Top 13 sales automation tools to propel your sales strategy

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In the fast-paced world of sales, time is a precious commodity. 

That’s where sales automation tools step in, not just as a helping hand, but as a game-changer for teams looking to speed up their workflow and dedicate more energy to more complex tasks. 

We’ve scoured the market to bring you the top 13 sales automation software solutions, each a key player in transforming your sales strategy. Whether you need a comprehensive sales automation platform or specialized emailing sales automation services, this list has something to fit your tech stack. 

Ready to see how these tools can redefine efficiency for your team?

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How to choose sales automation tools

Selecting the right sales automation tools for your tech stack is a pivotal decision that can power up your sales operations. Keep in mind, not all tools are created equal. Here’s what you should consider to ensure you’re making the best choice:

  • Integrations: Look for sales automation software that plays well with others. A wide range of integrations means smoother workflows and less manual data shuffling.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, so do your needs. Ensure the sales automation platform you choose can scale with you, avoiding the future headache of switching tools.
  • User-friendliness: If the tool isn’t easy to use, it won’t be used to its full potential. Prioritize tools that offer a clean user interface and a shallow learning curve.
  • Customization: Your sales process is unique; your automation tools should be able to adapt to that. Customizable features allow for a tailored fit to your sales strategy.
  • Analytics and reporting: You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Robust reporting features in a sales automation tool give you insights to optimize your sales process continually.
  • Customer support: When things go sideways, having responsive and helpful customer support can make all the difference.

Remember, the aim of automation is to make your sales efforts more efficient and effective. Take the time to assess these features in the context of your sales goals to find the tools that will best complement your team’s talents and strategies.

Dashly for sales

Dashly for sales automation

Dashly emerges as a sales automation platform that goes beyond simplifying tasks — it revolutionizes lead interaction. They offer a state-of-the-art AI-chatbot designed to automate the lead qualification and scoring process. The goal of Dashly is to give companies the tools to engage leads instantly, efficiently, and accurately.

For whom

Best suited for SaaS, eLearning, HR, and FinTech sectors, it’s especially valuable for teams with more than three sales reps working on a meeting-based sales funnel.

Automation features

  • Automated lead qualification: The AI-chatbot interacts and gathers data from prospects, qualifying them without human input.
  • Intelligent lead scoring: Following qualification, leads are scored and segmented based on readiness to purchase or fit to the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Instant engagement: Dashly’s chatbot is always on, ready to answer questions and engage with prospects 24/7.
lead qualification for automation


  • Efficient lead handling that scales with your team’s workload.
  • Enhances the speed of lead engagement, providing real-time responses.
  • Tailors the lead journey thanks to AI-driven qualification and scoring.


  • May require initial setup and training to align with specific sales processes.
  • AI-chatbot interactions might lack the nuance of a seasoned salesperson.

Dashly stands out in the realm of AI sales automation, positioning itself as a leader in harnessing AI for sales automation. It’s one of the best AI tools to automate sales processes, designed to boost efficiency and effectiveness within your sales operations. 

With Dashly, you invite cutting-edge sales automation AI into your workflow, ensuring you’re not just keeping up with the competition, but setting the pace.


salesforce for automation
Salesforce: The comprehensive sales automation platform

Salesforce is a titan among sales automation tools, offering an extensive suite of products designed to streamline every aspect of the sales process. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive sales automation software solution that drives growth and efficiency for businesses of all sizes. 

For whom

From startups to large enterprises across various sectors, Salesforce equips companies with robust tools to bolster their sales efforts.

Sales automation features

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): At its core, Salesforce offers a powerful CRM to manage customer data and interactions.
  • Sales Forecasting: Advanced analytics provide accurate forecasting to guide sales strategies.
  • Lead Management: Track and nurture leads from initial contact to conversion with automated workflows.
  • Email Integration: Connect with prospects through seamless email integration and tracking.

