10 Live Chat Software: Best Online Chats for Customer Service

Reading time: 27 minutes16.03.2022
10 Live Chat Software: Best Online Chats for Customer Service

Live chat is an essential tool when it comes to interaction with clients. It provides quick one-to-one conversation, ensuring a personal approach to each website visitor. According to the research, response time plays a crucial part for customers. Their decision to use your product or not highly depends on the time they get help. SuperOffice found out that the average time for emails is 12 hours. Messages on social media might take 10 hours. What about messages in live chats? It takes up to 2 minutes to get help there.

Customer service chat
Image source: SuperOffice. Comparison of response time in different channels.

That’s why it is the best way to provide customer support.

To save your time and help you avoid mistakes when choosing a live chat, we’ve collected a list of the best tools to power up your support team. The following live chat services suit all types of businesses. Some of them are perfect for eCommerce, the others for SaaS teams.

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Must-have features of the best live chat tools for support

…or how we chose candidates to this list.

For the successful work of your support team, make sure a customer service chat you pick has a number of must-have features. It includes 

👉 Team inbox to answer customer queries from social media, messengers, and email in one place.

👉 Video and audio calls to contact your customers right from the chat in whatever way they prefer.

👉 Integrated knowledge base, saved replies, agents’ notes, tags, and FAQ chatbot to save your team time and give your customers a chance to find the answer themselves.

👉 Live chat and push notifications in a mobile app for support agents to provide support on the go.

👉 User tracking and chat history to step into the conversation knowing the context.

👉 Chat ratings to enable visitors to leave feedback and keep enhancing your support’s work.

👉 Chat routing to prioritize and route conversations to the right agents.

👉 Analytics to keep under control the agent’s workload and key live chat metrics.

👉 Chat search, hotkeys, and filters to speed up the team workflow.

If your tool has at least 80% of these features, it is good for support. Here we’ve collected the best live chat software that meets these criteria.


Dashly is a conversational support platform that will help you optimize your support teamwork and increase customer satisfaction at each step of the buyer journey. Dashly’s main goal is to provide businesses with an omnichannel solution for personalized communication with potential customers by taking into account their interests and behavior. 

For whom?

Dashly customer service live chat is suitable for any business (SaaS, EdTech, eCommerce, consulting, and agencies) and any size team since the number of seats is unlimited. 

What live chat features do I get?

  • Convenient inbox to keep all communication in one place, with channels, tags, and automated conversation routing;
Customer support chat
Chat for support
Customer support live chat
  • Access to customer’s data and chat history to personalize the communication with an opportunity to make notes in the conversation history so all your agents could stay in the context;
  • Files sharing;
  • Access management;
  • Notifications for your operators;
  • Mobile app for the support on the go.

To bring customer communication in a live chat to a new level, Dashly offers a number of additional features:


A live chat setup takes a few minutes and doesn’t require the developer’s involvement. To install a customer service chat to your website, copy the script and paste it into your website code in one click. Connect Dashly to your CMS or use Google Tag Manager. 

Chat with customer service
Install Dashly live support chat to your website in a few clicks without the developer’s involvement

Pricing: from $39 per month

Dashly has three plans for different sizes of business. The price will depend on the number of unique users. But all plans provide sales automation, sales generation, and customer support tools. 

The price includes triggered pop-ups and emails, knowledge base, A/B testing, mobile app, and more than 30 integrations with unlimited seats. 

Extended knowledge base, conversation analytics, email builder, and removal of Dashly branding require an extra charge.

Live chat customer support
Dashly offers three plans: Business, Automation, and Premium. Choose the best one for your business

If you enjoyed the services and would like to unlock more features, you have three options:

  1. Business plan with $39/month for messaging: website product, sales, and support.
  2. Automation plan with $109/month for advanced messaging: lead qualification and nurturing sequence, onboarding campaigns, and analytics.
  3. Premium plan with custom pricing. Within this plan, you get expert traction and Dashly implementation specialists to help you set up advanced messaging on your website.

The only limit set is the number of emails you can send per month. But it can be increased on demand. 

