Increase the sales of your ecommerce store

Dashly tools help you increase sales without ads spend and build a better customer communication over the funnel

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More leads, more quality leads, more conversations and a productive team for rapid growth

Build customer relationships that last. Be reachable in many ways: live chat, social nets, and email

Guide your customers through the ecommerce shopping process with ease in different marketing channels: live chat, email or social nets. All within Dashly softwareh
Understand and connect with them, no matter where they are in their customer journey

Get the most out of your traffic with trigger messages

Deliver the right message at the right time with trigger live chat messages and emails — get all benefits of marketing automation software for your ecommerce
Use pop-up windows to create more engaging marketing messages based on the behavior of your website visitors
Segment the leads based on their behavior for remarketing and personalization purpose in your ecommerce store automation

Get orders complete
Say Goodbye to abandoned carts

Use triggered marketing emails to return customers to abandoned carts and the items they’ve viewed
All automation is set up via Dashly platform — no other software needed

Get to know the behaviour of your customers and deliver a personalized sales experience

Get a detailed breakdown of information of a client’s purchase history and preferences
Automatically save the data in platform eCRM to identify new clients and deal with the existing ones
Segment your ecommerce audience based on the behaviour patterns and send personalized marketing messages to enhance the buying experience
Engage on each step of the ecommerce funnel with automation and focus completely on personal marketing communication with clients via chat, pop-up windows and emails — all with Dashly software
Engage leads with personalized offers, raise conversions, and boost revenue of your online shop
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