10 Most Popular Chatbot Platforms on Website to Start Conversation with Users

10 Most Popular Chatbot Platforms on Website to Start Conversation with Users

Have you ever counted how much time your colleagues spend dealing with non-target customers?

We’ve talked to people responsible for sales and marketing, and what we found out shocked us:

  • sales reps spend up to 70% of their working time on non-target leads;
  • each of 10 potential customers requires an hour for a decent conversation; only one is a target customer;
  • sales reps spend up to 20 minutes on primary desk research on a customer.

Time wasted due to insufficient data on leads is a common pain for sales and marketing teams.

The solution? Chatbot for website helps to pass to sales reps only hot ones. To save your time and money, we’ve tested the top 10 chatbot platforms, their features, and prices. We’ve also put the results of our research in an exhaustive table. You can find it at the end of the article. We compared features and prices to you could choose the best chatbot software for your website. Enjoy 👇

This post is only a part of our Complete Guide to Chatbots in 2022. Check others when you’re ready:

How we evaluate and test apps: All these app reviews are written by experts who spend 99% of their career using marketing software. We’ve spent a week testing each of these chatbot platforms, evaluating its features for this list. Your trust is important to us, so there is no paid membership, and no guest links were accepted in this article. 

Dashly for visitors’ support and qualification 

Dashly chatbot is a conversational platform. Its chatbot is aimed to save your team time and automate lead qualification and support.

Chatbot can:

  • collect and qualify leads;
  • provide basic information about your services;
  • recommend products;
  • collect product feedback;
  • answer their questions 24/7;
  • routes conversations to the right team for further processing of users’ requests.

Dashly chatbot platform is the best for 

Companies with large traffic to support and gather more leads without overloading sales reps; or for companies with a high average order value, save the time of the marketing team that is now spent on those who are not yet ready to buy.

There are numerous scenarios of chatbot use cases for: 

Online stores to answer visitors FAQ or recommend products 👇

Chatbot platform

SaaS companies to boost revenue and capture leads 👇

Chatbot platform

EdTech uses a chatbot to qualify online school visitors 👇

Chatbot platform

What can Dashly chatbot do?

  • Offer up to 10 possible response options to each message and behave depending on the replies;
  • Qualify your visitors with questions and possible answers;
  • Save information based on the visitor’s answers into lead cards for further segmentation and triggered messages;
Best chatbot software
Here is an example of the lead card with all the qualification data and chat history within Dashly platform
  • Capture visitors contacts;
  • Send files and images;
  • Assign a conversation to an agent or a channel;
Best chatbot software
Dashly conversational platform Inbox
  • Send Calendly forms for signing up for events on your own;
  • Send articles from the Dashly knowledge base.

Using our chatbot builder, you can craft and customize a chatbot even without a developer. An intuitive interface allows creating an online chatbot within 15-20 minutes:

Dashly platform chatbot builder
Dashly platform chatbot builder

Advanced features of the Dashly platform chatbot

Here’s what you can find in Dashly aside from a chatbot:

Generally, the platform’s objective is to help increase sales without additional traffic and improve user communication.

Pricing: from $39 per month 

There is no limit on agent seats in the service. Dashly plans depend on the number of unique website visitors and start from $39. On the Business Chat plan, you have an opportunity to create numerous bots but launch only one. Automation and Premium plans provide an unlimited number of chatbots. 

Dashly platform pricing
Dashly platform pricing

Free trial is 7 days. You can try all features of the platform for free during the period.

Dashly’s rates, pros and cons

Best chatbot software

Dashly platform Pros

  • Unlimited number of agents in a chat on any plan;
  • You can give various access rights to your teammates;
  • Analytics funnels;
  • Friendly support team;
  • Ability to work with leads that were inactive during 30 days.

Dashly platform Cons

  • No AI;
  • Some complex tasks may require developers’ help, but they’re always there for you;
  • No support during night hours.

Intercom Resolution Bot for customer self-service

Intercom has a large set of tools to help you communicate with your website and app users. It is created to speed up self-service by offering relevant answers based on what customers are typing — before they even hit the enter key. 