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • Chatbot
  • Users data tracking;
  • Triggered chat messages;
  • Integrated knowledge base;
  • Up to 1000 unique visitors per month;
  • Unlimited number of agents in a conversation;

Trial period

Dashly offers 7 days of free trial with access to all main features.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Unlimited number of agents in a chat on any plan;
― Assigning various access rights to your teammates;
― Analytics funnels;
― Pop-ups and email marketing;
― Messages editing;
― Friendly support team;
― User-friendly interface with a lovely design.
― Some complex tasks might require developers’ assistance, but Dashly is always ready to help;
― Missing integrations with some CRMs;
― No email assistant;
― No AI.


Live chat for customer service
Kayako’s live chat tool console

Kayako is a multilingual customer service chat software for customer communication that alleviates support teamwork. 

Kayako’s two main products are Kayako On-Premise for in-house communication and Kayako Cloud for customer support. In addition to their live chat support service, they offer their customers a chatbot, live customer profiles, real-time user behavior tracking, and knowledge base.

For whom?

Since the software offers simple application processing, it is suitable for small businesses that look for a tool to enhance their customer support. 

What features do I get?

  • Shared inbox with tags for easier navigation;
  • Triggered chat messages;
  • Saved replies;
  • Team chats;
  • Time tracking;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Facebook and Twitter integration;
  • Live chat and push notifications in a mobile app.


To install the software, you’ll need to make a few steps and customize a chat. Then Kayako will generate a code that you’ll add to your website’s code. 

Pricing: from $30 to $60 per agent per month

The price of Kayako’s software depends on the number of agents that will use online chat support.

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • Live chat;
  • One inbox for emails, Facebook and Twitter messages;
  • Workflow automation: assign tickets to agents;
  • Agents’ login with Google;
  • Help center and standard support plan;
  • Slack integration;
  • 700+ Zapier integrations;
  • SingleView™;
  • Analytics & reporting;
  • Macro powered responses to save your agents’ time;
  • Custom fields and forms to note down crucial information;
  • Agent collision prevention;

What’s not available:

  • Automation;
  • Customer segmentation;
  • Knowledge base integration;
  • Custom performance reports;
  • Multiple brands, multiple languages;
  • Co-authors function (for those workers who can’t talk to customers but can leave notes to conversations).

Trial period

Kayoko gives 14 days of a free trial of their support live chat software.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Email and social media synchronization.― Reported low speed of the platform and bugs;
― High prices;
― Complicated setting, navigation issues;
― Integration difficulties;
― No unique features that aren’t offered by the competitors.


User.com live chat software dashboard

User.com is a platform that offers various automation tools for support, sales, marketing, and management teams. To enhance your support team work, User.com offers a customer service chat with an integrated chatbot, knowledge base, and high-quality analytics. 

For whom?

The software of User.com is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and agencies. 

On the platform, you’ll find ready-made solutions for: 

  • Finance;
  • eCommerce;
  • Web hosting companies;
  • Health care organizations;
  • Education;
  • Real estate,
  • Car dealers,
  • Travel.

What features do I get?

  • Lead forms;
  • Automated requests distribution;
  • Quick replies;
  • Triggered chat messages;
  • Customer segmentation;
  • Peeking as the user is typing before a message is sent;
  • Agent grouping;
  • Calendar integration;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Mobile app.


User.com widget code can be installed on your website and also integrated with popular CMS: JavaScript, Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop.

What is live chat support
You don’t need to be a cool developer to install the code to your website

Pricing: from $249 to $1349 per month

Benefits of live chat customer service

User.com doesn’t offer free plans. The price is determined by the number of contacts. The number of agents, in turn, is unlimited within any plan.

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • Automation;
  • Contact base with up to 5 000 contacts;
  • Chatbot;
  • API;
  • Basic CRM;
  • Basic analytics;
  • Knowledge base and calendar integration.

What’s not available:

  • Chat and push notifications in a mobile app;
  • Account Manager.

