businesses looking for a Zendesk alternative. 

Freshdesk features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Chatbot;
  • live chat and team inbox;
  • marketing automation (includes automated task assignment, follow-ups, event-based triggers, and so on);
  • knowledge base;
  • canned response suggester;
  • multichannel support (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and so on);
  • custom reports and dashboards.

Pricing: from $15/mo/agent

Free trial: available (21 days), free version: available.

Freshdesk Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, Freshdesk offers three paid plans: Free, Growth, and Pro. 

The free plan includes:

  • live chat
  • reports
  • knowledge base, and so on.

The Growth additionally includes:

  • automation tools 
  • time tracking
  • integrations, and other vital support tools.

The Pro adds:

  • surveys 
  • customer service
  • multilingual knowledge base and other tools.

Finally, the Enterprise plan includes all the features listed.

Pros and cons of Freshdesk as a Zendesk alternative


— Workflow automation.
— The long free trial period.
— Suitable for different business types.


— AI and chatbots are available only on the Enterprise plan.
— Limited integrations — you might need a developer.


Tawk Zendesk alternative
Tawk.to admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Tawk.to is a customer communication platform that can become a worthy Zendesk alternative. It combines live chat, chat pages, and a knowledge base and helps businesses of all sizes connect with customers for free.

Tawk.to features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat translated to 45 languages;
  • shortcuts;
  • engagement tracking and reports;
  • website visitors monitoring;
  • chat pages that can substitute for landing pages;
  • SEO optimized knowledge base;
  • ability to hire a virtual assistant or chat agent.

Pricing: $0/mo 

What makes Tawk.to a good alternative to Zendesk is that it’s absolutely free. Hiring a live chat agent costs $1/hour while hiring a virtual assistant from $7/hour.

Pros and cons of Tawk.to as a Zendesk alternative


— Absolutely free.
— Easy to install.
— Ability to hire agents or virtual assistants.


— Notifications are inconsistent, so you can miss some messages.
— Unfriendly user interface.
— No branding removal.


LiveAgent Zendesk alternative as an alternative to Zendesk

LiveAgent is a Zendesk alternative that provides a personalized experience with a ticketing system. LiveAgent will help you start a live chat (via a website and other communication channels), and build a call center and knowledge base. 

The platform is ideal for customer support teams in small and medium-sized businesses.

LiveAgent features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat with a ticketing system; 
  • team effectiveness reports and advanced analytics;
  • call center and video calls;
  • proactive messages that will invite more website visitors to chat;
  • customer satisfaction reports.

Pricing: from $15/agent/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), free version: available.

LiveAgent Zendesk alternative pricing
Zendesk alternative pricing

LiveAgent offers four plans.

The Free one will allow you to: 

  • use one live chat with a ticketing system;
  • use a phone number and email;
  • create basic reports.

The Ticket includes:

  • canned responses and auto-replies;
  • reports;
  • working hours, and so on.

The Ticket+Chat adds to the features below some others:

  • proactive chat messages;
  • files sharing;
  • website visitors monitoring;
  • CSAT surveys and other features.

The All-inclusive includes all the LiveAgent features.

Pros and cons of Zendesk as a Zendesk alternative


— The free plan.
— Customizable live chat design.
— Helpful support team.


— Unfriendly UX.
— Glitches regarding some fonts and images.


HubSpot Zendesk alternative
HubSpot admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

HubSpot is an all-in-one Zendesk alternative CRM platform that includes Support, Marketing, and Sales tools. You’ll find everything to automate your business processes. The biggest advantage is that all the tools are under one roof. So if you’d like to use not only support features but also marketing or sales, it would be easy to start doing it. 

This is one of the strongest Zendesk competitors that suits all-size businesses. 

HubSpot features as a Zendesk alternative

HubSpot offers these customer support features:

  • live chat with shared inbox; 
  • automatic routing to the right agent;
  • automated replies to the frequently asked questions;
  • VoIP calling from the HubSpot platform;
  • integrations with email, Facebook Messenger, and so on;
  • knowledge base;
  • free CRM;
  • service analytics and customer feedback surveys.