Pricing for one of the best sales automation tools

Salesforce offers a tiered pricing model to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and needs. 

salesforce pricing
  • Starter: Aimed at small businesses looking for basic CRM functionalities, including lead management, email integration, and more, usually starts at a monthly rate per user.
  • Professional: Geared towards growing businesses that require more advanced features like complete sales automation and forecasting.
  • Enterprise: Best for large businesses or those with complex sales cycles, offering deep customization and integration capabilities.
  • Unlimited: The top tier, providing unlimited support and the maximum capacity for customization and features.


  • A well-rounded platform that covers virtually every sales need.
  • Highly customizable to fit specific business requirements.
  • Rich ecosystem of third-party apps through AppExchange.


  • Can be overwhelming for small teams or those new to sales automation platforms.
  • Higher cost compared to some other options on the market.

As one of the best sales force automation software options available, Salesforce is known for its robust features of sales force automation that empower sales teams to achieve more. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer relationships, streamline your sales funnel, or gain deeper insights into your sales processes, Salesforce stands as one of the premier sales automation platforms to consider.

HubSpot Sales Hub tools

Hubspot automation tool
HubSpot Sales Hub: Elevating sales through automation

HubSpot Sales Hub is a powerhouse among sales automation services, delivering a suite of tools that streamline the sales process for businesses. The company’s goal is to offer an all-in-one platform that simplifies tasks and augments sales productivity, making it one of the best sales automation software options. 

For whom

HubSpot is widely adopted by a variety of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, catering to anyone looking to enhance their sales outcomes.


  • Email Tracking & Notifications: Stay informed about when and how your emails are engaged with.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Simplify the meeting booking process with integrated scheduling tools.
  • Deal Pipeline Management: Visualize and manage your deals efficiently from one place.
  • Sales Automation: Create workflows that automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources.

Pricing for sales

hubspot pricing

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a scalable pricing structure. Starting with a robust free plan that’s great for small teams, the platform scales to paid plans which include:

  • Professional: For businesses looking to deeply customize their sales automation practices.
  • Enterprise: The most advanced offering, tailored to large-scale operations needing a comprehensive set of tools and integrations.

Prices vary accordingly, often based on the number of users and required features, with free trial days to test the waters before commitment.


  • User-friendly interface that is quick to set up and use.
  • Comprehensive sales automation capabilities.
  • Robust free version available.


  • Costs can add up with additional features and users.
  • Advanced customization might be limited compared to dedicated CRM platforms.

HubSpot Sales Hub is an invaluable asset for any sales team, offering a blend of tools and sales email automation tools designed to maximize efficiency. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a sprawling sales department, HubSpot has the flexibility and features to elevate your sales process.

Gong sales automation software

Gong for sales automation AI-driven insights for sales automation positions itself as more than just a sales automation tool—it’s an AI-powered platform designed to provide actionable insights into sales interactions. 

For whom

The company’s mission is to enhance sales performance through data-driven analysis, offering a unique value to sales teams of any size, but particularly beneficial for mid-market and enterprise companies focused on optimizing their sales processes.

Software features

  • Conversation Intelligence: Records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls to provide insights on customer interactions.
  • Deal Intelligence: Tracks deal progress and offers recommendations to increase the likelihood of closing.
  • AI-Driven Reporting: Delivers AI for sales automation by providing predictive analytics on sales performance.

Pricing’s pricing is tailored to the specific needs of each business, with custom plans that scale with company size and usage. Interested organizations should contact directly for a personalized quote. Free trials or demos are typically available to allow companies to experience the platform firsthand.


  • AI capabilities offer deep insights into sales conversations and strategies.
  • Customizable alerts and coaching recommendations improve sales skills.
  • Integration with popular CRM and sales tools enhances the existing sales ecosystem.


  • May require a period of adjustment to fully utilize AI analytics.
  • Pricing opaque without a direct inquiry, potentially making budgeting difficult.

As a sales automation platform, stands out as one of the best AI tools to automate sales processes, providing a wealth of data to refine and advance sales tactics. The sales automation system it offers is sophisticated yet intuitive, ensuring that businesses can elevate their sales approach with confidence and clarity.