Trial period

User.com offers a 14-day free trial to test their platform functionality.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Wide range of tools and features;
― Variety of integrations.
― Customers’ complaints about poor support;
― High prices.


What is live chat customer service
Crisp’s live chat software console

Often named as one of the best customer service chat software products, Crisp offers their users more than live customer support. It guarantees high-quality service with a shared inbox. 

Within platform, Crisp allows its users to make video and phone calls without third-party’s software involvement. 

In addition to a live chat, you get

  • Chatbot;
  • Triggered chat messages;
  • Saved replies;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp) integration;
  • CRM integration
  • CrispyBird game that will keep your visitors engaged when you are offline.

For whom?

Startups and small businesses looking for a way to enhance their support team efficiency. 

What features do I get?

  • One inbox for emails and messages from social media and messengers; 
  • Automated triggered chat messages;
  • Social media and messengers integration;
  • Co-browsing to visit pages together with a user;
  • Real-time chat translation with more than 100 languages available. Type a message in your mother tongue and the platform will translate it into the user’s language;
  • Videos, GIFs, and other file sharing.


To set up Crisp’s live support chat on your website, you need to copy the HTML code and add it to your website code. You’ll be able to do it on your own after watching some tutorials in English or reading guides for popular website engines.

Live support chats
Crisp’s live chat installation doesn’t require the developers’ involvement

Pricing: from $0 to $95 per month

Chat tools for customer support

If you choose the “Pro” plan ($25/month), you can connect up to 4 agents and get access to emailing platform, triggered chat messages, chat history, and messengers integration.  

With the unlimited plan ($95/month) you have no agent seat limit. Besides, you get:

  • Chatbot;
  • Video calls;
  • CRM system;
  • Opportunity to assign agents;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Co-browsing;
  • Crisp’s branding removal.

What’s included in the free plan?

  • Live chat for two agents.

What’s not available:

  • triggered chat messages;
  • quick replies;
  • integrations.

Trial period

Crisp offers their users 14-days to test their platform.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Free plan;
― Clear and intuitive interface;
― Wide range of functions.
― You can accidentally block a user instead of replying to them (the “block” butting is right next to the “send” one.);
― You can’t automatically send the chat transcript when the conversation is over;
― Autotranslation is unavailable in a mobile app; 
― Unstable work of the mobile app.


Chat support system
Sendinblue live chat tool panel

Sendinblue is a platform that offers marketing and support tools for customers’ communication and growth. 

For whom?

You can use Sendinblue’s live chat for your online store if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution. Sendinblue software suits small and medium-sized companies and enterprises.

What features do I get?

  • One inbox;
  • CRM system;
  • Signup forms;
  • Landing page builder;
  • Marketing Automation;
  • Email marketing (transactional emails included);
  • SMS marketing;
  • Facebook ads and retargeting.


Copy and paste the Sendinblue code into your website’s header without developers’ involvement. 

Chat support tools
Another way to set up Sendinblue with help of PrestaShop or WordPress plugins

Pricing: from $0 to $65+ per month

Within the free plan, you’ll be able to set up live support chat, collect an unlimited number of contacts and segment leads, use CRM, make real-time reports, and send up to 300 emails per day.

Chat for customer service

What’s included in a free plan?

Off charge, Sendinblue offers their clients:

  • Live chat
  • Unlimited contact base;
  • Leads segmentation; 
  • CRM integration;
  • Real-time reports
  • Up to 300 emails limit per day.

What is unavailable in the free plan:

  • Shared inbox;
  • SMS marketing;
  • Customizable signup forms;
  • Website chat;
  • Sales CRM;

If you want to enable more features, consider other paid plans. They start from $25 and the price depends on the monthly email volume and the number of emails or SMSes you send.

Trial period

Since Sendinblue offers a free plan, there’s no trial period. 

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― A wide range of features on one platform;
― Automized sending campaigns;
― Customizable live chat — you can choose the color, add the company’s name and logo.
― Signup for the platform takes a long time because it requires your email address, your street, Zip code, phone number etc.;
― No onboarding;
― The quality of your customer service will depend on your plan, sometimes replies of agents may take weeks.