Also, there are a lot of marketing and sales tools (such as email marketing, marketing automation, meetings scheduler, and others). You can launch not only customer support but start marketing campaigns and boost sales using HubSpot tools.

Pricing: from $45/agent/mo

Trial: not available. 

Free plan: available.

HubSpot Zendesk alternative pricing

This Zendesk alternative platform offers four plans: 

The Free includes:

  • live chat 
  • chatbot
  • shared inbox
  • ticketing
  • a mobile app, and other basic features.

The Starter enables:

  • shared inbox 
  • ticketing system
  • canned replies
  • meeting scheduling
  • outbound calls
  • reporting dashboard, and so on. 

Up to 2 agents’ seats are included, and the price starts from $45.

The Professional also includes: 

  • help desk automation (such as chat assignments, repetitive emails, and so on) 
  • knowledge base
  • customer feedback collection, and other features. 

The Professional includes up to 5 five users, and the price starts from $450.

Finally, the Enterprise allows:

  • building hierarchical teams
  • setting team goals
  • using AI
  • library of resources for users (Playbooks), and other features.

This plan price starts from $1 200/mo and includes ten agents’ seats.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— A lot of tools are combined into one platform.
— AI and Chatbot. Automation of many processes.


— Complicated pricing.
— Difficult to install.
— Reporting is limited and hard to interpret.

Help Scout

Help Scout Zendesk alternative
Help Scout admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Help Scout is a Zendesk alternative for small businesses. This help desk solution was developed to build the best customer communications in SaaS, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, or Finance companies. 

Help Scout features as a Zendesk alternative

  • live chat and in-app messaging,
  • knowledge base,
  • automated workflow,
  • prospects data collection (previous conversations, website activity, and so on),
  • 50+ integrations, API, and SDK.

Pricing: from $20/agent/mo

Free trial: available (15 days), no free plan.

Help Scout Zendesk alternative pricing

Compared to Zendesk, Help Scout is a very affordable alternative. There are three plans.

The first one starts from $20/mo and includes:

  • up to 25 users 
  • two mailboxes and one doc site
  • live chat
  • in-app messaging
  • custom reports
  • automated workflows. 

The Plus starts from $35/mo/user and includes:

  • unlimited number of users
  • up to five mailboxes and two docs sites 
  • custom customer fields
  • unlimited reporting history.

The Company starts from $60/mo/user and offers: 

  • unlimited number of users
  • mailboxes and docs
  • access to all the Help Scout features listed.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Friendly UX.
— Responsive customer support team.
— Easy to onboard new agents.


— No features for proactive customer support.
— No message scheduling.


HappyFox admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

HappyFox is an all-in-one ticketing system that can be considered a Zendesk alternative.  This provides multichannel support and integrates with vital business services for accounting, CRM, customer feedback collection, commerce, etc. This Zendesk competitor suits small and middle-sized SaaS companies.

HappyFox features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat integration;
  • reports, analytics, and data collection;
  • canned actions to automate some basic processes;
  • knowledge base;
  • task assignment.

Pricing: from $27/mo/agent

Free trial: available after a demo, no free plan.

HappyFox Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, HappyFox price starts from $27 if you make a three-year contract. There are four plans. Each one requires at least five agents.

The Mighty includes:

  • live chat;
  • SEO-optimized knowledge base and articles draft;
  • dashboards and reporting;
  • canned actions and replies;
  • integration with Facebook, and so on.

The Fantastic additionally allows you to use:

  • customer satisfaction surveys and reports;
  • multilingual knowledge base;
  • custom dashboard;
  • Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Aircall integrations.

The Enterprise is more about management, so this also includes:

  • task management;
  • tickets scheduling;
  • scheduled reports, ticket lifecycle reports, and other reports.

The Enterprise includes all the HappyFox features.