ActiveCampaign as one of the best sales email automation tools 

activecampaign for email automation
ActiveCampaign: Email personalization at scale with sales automation

ActiveCampaign offers a suite of sales force automation software, centralizing around customer experience automation, which combines email marketing, automation, sales automation, and CRM for a seamless sales process. 

For whom

Their aim is to provide small to mid-sized businesses with the tools they need to create incredible customer experiences through automated and personalized communication.

Features for sales

  • Email Marketing Automation: Design and automate engaging email campaigns tailored to each lead or customer.
  • CRM & Sales Automation: Organize customer data and automate sales tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Site Tracking: Gain insights into customer behavior by tracking their interactions on your website.

Pricing for automation tools

activecampaign pricing

ActiveCampaign offers a tiered pricing structure based on features and the number of contacts, with plans including:

  • Plus: Advanced capabilities for growing businesses looking for more integration and automation tools.
  • Professional: Enhanced features for businesses needing comprehensive automation and CRM tools.
  • Enterprise: The full suite of features for large-scale operations with custom needs.

Each plan comes with a free trial to test the platform.


  • Robust sales email automation tools for targeted communication.
  • A comprehensive set of features across marketing and sales.
  • User-friendly interface with a gentle learning curve.


  • Pricing can escalate with an increasing number of contacts.
  • Some users may find advanced features require a learning investment.

ActiveCampaign is a multifaceted sales automation tool that’s particularly adept at nurturing customer relationships through personalized communication. It’s a powerful addition to any sales automation system, designed to help teams automate crucial aspects of their sales cycle with precision and ease.


pipedrive for sales automation
Pipedrive: A sales automation software for streamlined selling

Pipedrive is recognized as one of the best sales automation tools for its user-centric design that simplifies the sales process. The company’s mission is to make sales success inevitable for teams of all sizes by providing a sales automation platform that visualizes your sales pipeline and automates routine tasks. 

For whom

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Pipedrive offers value by turning complex sales activities into manageable wins.

Sales automation features

  • Visual Sales Pipelines: Customizable pipelines give clear visibility into the sales process.
  • Activity and Goal Tracking: Set and monitor activities, ensuring you stay on target.
  • Email Integration: Sync your email for seamless communication within the platform.
  • Automation of Tasks: Automate tasks and follow-ups to reduce the workload and focus on selling.

Pricing for automation software

Pipedrive’s pricing is transparent and based on the level of functionality required, with plans including:

  • Essential: Covers the basics, perfect for teams just starting with automation.
  • Advanced: Offers more in-depth features like automation and email integration.
  • Professional: Provides full control for seasoned sales teams with complex needs.
  • Power: Solution for larget team with wide collaboration opportunities.
  • Enterprise: The ultimate package with all features and premium support.
pipedrive pricing

A free trial is available to experience the platform before purchasing.


  • Intuitive interface that facilitates quick adoption.
  • Customizable to align with various sales processes.
  • Emphasizes a visual approach to pipeline management.


  • May require third-party integrations for complete functionality.
  • Advanced reporting features could be more robust in comparison to other software.

Pipedrive stands out as a sales automation tool that’s not only effective, but also a joy to use. It’s designed to keep your sales team organized, focused, and driven towards closing more deals with less effort, making it a go-to choice in the arsenal of sales automation software.

Chili Piper

chili piper for automated sales
Chili Piper: Instant scheduler for sales teams

Chili Piper stands out as a focused sales automation platform, primarily offering automated scheduling solutions that streamline the process of setting up meetings with prospects. The company aims to eliminate the back-and-forth often associated with booking appointments, providing value through improved conversion rates and saved time. 

For whom

This tool is especially beneficial for B2B companies of various sizes that are looking to enhance their sales teams’ efficiency.

Automation features for sales

  • Instant Scheduling: Allows leads to book meetings or calls instantly after filling out a web form.
  • Smart Lead Distribution: Matches leads to the right sales reps based on predefined rules.
  • Email and Calendar Integration: Syncs with most email and calendar platforms for seamless scheduling.