Best website chat tools

Convead is a marketing automation platform that helps bring your communication channels together without leaving a message behind. Originally created for marketing and sales teams, the platform provides their clients with various tools such as user behavior tracking. It gathers data from multiple sources groups channel and purchases history and stores it in a single profile. In addition, Convead software generates behavior-based dynamic segments, analyzes data in real-time, generating reports.

For whom?

Online stores, digital marketers, and marketing agencies.

What features do I get?

  • One inbox for emails and messages from social media; user segmentation;
  • Triggered emails;
  • Pop-ups;
  • Bulk communications;
  • Data tracking;
  • A/B testing;
  • Flexible widget builder;
  • Web push notifications.


Convead’s live support chat installation will take approximately 30 minutes. The time and complexity of this process will depend on the CMS and detailed customer data you want to keep track of. 

Online customer service chat software
Convead gives a short manual, so you can set up their live chat on your website. There is an opportunity to ask for the developer’s help if needed. 

Pricing: from $25/month

Best customer service chat software
You can calculate the price on the Convead website

The price depends on your website traffic.

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • 5 000 monthly visitors;
  • One inbox;
  • Triggered emails;
  • Bulk messages;
  • User behavior tracking;
  • A/B testing and analytics.

Trial period

Convead offers 7 days to test their software.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
— An unlimited number of agents in a chat;
— User-friendly and intuitive interface.
— Too specific interface.

Tawk — free live chat

Live chat tools for website
Tawk.to live chat software panel

Tawk is a free platform that offers its users a customer service chat software and knowledge base. Their software has all the necessary features, but limited customization.  Besides, they specialize in outsourced support agents. 

Tawk helps keep track of the users who enter your website, communicate with them via shared inbox, and support tickets. Besides their tools, Tawk.to offers to hire their agents for your business for $1 per day.

For whom?

Startups and small businesses.

What features do I get?

  • Chat pages — these are customizable landing pages for businesses without their own website;
  • Triggered auto messages;
  • Canned replies;
  • Message sneak peek; 
  • Knowledge base;
  • Visitor tracking;
  • Help desk features like tags, departments, or visitor info.


You can easily install Tawk’s online chat tool on your website. Paste the code before the </body> tag on every page of your website.

Customer chat support
You won’t need developers’ help with the chat installation

Pricing: from $0

Tawk’s live chat customer service is forever free. The number of agents seats is unlimited. You’ll have to pay only for additional features, such as branding removal.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Live chat is forever free; you pay only for additional features;
― It’s easy and quick to install;
― The ability to hire an agent for a low price;
― The mobile app;
― Multilingual admin panel.
― Hardcore only. No chatbots. Shortcuts only. 
― Users claim that sometimes there’s a delay in notifications arrival.


Customer service chat

Usedesk is a platform to automate your support teamwork, train live chat agents, and facilitate your business growth. It allows you to store emails and messages from social media and messengers in one place.  

Unlike Tawk, Usedesk is a customer support platform in the first place. It brings together all your communication channels, along with data from your CRM and other internal systems. 

For whom?

Perfect for small teams and corporate-level businesses, specializing in eCommerce and customer support.

What features do I get?

  • One inbox for messages from various channels;
  • Quick replies;
  • Automated requests distribution;
  • Conversation rating;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Triggers for requests check and other specific actions;
  • Social media and messengers integration;
  • Mobile app.


To use a customer service chat, you need to install the Usedesk widget code to your website. The software allows you to add up to 10 buttons (for example, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, and some external links). If you don’t want to deal with the setup on your own, you can take the “configure it all for me” option. But you’ll have to fill in a particular application form for that.

Pricing: from $50 to $140 per month

Live chat support

The price depends on the number of agents. If you choose an annual subscription, one agent will cost you $45 monthly. If you’re ready to pay for three months, one agent will cost you $50. 

The minimal number of agents is three. 

Usedesk offers individual payment terms for enterprises with global scale and security.