Also, HappyFox allows having an unlimited number of agents — the price will start from $1499/mo. 

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— User-friendly UX.
— Real-time data collection.
— Helpful customer support team.


— Sometimes code errors appear.
— Difficult to implement.
— No custom fields in reports.
— Five agents minimum in each pricing.
— The pricing may come unaffordable for startups.


Crisp Zendesk alternative
Crisp admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

This is another Zendesk competitor that helps provide instant communication with website visitors. Using this Zendesk alternative, you will be able to provide multichannel customer support and boost sales using such tools as live chat, canned responses, website users’ actions monitoring, and others. The solution will suit small- and middle-sized businesses. 

Crisp features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat with a ticketing system; 
  • knowledge base;
  • chatbot and canned messages;
  • integrations with HubSpot, Facebook, Salesforce, Slack, and so on;
  • MagicBrowse — the tool that gives the view of the website visitors’ screen;
  • LiveTranslate — built-in translator for the live chat.

Pricing: from $25/website/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), free version: available.

Crisp Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, Crisp offers three plans: Basic, Pro, and Unlimited. 

The Basic one is free. It includes:

  • live chat 
  • shared inbox
  • mobile apps 
  • a contact form that you can place on your website 
  • up to two agents’ seats.

Starting from the Pro, you can also use:

  • Triggers for automated messages 
  • CRM, 
  • private notes in live chat
  • audio messages
  • Integrations with Facebook, Slack, email, and others  
  • up to four live chat agents seats.

Finally, the Unlimited enables using all the Crisp features, including:

  • automated replies and campaigns
  • chatbot
  • knowledge base
  • MagicBrowse
  • LiveTranslate 
  • up to 20 live chat agents seats.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Easy to set up and integrate with other apps.
— Chatbot and built-in messages translator.
— The ability to preview what users type.


— Sometimes mobile apps crash, and the live chat widget doesn’t load.
— A chatbot is available only on the Unlimited plan.
— Integrations don’t always work well.


Kayako Zendesk alternative
Kayako live chat as an alternative to Zendesk

This is a Zendesk alternative that will help you make a connection between customer information, support channels, and your support team. As a Zendesk alternative, Kayako will suit businesses of all sizes and all types, especially eCommerce. 

Kayako features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat (including integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and email);
  • shared inbox;
  • reports;
  • automated tickets assignment to agents;
  • help center and knowledge base for self-service;
  • 700+ integrations via Zapier (including Salesforce, Slack, and others);
  • custom fields in customer cards. 

Pricing: from $30/agent/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

Kayako Zendesk alternative pricing

To use this Zendesk alternative, you’ll have to choose from two plans: Growth and Scale. The Growth includes:

  • live chat 
  • help center
  • advanced reporting
  • integrations, and other features. 

The pricing starts from $30 per agent per month. 

The Scale costs $60/mo/agent and offers all the Kayako features.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Email folders.
— Nice design and UX, easy to use.


— Expensive plan if you have only one agent.
— No ability to format text (underline, bold, etc.) in emails.
— Long time without significant platform updates.


Front Zendesk alternative
Front admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Fron is a Zendesk alternative for support and success service. This platform will be ideal for SaaS companies that search for Zendesk alternative and strive to provide a faster, more accurate, and personalized customer experience. 

Front features as a Zendesk alternative

  • live chat and chatbot;
  • basic automation (chat assignment, escalating messages, etc.);
  • CRM integration (Salesforce, Hubspot, or other CRM);
  • multi-chat messaging — reply in emails, SMS, and social networks from one admin panel;
  • customizable analytics reports.

Pricing: from $19/mo/agent

Free trial: not available, no free plan.

Front Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, Front offers three plans: Starter, Prime, and Enterprise. 

Using the Starter, you’ll be able to use:

  • live chat and communication channels integrations; 
  • basic automation. 

You’ll need to buy Prime to get CRM integration and analytics, starting from $49/mo. The enterprise includes all the Front features and costs $99/mo. 