Chili Piper’s pricing details are customized based on the team size and specific needs. They offer:

  • Instant Booker: The primary scheduling tool for individual representatives or teams.
  • Concierge: For teams needing advanced distribution and routing of leads.
  • Spicy: Includes full features for larger organizations with complex sales operations.
Chili Piper pricing

Prospective users can request a demo to explore the platform’s capabilities.


  • Simplifies the appointment setting process, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Integrates smoothly with many CRM and sales automation tools.
  • Helps distribute leads efficiently, ensuring quick follow-up.


  • Focused primarily on scheduling, may require additional tools for a complete sales automation solution.
  • Customization options can initially seem complex to newer users.

As one of the best sales automation tools for improving meeting booking workflows, Chili Piper offers a sales automation software designed to help teams turn interested prospects into engaged customers more effectively. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established enterprise, Chili Piper can be a powerful addition to your sales automation arsenal.


Calendly for scheduling automation
Calendly: Simplified scheduling for sales success

Calendly has made a name for itself as a go-to sales automation tool, with its sleek scheduling software that aims to take the hassle out of organizing meetings.  Calendly stands out for its ease of use and its ability to integrate into a sales team’s existing workflow with minimal disruption.

For whom

The company’s goal is to facilitate seamless appointment setting, providing a valuable service for freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

Automated features for sales

  • Automated Scheduling: Offers a hassle-free way for clients to book appointments based on real-time availability.
  • Time Zone Intelligence: Automatically detects and adjusts for different time zones.
  • Integrations: Works with calendars, sales and marketing automation tools, and video conferencing software.


Calendly’s pricing is friendly for individual users and scales up for teams, with plans including:

  • Basic: A free starter option perfect for individuals.
  • Premium: Ideal for professionals with advanced scheduling needs.
  • Pro: For teams that need additional integrations and support.
Calendly pricing

Each plan offers a 14-day free trial of Premium features to get users started.


  • Intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • Eliminates the back-and-forth communication often required to schedule meetings.
  • Offers effective integration with a variety of platforms.


  • The basic plan has limited features compared to paid options.
  • May require a separate CRM or sales automation software for a complete solution.

Calendly’s automation software is a favorite among sales professionals who value efficiency and streamlined operations. With its user-friendly design and robust integration capabilities, Calendly enhances the automation of sales activities, allowing teams to focus more on closing deals and less on administrative tasks.


6sense dashboard for automation
6sense: Precision sales automation for the modern seller

6sense is a sales automation platform that stands at the forefront of account-based marketing and sales. The tool’s primary goal is to empower companies with predictive analytics and AI capabilities, enabling them to identify and engage with prospects earlier in the buying journey. 

For whom

6sense is ideal for mid-size to enterprise-level organizations that want to harness the power of big data for targeted sales efforts.

Automation features for sales

  • Account Identification: Uses AI to uncover anonymous buying signals and potential prospects.
  • Predictive Analytics: Prioritizes accounts with the highest propensity to buy.
  • Intent Data: Offers insights into where prospects are in the buying journey.
  • Campaign Orchestration: Automates personalized outreach at scale.


6sense pricing

As a premium sales automation software, 6sense provides customized pricing based on the specific needs and scale of an organization. Companies must contact 6sense directly for a quote. Details on free trial periods or demo options may also be available upon inquiry.


  • Deep insights into buyer behavior with advanced analytics.
  • Ability to engage prospects early in the buying process.
  • Streamlines and personalizes outreach for efficiency.


  • The sophisticated platform may have a steeper learning curve.
  • Pricing transparency is low without direct consultation.

6sense is widely recognized as one of the best sales automation tools for businesses looking to dive deep into predictive analytics and buyer intent data. It’s a comprehensive sales automation tool that melds AI with account-based marketing strategies to propel sales teams toward more informed and timely engagements with their prospects. as one of the best sales automation platforms

outreach for sales automation Empowering sales teams with automation is a dynamic sales automation platform that specializes in empowering sales teams to work smarter and close more deals. The company’s goal is to optimize customer interactions and streamline the sales process through advanced automation tools. 