Trial period

Usedesk gives its users 7 days to test their live chat support service software.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― One admin panel for emails and messages from social media and messengers.― You can’t choose a monthly subscription and connect less than three agents;
― WhatsApp and Instagram integrations are charged separately. 


Live chat customer service
The Chatra admin panel

Chatra is a live chat support service for increasing sales that cares a lot about the tone of voice. The founders call Chatra “cozy and lovely mobile messenger”. In addition to online chat support, you can install Chatra’s chatbot. You can set it up to select the requested topic and send a pre-configured message. 

For whom?

Chatra’s software suits a wide range of companies:

  • eCommerce;
  • Financial companies;
  • Car companies;
  • Legal companies;
  • Product companies. 

What features do I get?

  • Group chats;
  • Chat history and unfinished messages stored in one place;
  • Messages editing available at any time;
  • SSL encryption in a free plan;
  • Multilingual interface (English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian);
  • Access from any device (even on Nintendo 3DS).


Copy the widget code and paste it to those pages where you want to talk to your users. Chatra also offers installation guides for popular CMS: Magenti, Wix, WordPress etc. The installation process is simple and won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Live chat support service

Pricing: From 0 to $29 per agent per month

Chat customer service

What’s included in the free plan?

  • The unlimited number of chats and websites;
  • Access for one agent in a chat;
  • Access to full conversation history;
  • Basic profile card about a user;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Chat widget customization.

What’s not available:

  • Chatbot;
  • Email, social media and messengers integration;
  • Quick replies;
  • Group and team chats;
  • Triggered actions;
  • Files sharing;
  • Peeking at the user typing;
  • Chat reports;
  • Data export;
  • business hours’ specification.

Trial period

Chatra gives its users 10 days to enjoy all features of the professional plan. After the trial period, it automatically switches to the free plan.

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Free plan;
― Clear and user-friendly interface. 
― Free plan offers insufficient functionality;
― A limited number of social media integrations (only Facebook and Slack);
― Live chat widget can’t be moved on the website.

Pure Chat

Chat support services
What the Pure Chat admin panel looks like

Pure Chat is a platform that lets small and medium-sized businesses establish contact with their audience via live customer chat. Among all platforms in this list, it has the most extended trial period ─ 30 days.

Within Pure Chat’s intuitive interface, you can easily set it up, even if you don’t have any experience with such software products.  

For whom?

Small and medium-sized businesses.

What features do I get?

These are key features Pure Chat offers to their users, apart from a live chat:

  • Triggers;
  • Chat history and transcript storage;
  • Canned responses;
  • Access management;
  • SMS notifications (their number will depend on your plan);
  • Visitor behavior tracking;
  • Mobile app;
  • Chat and push notifications in a mobile app;
  • Reports;
  • Integration with Zoho, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc.;
  • Live chat customization.


For installation, copy the script on the Pure Chat website and paste it before the </body> in the code of your website:

Support chat

You can also use Shopify, Weebly, or WordPress plugins. And if you have any difficulties, you can always contact the developers via email. 

Pricing: from $39 to $79 per month

Customer service chat software

What’s included in the Growth plan:

  • One website;
  • Unlimited chats;
  • Up to 100 SMS notifications;
  • Chat notifications;
  • Four agents,
  • Integrations,
  • Mobile apps for android and iOS.

What isn’t included:

  • Unlimited number of websites;
  • Up to 10 agents;
  • Up to 1000 SMS notifications.
  • Brand removing.

Trial period

Pure chat offers the most prolonged trial period — 30 days

Pros and cons

What’s goodWhat’s bad
― Quick and straightforward website integration;
― Instant notifications.
― The platform often gets disconnected, and the agent has to log in again;
― No chatbot available.

The best live chat comparison takeaways

Live chat is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to in-time customer communication. Apart from that, it can influence page ranking and loading speed.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want a live chat for your website with basic features or high-grade software to keep in touch with your customers and provide high-quality support. Your choice depends on the needs of your business, its size and budget, and also on how tech-savvy you are. 