For whom

Enterprise-level businesses who want to set up an omnichannel experience for their customers. For very small businesses, it offers a limited plan also.

What can Intercom chatbots do?

Here are the 5 types of chatbots in the inventory of Intercom:

  • for lead qualification,
  • for article recommendations (for example, on platform updates),
  • for user engagement,
  • for answering user FAQs,
  • with integrated applications (for example, for automatic video calls scheduling).

The first two types do simple tasks following their descriptions. These chatbots start conversations independently, offering answer options to users as buttons.

This is the beginning of a conversation with the Intercom chatbot. A chatbot offers two buttons with possible options — “Yes” and “No”.

The next two chatbots are more complicated: they can answer FAQs and schedule meetings automatically, but they will be times more expensive.

Advanced features of the Intercom Resolution Bot

There are the following marketing, sales, and support features in the Intercom’s toolkit:

  • live chat
  • customer base management
  • trigger messages
  • push notifications
  • message segmentation and personalization
  • knowledge base
  • emails
  • routing conversation to the relevant agent
  • A/B tests

Pricing: from $74/user/month to $999

best chatbot software
Intercom platform pricing

You can create chatbots using an additional module that is available for plans above $99. If your plan includes automation features and costs $499 or $999, you can create the so-called custom chatbots for user engagement. A chatbot answering user questions and the one with integrated applications can only be implemented together with advanced lead qualification (from $499) and support automation modules (from $249).

Startups can expect a special plan from $67/mo to enjoy Intercom in full for up to one year, provided that:

  • they match the requirement of the agent count;
  • they match the investment criterion;
  • they are new customers of Intercom.

There’s a free trial period of 14 days, but you’ll have to provide your bank card credentials to use it.

Intercom’s rate, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

― It’s a multifunctional platform for user communication;
― Intuitive and straightforward interface;
― Provides more in-depth data than other tools.

Chatbot platform cons

― Expensive software with complicated pricing;
― Allegedly, poor quality of customer support;
― Lots of bugs;
― Pricing details by demand.

Drift chatbot for sales

AI and basic chatbots example on the Drift platform

Drift is a communication platform mostly used by sales teams. The platform’s toolkit is aimed at sales. Drift proclaims the power of real-time conversation to shorten the sales cycle. For this goal, it offers a chatbot. It is perfect to engage and consult visitors, then convert them into buyers. 

For whom

Sales teams, most of the small and medium-sized businesses.

What can Drift chatbots do?

Drift also offers several chatbots.

  • A simple lead bot

It qualifies website visitors to start a conversation and offer possible answers:

drift leadbot

This is an example of lead qualification on a website using the Drift chatbot

User replies are sent to lead cards in the CRM system. After that, the bot automatically addresses the working calendars of the sales team and schedules demos for convenient time slots for customers.

  • Learning chatbot

Its major job is also lead qualification, but you can also teach it to answer frequent questions using the knowledge base:

drift leadbot

The Drift lead bot qualifies a user, calls for an agent and helps navigate the platform using articles from the knowledge base

Please note: you will need to train it together with the Drift team.

Advanced features:

  • live chat
  • video calls
  • emails
  • automation (including bots)

Pricing: from $0 to $1,500 per month

There are four plans in Drift. Starting from the free plan for small businesses, it offers middle and large companies oriented plans: Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise. But all the prices are available only after personal one-on-one communication with an agent.

Best chatbot software
Drift platform pricing

Of course, we can’t leave you without this info. So we did some research.

Drift price ranges from $0 to $1,500 per month.

  • The free plan includes welcome email messages, email signatures, live chat, and basic reporting. There are also integrations: Vidyard, calendar, Slack, and Google Analytics with a limit to 100 contacts and a single agent.
  • Premium plan costs from $400/month to $1,500 per month/agent (thank you, Melissa Pardo-Bunte). If you want more agent seats, pay an extra $80 per month. For this money, you’ll get proactive messages, chatbots, revenue reports, live chat, canned responses, etc. But what is more important is what you won’t get: A/B testing, role-based access management, multilingual chatbots for multiple brands.
  • To get that, you will have to upgrade your plan to an Advanced or even Enterprise plan that costs $4,800/year.

