17 Great Ways to Collect Email List

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17 Great Ways to Collect Email List

As you name the email campaign, so it “floats.” This phrase is only partially true. Where to go if you have only a few or no subscribers? Here are 17 great tips that will help you collect the email list of your website visitors.
Email marketing is a magical tool. Its work wonders at any stage of the sales funnel. From attraction to retention. This secret has long been known and we’re already applying it.
Everyone creates their email marketing in different ways. Some make readers happy with the useful content. Some annoy with obsessive advertising. Others use all the aforementioned methods and build a super-synthesis.
For example, Dashly in addition to the ability to create personalized mailings, gives a possibility to communicate with your visitors by mail (communication history duplicates from the online chat and chatbot platform, so your leads can answer directly from the mail).
Although the approaches are different, in one way they are completely alike — you don’t make magic without having an email list. Well?! Let’s collect it!
To begin with, you need to think about how you will convince your customers to subscribe. Why will your content be useful to them?

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Reasons to leave the email address:

1. Useful free content

We do not want to give unfamiliar people our emails. But if we’re interested, then of course, we don’t hesitate.
Create useful materials and give them access for the email left. Provide videos, mini-books, articles, ecommerce lead magnet, etc.

2. Announcement of the mailing

Tell the customer what you will share with him. He should understand that your materials will be useful to him.
It can be an archive of past mailings, main theses from the mailing, part of the text or maybe something else.

3. The video

Visitors are willing to watch videos. We tend to trust a real person more than the text. You can embed it in the subscription form or create a separate subscription page.

4. Place and time

It’s important to determine the moment when you already know that the visitor is interested in your content and will most likely subscribe to the newsletter.
With Dashly user tracking on website feature, you can capture emails from website visitors with all the data about their actions and offer them to subscribe to the newsletter at the precise moment when the visitor is already “warm.” On average, due to these actions, the conversion to the subscription increases by 12%.

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5. Reviews

If you already have subscribers, collect their feedback. Not an unknown fact that reviews have a fantastic impact on all of us. Add them to your subscription page.

6. Subscriber counter

Imagine, you see two forms of subscription. In one case it’s written — “we have a lot of readers,” in another — “Already 5,672 happy readers.” In my opinion, the choice is obvious. Figures make for a strong argument.
Now you need to understand how you will build the base. Here are a few great ways.

Methods of email list collection:


1.The form on the website

The most common option is the form in the sidebar of the menu. It should be very noticeable as an advertising banner. The closer it is to the header of the site, the better. The conversion will be 1-5%.
Create all kinds of forms for different sections of the site and collect emails. Dashly softwares the best way to collect emails from all fields on the site and automatically adds them to the lead cards.

2. Pop-up windows

We know, we know… Pop-ups are annoying. At the same time, they are one of the best customer engagement strategies. Pop-ups are 5-6 times better at collecting emails than a simple form on the site. The conversion will be 20-40%. A remarkable indicator.
In Dashly, you can fine-tune pop-ups. Due to the fact that you know all the actions that the visitor has already done. For example, the visitor read several articles on the blog about tourism in Asia. You immediately realize that he’s pretty interested in that topic. Show him a pop-up with a proposal to leave his email (promise that you will give him more useful and relevant information on tourism in Asia). This can be both a mailing proposal and a consultation.

3. Subscription in your personal letter

Think about how many emails per day you send? Embed at the end of your emails a signature with a proposal to subscribe to the newsletter. You can use this signature not for everyone, because not all visitors are your target audience.

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4. Subscribe to the blog

“If you liked this article, then you’re sure to be interested in our weekly newsletter for marketers from the tourism industry” and below the button to subscribe. The conversion will be 1-5%.
When commenting on articles, customers can also leave their emails. Never ever forget about it.

5. Online chat

Collect visitors addresses in your chat is one more customer engagement strategy. In Dashly, the chat is integrated with the rest of the channels and allows you to store data about the lead in his individual card.
We advocate a polite attitude towards the visitor.

Therefore, we ask him for an email only when he has already written something: he asked a question, said “hello”, etc. It does not annoy the visitor to leave an email to ask anything. At the same time, this increases the conversion to the left behind email. Because by asking a question, the visitor is more willing to leave his email. He understands that to receive an answer, he does not need to wait, all communication will go in parallel in his mail. The visitor chooses himself, which is more convenient for him.
By the way, an automatic message with a request to leave an email never pop-up if the service already knows the visitor’s email address.

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6. Form in social networks

If you have groups in social networks, talk about mailings in there. For example, Facebook is a customer engagement platform that has the ability to do this as a link under the group header.

7. Landing page

A full page, on which you can bring the audience from somewhere. This can be contextual advertising, banners, external articles, a blog, etc. Fill this page with different beliefs and it will become a serious assistant in gathering a quality subscriber base.

8. Remarketing

You can offer to subscribe to the newsletter to those who have already left the site and can never return. Due to the content, you will return them and walk them to a purchase. Retargeting has long gained positive momentum. Often this tool is used to advertise products and services, and you will offer useful materials. This will eventually “hook” your customers.

9. Reference on the presentation

Do you often put on presentations? Be sure to insert a link or a QR code at the end of your presentations. Tell your listeners that with the help of them they will be able to receive your presentations and additional material. In return, of course, ask them for their email.

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10. The partner

You can ask friends to announce your email newsletter. They can do this via their own campaigns, in their articles on the blog, etc.
In your email list, you can also ask readers to distribute it among friends and colleagues.

11. Collecting offline

You can build the database offline. Do not forget about it. You can collect business cards of customers with their addresses and names. Do questionnaires in your office, cafe, restaurant, etc. It really all depends on where your audience is accumulating.

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Verify your email list

Before sending your email campaign please use email verification service to make sure that your email list is valid and not to get blocked for a high bouce rate. There is a number of servies to verify your email list, we recommend to look at Proofy.io — bulk email cleaning service. With Proofy you avoid bounces, catch-all, dead emails. You increase email deliverability, save your domain email, enhance the open rate. I suppose the audience is aware of many nuances in email marketing. Each email inbox has a sender reputation associated with our IP address of the sender. If you have a lot of bounces and spam, it affects our reputation as a sender. If this happens, then at best: your mail will not go to your inbox, at worst: email providers will blacklist your IP or domain, and this is not suitable for business.

We’ve listed 17 basic ways to collect email list of your customers. Remember that collecting a database is as serious a job as the email campaigns themselves, so it is important to track key email marketing metrics. Therefore, be sure to test all the options and after a couple of months you will find 3-4 which are ideal for you.
We wish you many wonderful subscribers and a fantastic email marketing campaign!

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