If you’ve never used live customer support before, we can recommend you a number of suitable platforms for a trial period. Here’s a quick summary of all platforms we covered in this article. 

  • Dashly is an omnichannel platform for customer support optimization. In addition to customer chat support, it offers chatbots, a knowledge base, emails, pop-ups, and data collection. Dashly is suitable for various kinds of businesses: eCommerce, consulting, education, and large enterprises. The agent’s number in a chat is unlimited. The price is determined by your website traffic.
  • Kayako is a platform for customer support. Kayako offers a version for corporate users. The platform may be complicated and hard to navigate, and customers point out a lot of bugs in the system.
  • User.com is a multifunctional platform for sales, marketing, management, and support teams. All essential features are available on a free plan. The price depends on the number of contacts. Any plan includes an unlimited number of agents in a chat. User.com is a great platform for startups.
  • Crisp is a multilingual platform for startups and small businesses. Its software allows you to make audio and video calls right away without third-party software involvement. Crisp offers a free version with limited functionality.
  • Sendinblue is a platform for small and medium-sized businesses. The price here depends on the number of emails you sent and the number of agents. They offer no free trial.
  • Convead is mostly a marketing automation platform. Their main audience is marketers and marketing agencies. The number of agents here is unlimited. The price depends on your website traffic. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan available, and the trial period is just seven days.
  • Tawk has a unique offer of hiring a support agent. But the platform’s functionality is rather limited, so the software suits mostly small and medium businesses.
  • Usedesk offers software with basic features for small businesses. Its interface is very user-friendly. But the minimum period here is three months and you’ll have to pay for at least three agents. The price is higher than other competitors’ offer.
  • Chatra is an online chat with a chatbot. It offers basic features. The pricing here depends on the number of agents. Chatra has a free plan, but most of the features are unavailable. The trial period is ten days.
  • Pure Chat offers its users with easy-to-use, intuitive live chat software. You get 30 days to test its live chat software functionality.

Not sure what to choose? Our expert will help 👇


What is a live chat?

Live chat is a widget on your website. Clicking on it, a user can contact your support team immediately and get a consultation. In addition to real-time support, live chat can help you with visitors engagement, lead capturing, and qualifying.
Discover how it works here

What are the key features of live chat software?

One common inbox that brings together your communication on various platforms: social media, emails, and messengers. One inbox allows you to start a conversation with a customer on Facebook and continue it in emails without losing a single message.  
Saved replies that deal with FAQ and alleviate your support team workload. Create standard replies to FAQs and use them in the chat in real-time to save your workers time.
User behavior tracking. Keep track of the pages a user visited, and problems they faced while visiting your website. It gives you vital conversation contexts and enables proactive communication with high chat engagement.
Chat routing so your customers’ concerns could be solved by a support reps expert quickly. Automated chat routing saves a lot of time, but it can also be carried out manually and based on conditions. Ensure shorter time to problems resolution and happier customers.
Chatbot for support automatization. Within chatbot’s wide range of functions are answering FAQ, routing conversations to relevant agents, leads qualification, calls scheduling etc.
Customizable chat forms for lead capturing, feedback collection, and support requests capturing in case no operator is free.
Detailed reports to track operator’s performance: response time, average ratings, number of chats in work, missed chats, etc.
Knowledge base to create and share info with customers to save response time.
Integrations with CMS, CRM, analytics, email marketing etc.
Chat and push notifications in a mobile app to provide support on the go. 
Tag system for convenient team collaboration.
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How to choose the most suitable live chat system for your website?

The choice will depend on the needs of your business. But we recommend a list of essential features you should keep in mind while looking for perfect software. 
― User-friendly intuitive interface, which doesn’t take long to figure out;
― Clear onboarding with manuals, video tutorials, and help centre available;
― A mobile-friendly chat software that works smoothly on mobile browsers;
― Various ready-made integrations to provide omnichannel support.
― Balance of Value & Price.
― Customization that allows you to match a chat widget with your website: choose colors, add a logo and images, change fronts, etc.;
― All the essential features are included in all plans like here.

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