This price tag may be too high for you if you’re a small business or startup. So for them, Drift offers a $500 per 10 seats plan. If you’re not a startup, you’ll start with $400 per seat with customer communication tools only. That is too high.

There’s no trial period, but you can use the platform on a free plan.

Drift’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Numerous advanced features in a pack;
  • Easy-to-use interface;
  • AI chatbots;
  • Decent targeting and segmentation;
  • Integrations.

Chatbot platform cons

  • Poor customization;
  • Too high price;
  • Difficult to understand plans, no transparency;
  • No multilingual support;
  • Difficult to master for a novice; 
  • A limited number of agent seats in each plan.


You may think this is a single platform, but not just like that. These are two full-fledged products — a live chat and an AI bot — developed by the same company that can easily be integrated. Sounds impressive, right?

The ChatBot invites you to talk to it on its product landing page

For whom

This chatbot is designed for the sales and support team of enterprise-level companies, as well as for small and mid-size businesses in various industries.

What can ChatBot do?

ChatBot can be used either together LiveChat or independently. You can create a chatbot not just for your website, but also for Facebook and other messengers. The platform has a simple and user-friendly modern interface.

Best chatbot software
ChatBot platform interface

The job that the product is designed to do is to engage users and provide customer service. Chatbots created using it can both qualify leads and cover the first support line.

Its functionality makes it easy for you to:

  • configure a triggered message campaign;
  • add images and buttons to it;
  • conduct human like conversations with AI;
  • send messages to a particular user segment;
  • route conversation to an agent; 
  • start a ticket or even email a conversation transcript;
  • enable necessary integrations.

Some hints will help you:

Best chatbot software
Here are hints popping up when you configure your first ChatBot in the platform

If you want the chatbot not only to automatically send a certain campaign but also to use the neural network to answer users’ questions, you will have to train it to do so. You can also do this on your own if you want.

Additional features

LiveChat is a live chat first. It has plenty of features and opportunities, such as:

  • tickets
  • analytics
  • integrations with Facebook, Slack, a dozen of CMS, email platforms, etc.

The only thing is, you can’t use most features during a trial period, as you’ll need to pay for them.

Pricing: from $19 to $59+

Best chatbot software
ChatBot platform pricing

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat. If billed annually, the price is lower. Configuring one chatbot costs from $50, if you use a plan for $499 or above, you can configure limitless chatbots. The exact price depends on the number of conversations per month. The ChatBot is like an additional agent, so you’ll have to pay for it using the integration with LiveChat. The price of the basic version of LiveChat starts from $19 per agent.

There’s a free trial period of 14 days, and most chatbot features are available during it.

LiveChat’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Easy-to-use and launch;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Visual builder.

Chatbot platform cons

  • The mobile app lacks admin tools;
  • Lack of essential features in the basic plan: agent grouping, chat history and tags, and basic statistics.


Best chatbot software
User.com platform

User.com platform is one of the best chatbot development tools. It is created for user tracking and omnichannel communication with a toolkit for marketing, sales, and support teams.

For whom

Agencies, startups, small and medium-sized businesses. The platform offers ready-made solutions for:

  • e-commerce
  • finance
  • car dealers
  • web hosting companies
  • real estate
  • travel
  • education
  • health care organizations

What can the User.com chatbot do?

Best chatbot software
This is the platform interface in the chatbot configuration section

You can configure a simple chatbot offering possible answers as buttons.

Its functionality makes it easy for you to:

  • configure sending triggered messages;
  • set a timeout for sending chatbot messages;
  • ask for user email and send the data to an agent.

You can either configure the chatbot message campaign on your own or use the ready-made templates. There are over 20 ready-made campaigns in the automation section for different companies — from art galleries and wedding agencies to game dev studios and schools. You can also edit any part of your campaign.

Best chatbot software
Chatbot configuration on the User.com platform

This is a ready-made chatbot campaign — the “weekend” chatbot, which replies to users in a live chat when agents are having a rest.