For whom is designed for businesses of all sizes, from small sales teams to large enterprises, looking to scale their outreach efforts effectively.

Automation features

  • Sequence Automation: Automates the outreach process with customizable touchpoint sequences.
  • Sales Intelligence: Provides valuable insights to help tailor your outreach strategy.
  • Email and Communication Tracking: Monitors engagement to identify the most effective content and timing.
  • Integration: Seamless connection with CRM systems and other sales tools.

Pricing for tools’s pricing is catered to the scale and complexity of the sales operation, with custom plans available. Pricing details are provided upon request, and typically offers a demo to demonstrate the capabilities of their software.


  • Automates repetitive tasks, allowing sales reps to focus on building relationships.
  • Offers data-driven insights to refine sales tactics.
  • Robust integration with CRM and other software streamlines the sales workflow.


  • Can involve a learning curve for those new to sales automation tools.
  • Requires a commitment to fully leverage the platform’s advanced features.

As a leading sales automation tool, stands out for its comprehensive automation software capabilities, enabling sales teams to execute sophisticated, data-driven campaigns. Whether you’re looking to ignite initial conversations or nurture existing relationships, provides the tools to make every interaction count.

reply for automated sales Streamlining outreach with sales automation offers a sales automation tool designed to streamline outbound sales activities and improve engagement across email, phone, and social touchpoints. The goal of is to automate the sales process, allowing sales reps to focus on meaningful conversations rather than manual tasks. 

Sales automation features

  • Multichannel Campaigns: Manage email, calls, and social media touches in one platform.
  • Email Finder: Source potential leads with a built-in email search feature.
  • AI Email Sorting: Uses AI to categorize responses and prioritize follow-up actions.
  • CRM Integrations: Synchronizes with CRM systems for a seamless sales workflow.

For whom

This software is suitable for companies of varying sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to larger sales teams seeking an efficient way to manage their outreach campaigns.

Pricing for Reply’s automation tool’s pricing is based on the features and scale of use, with different plans for individuals and businesses:

  • Free: Great option to discover the solution.
  • Starter: A cost-effective option for solo users.
  • Professional: Tailored solutions for teams requiring more collaboration and control.
  • Custom: Custom features and integrations for large-scale operations. pricing

New users can explore features with a 14-day free trial across all plans.


  • Saves time with automated and multichannel outreach sequences.
  • Simplifies lead management with centralized communications.
  • Offers advanced tools like AI-driven response sorting.


  • The range of features might be overwhelming for beginners.
  • While versatile, may require additional tools for full sales process automation. stands among automation software that focuses on making outbound communication as effortless as possible. By enabling sales teams to automate tasks, monitor engagement, and analyze performance, helps streamline the sales process, allowing reps to dedicate their energy to closing deals and cultivating relationships.


cognism for sales automation
Cognism: Data-driven sales automation for growth

Cognism is a premium provider in the sales automation tools sector, specializing in lead generation and data-driven solutions. The company’s objective is to fuel sales growth with actionable data and sales intelligence. 


  • Prospect Finding: Access to a global database to find and target ideal customer profiles.
  • Sales Triggers: Real-time events and signals that indicate a prime time to engage with leads.
  • Email Campaigns: Automated email sequences to reach out and follow up with prospects.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly connects with your existing CRM to enhance sales workflows.

For whom

By leveraging a robust database and compliance framework, Cognism offers value to businesses, particularly B2B sales organizations, that are looking to scale quickly and efficiently.


Cognism structures its pricing to accommodate various business sizes and needs. While specific pricing is not publicly listed and is provided upon request, plans typically include:

  • Standard: Essential features for teams starting with sales automation.
  • Professional: Advanced functions for more experienced sales teams.
  • Enterprise: Custom solutions for large-scale organizations with complex needs.

Potential users can often arrange a demo or a trial to evaluate the software’s capabilities.


  • Provides high-quality lead data to enhance sales prospecting.
  • Automates and scales outreach efforts effectively.
  • Offers a GDPR-compliant solution for European markets.