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Incredible support team.
— Ability to collaborate with teammates on emails.
— Tags and filters system.


— No free trial.
— Unable to edit sent messages.
— A few integrations.


Groove Zendesk alternative
Groove admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

Groove is a sales engagement platform designed for Salesforce enterprise businesses. As a Zendesk alternative, this will boost sales by building communication with customers and providing key info about them. There are over 70 000 companies that trust Groove (including Google, Uber, Atlassian, and other businesses).

Groove features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat, email, calendar, and activity tracking synced with Salesforce;
  • multistep marketing automation for engagement;
  • CRM integration;
  • meetings scheduler;
  • revenue and revenue workflows report.

Pricing: based on team requirements

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

To find this Zendesk alternative precise pricing, you need to have a demo with the Groove team.

But here is what we found on the web. Some people say that the basic price per customer is $12/mo. However, it is $22 for a business. 

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Easy to use.
— Native to Salesforce.
— Flows for prospects’ engagement.


— No pricing in free access.
— Users claim bugs sometimes appear (broken integration, difficulties with templates, lost connections, etc.)


ThriveDesk Zendesk alternative
ThriveDesk admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

This is a customer support platform that may be considered a Zendesk alternative. This tool is easy to use and set up and will suit small businesses (eCommerce and SaaS) who search for a cheaper Zendesk alternative.

ThriveDesk features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Live chat
  • Shared inbox
  • CRM
  • Knowledge base
  • Integrations (including Slack, WooCommerce, Asana, HubSpot, Trello, and so on).

Pricing: from $20/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

ThriveDesk Zendesk alternative pricing

As a Zendesk alternative, ThriveDeak offers two plans: Starter and Pro. 

The Starter costs from $20 and includes:

  • 3 mailboxes 
  • up to 5 users
  • assignments 
  • mentions
  • all the integrations
  • reports. 

The Pro includes: 

  • unlimited number of users
  • up to 5 mailboxes
  • access to API
  • dedicated success manager 
  • all other tools that are included in the Starter.

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— Affordable pricing.
— Easy to configure.


— Many features are still under development.
— A few integrations.
— Unfriendly UI.


SmartInbox Zendesk alternative
SmartInbox admin panel as an alternative to Zendesk

This is a minimalistic tool for inbox optimization. If you’ve been searching for a Zendesk alternative that will combine all the communication channels in one place, SmartInbox is a good Zendesk alternative. This platform will suit support teams in small online shops.

SmartInbox features as a Zendesk alternative

  • Customer communication channels integrations (FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, inbox);
  • AI for replies suggestions;
  • team inbox;
  • CRM;
  • customer cards with the essential data.

Pricing: from $9/mo

Free trial: available (14 days), no free plan.

As a Zendesk alternative, SmartInbox provides only one plan which includes all the listed features. It’s very convenient to choose from one plan, isn’t it? 🙂

Pros and cons as a Zendesk alternative


— The pricing is very affordable.
— AI.


— A limited number of features.

Briefly: how to choose the right tool for your team

Here in the table, you can see which features are available on each platform:

Zoho Deskyesyesnonoyesyesyes

Don’t know what to choose? Our experts will help 👇


What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a Support suite that allows you to have conversations on different channels (including social networks, email, and so on). Also, this includes sales tools, such as pipelines and meeting schedules.

Why should we search for a Zendesk alternative?

Zendesk is a relatively expensive tool. Also, it is claimed that it’s difficult to configure integrations, and customer support isn’t very helpful. However, there are a lot of Zendesk alternatives, for example, Dashly.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a Zendesk alternative?

There are several tools that you need to pay attention to when looking for a customer communication platform instead of Zendesk:
Chatbot — this will help you automate answers to the frequently asked questions;
— AI — this also will offload both support and sales teams;
Knowledge base;
— Marketing tools to enable prospects acquisition;
Sales tools to nurture more leads.

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