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Gather even more leads, qualify, and engage them on autopilot

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This is a new stage in autofunnels:

Chatbots on a website and in messengers are united winthin one platform

Telegram bot skyrockets your team performance and company revenue

For marketers

Collect more contacts and data about customers. Nurture them with auto funnels in Telegram.

For sales

Close deals faster: Telegram bot will qualify leads and route hot ones to relevant teams.

For support

Let Telegram bot answer FAQs instead of agents, so they could focus on more difficult requests.

For marketers

Engage website visitors to capture their contacts in Telegram

Ask qualifying questions and route leads to relevant channels

Segment leads base to launch personalized Ads

Create Telegram bot in the visual builder without developers

For sales

Ask qualifying questions and route leads to relevant channels

Ask qualifying questions and route leadsto sales teams automatically

Don't lose leads: manage requests from different channels in one inbox with Dashly

For support

Improve customer communication: instead of waiting for your answer on the website, let visitors continue chat in their fav messenger

Free your team of answering FAQs. Automate this task with Telegram bot.

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