Don't miss any prospects from Instagram

Reply to messages, reactions and mentions from Instagram and other messengers in one Dashly inbox and automate requests processing.
The official integration with Instagram
Instantly reply to customer requests from Instagram
Everything you are used to in Dashly inbox:
Chatting, images, and emojis
Account mentions in Stories
Replies and reactions to your Stories
Posts that are sent to your DMs
Больше не нужно давать сотрудникам доступ к аккаунту
You don't need to give access to your account anymore
Assign your agents in Dashly. Grant different access rights, give and revoke them at any time. Keep your Instagram account secure.

Collaborate with your team
Assign messages to relevant teams and agents automatically, keep conversations in order with tags, and reassign chats among agents seamlessly.

With this approach, your SMM specialist will reply to reposts, likes, and tags, while support team will check the product availability and delivery fee to a customer's address.
Собирайте базу лидов из Instagram в Carrot quest
Collect leads from Instagram in Dashly
All new contacts from Instagram are saved in Dashly, no lead will get lost. Find out their email or phone number, and pass them to salespeople or save contacts to the CRM.
Увеличивайте скорость ответа с помощью шаблонов
Increase your response time with templates
Automate the routine:
Use reply templates
Send auto-replies outside working hours
Контролируйте работу операторов и следите за статистикой
Supervise agents and track statistics
See how fast your agents respond on Instagram and plan their shifts accordingly.

Here's what you can track:
Agents' response time
Team workload
Frequent topics in requests
Легко находите любой диалог из Instagram
Find any conversation from Instagram easily
You don't have to scroll through usernames anymore: you can find any message from a customer with a keyword

Messages from Instagram will automatically go to a specific channel in Dashly

Support agents can catch up on any conversation or pass complex ones to another agent
Don't leave any customer unattended. Reply to all messengers and social media in one inbox
Frequently asked questions
How do I enable the integration with Instagram?
Anyone with admin rights in Dashly can easily do it. There's a step-by-step guide in our Knowledge Base.
Are there any limits?
You can send limitless messages within 7 days since the last message from a user. When 7 days expire, you can only send one message.
What Instagram functionality is available in Dashly?
  • Send and receive messages, media files and emojis
  • Get your account mentions in Stories in Dashly inbox
  • Get reactions and replies to your stories in Dashly inbox
  • Send leads from Instagram to Dashly (their username and profile pic are saved in the user card)
  • Receive posts sent to your Instagram Direct
Do I have to pay for this?
The integration is free and available in all plans.