  • May require integration with other tools for a comprehensive automation setup.
  • Data-driven tools can demand a learning curve to maximize their potential.

As one of the best sales automation software, Cognism stands out for its data-rich platform and sophisticated sales triggers. The platform empowers sales teams to operate with greater precision and relevance, driving efficiency and success in their sales activities.


turtl for automation
Turtl: Revolutionizing content automation for sales

Turtl is not your traditional sales automation software; it shines as a content automation platform that empowers sales and marketing teams to create, distribute, and track personalized content at scale. 

Automation features

  • Content Creation: Intuitive editor to craft interactive and personalized content.
  • Content Personalization: Tailors materials to specific audiences or prospects.
  • Analytics: Tracks reader engagement to inform sales follow-ups and content strategy.
  • CRM Integration: Syncs with sales tools to streamline content delivery in the sales cycle.

For whom

The company’s aim is to elevate engagement through interactive content that captures and retains client interest, offering an innovative tool for businesses of all sizes seeking to enhance their sales process with powerful content.

Pricing for sales automation

Turtl provides bespoke pricing tailored to the unique needs of each business. Plans are designed to cater to:

  • Essential: Focusing on core content creation and distribution.
  • Professional: Expanded features for broader content strategies and teams.
  • Unlimited: Comprehensive solutions with full customization and integration capabilities.

Prospective users should contact Turtl for pricing details and can request a demo to see the platform in action.


  • Enhances content engagement through interactive design.
  • Equips sales teams with insightful analytics to guide interactions.
  • Facilitates the creation of high-quality, branded sales materials.


  • More specialized as a content tool than a generalized sales automation platform.
  • Might require additional sales automation tools to cover all aspects of the sales process.

Turtl distinguishes itself in the sales automation tools landscape by offering a unique approach to content creation and distribution. It’s for sales and marketing professionals who understand the value of content in driving sales and want to leverage automation to make their content work harder for them.

FAQ on sales automation tools

What is sales automation tool?

A sales automation tool is a type of software designed to automate key sales tasks such as data entry, lead tracking, customer communication, and appointment scheduling. These tools help sales teams improve efficiency, reduce manual workload, and close deals faster by automating repetitive processes.

Which automation is best for Salesforce? 

Salesforce itself offers a comprehensive suite of automation tools tailored for its platform, including Workflow Rules, Process Builder, and Salesforce Lightning Flow. For those seeking third-party tools, Pardot is excellent for marketing automation, while Conga excels in document automation within Salesforce.

What is a sales force automation tool? 

A sales force automation tool is a specialized kind of sales automation software that focuses on streamlining the sales process. It encompasses managing contact information, tracking sales opportunities, automating sales operations, customer management, and performance analysis to enhance the productivity of a sales force.

What is the appropriate automation tool for generate sales report?

The appropriate tool often depends on the complexity of the data and the customization required. Tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and even Salesforce’s own reporting features can automate and generate detailed sales reports with actionable insights for decision-makers.

What is the best sales automation software?

The best sales automation software varies based on a company’s specific needs, but some of the top-rated options include Salesforce for its all-encompassing features, HubSpot Sales Hub for inbound marketing and sales integration, and for sales engagement and workflow automation. Each platform offers distinct features and benefits for automating sales processes.

How do sales automation tools improve sales efficiency?

Sales automation tools improve sales efficiency by taking over routine tasks such as scheduling, follow-ups, data entry, and lead prioritization. This allows sales representatives to focus on high-value activities like building relationships and closing deals. Automation tools also provide valuable insights and analytics, enabling sales teams to make data-driven decisions and tailor their strategies for better outcomes.

Can small businesses benefit from sales automation?

Absolutely. Small businesses can significantly benefit from sales automation by leveling the playing field with larger competitors. Automation tools help small businesses manage customer relationships more effectively, maintain consistent communication, and ensure leads are nurtured without the need for a large sales team. Many sales automation platforms offer scalable solutions that grow with the business, making them a smart investment for efficiency and growth.

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