Additional features

Here’s a list of what you get in addition to user.com chatbot:

  • live chat
  • emails
  • SMS messages and calls
  • push notifications
  • a simple CRM system
  • helicopter-view analytics

Pricing: from $249 to $1349/month

User.com price
User.com platform pricing

The price depends on the number of contacts. The number of agents is unlimited within any plan.

There is no free plan on User.com.

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • up to 5 000 contacts
  • Automation
  • Contact base
  • Chatbot
  • API
  • Simple analytics
  • Basic CRM
  • Knowledge base
  • calendar integration

What’s not available:

  • Mobile SDK
  • Account Manager

Free trial

You can test this platform for free for 14 days.

User.com rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Lots of features and tools;
  • Variety of integrations.

Chatbot platform cons

Freshdesk Messaging (Freshchat) for customer support

Best chatbot software
Example of the Freshdesk messaging chatbot design

Freshdesk is one of the best chatbot building platforms. It entails 12 different products including batch software for various management purposes:

  • team management
  • call center
  • customer data management, etc.

One of the software batches is a chatbot. Powered by AI, it is created to boost the efficiency of your customer service.

For whom

Freshdesk messaging fits both small and enterprise-level companies. It provides a variety of plans for each of them. In terms of functionality, its chatbot will bring the most value to the support team.

What can the Freshdesk Messaging chatbots do?

With the help of ready-made templates and AI, you can build human-like bots to welcome and support your website visitors. 

These bots respond to users independently or assign a conversation to an agent. They can qualify the lead and register it in the CRM system.

Besides, the functionality allows you to:

  • name your chatbot, set a profile pic for it, change colors;
  • send texts, images, and videos on behalf of the chatbot;
  • talk on the language of your visitors;
  • fetch and push data to any of your 3rd party applications and internal systems to improve resolution rates;
  • set messaging filters — for example, based on the session duration or the number of sessions;
  • show conversation analytics reports.
Best chatbot software
Chatbot builder on Freshdesk Messaging platform

Additional features

  • Team inbox
  • Social media integrations
  • Triggered messages
  • Mobile app
  • Live chat
  • Visitors behavior tracking
  • Roles management
  • Custom reports

Pricing: from $0 to $83 per agent per month

Best chatbot software
Freshdesk platform pricing

You can test the chatbot on the free plan. There is an opportunity to create a FAQ chatbot Freddy with access to its analytics. But you can’t send files in it.

If you want more, try the Growth plan. It includes up to 20K bot sessions and everything from a Free plan, including files sharing. For high-traffic websites, it would be better to choose Pro or Enterprise plan.

Your free trial access will last for 21 days. 

Freshdesk’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Integrations. There are dozens of them.
  • 21 days trial. So much time to assess the platform potential.
  • Detailed onboarding. It takes a couple of minutes to sign up and set up the live chat on your website.
  • AI.

Chatbot platform cons

  • Users complain about poor messages notifications — sometimes users simply don’t get ones.
  • Users also say that customer service could be improved — it takes too long to wait for support response.

Gist for lead generation

Gist platform offers a no-code web-based chatbot for visitors’ engagement and converting them into leads. They claim 30% lead growth after the chatbot launch. With its help, you can qualify leads and route them to the right manager or book a meeting with a sales rep automatically.

Best chatbot software
Gist platfrom chatbot visual builder

For whom

Gist fits marketing teams best of all.

What can the Gist chatbots do?

There are several types of Gist chatbots performing simple tasks. They are primarily destined at helping sales teams:

  • pre lead qualification through questions and possible answers;
  • article recommendations;
  • scheduling calls automatically.
Best chatbot software
This is an open conversation with a chatbot on the main page of Gist

Additional features

Gist has plenty of features, too:

  • live chat
  • email marketing automation
  • event tracking
  • lead forms
  • knowledge base
  • A/B tests
  • API, social media, CRM integrations
  • personalization

Pricing: from $0 to $499 ($99 temporary special offer)

Bots are available on every platform plan, but there are limits on functionality. You can start with Forever free plan without lead qualification, custom bots, smart suggestions, and meetings booking chatbot features. The qualification chatbot is available in the professional plan (from $29/month per team of 5 agents), and bots for scheduling calls and content recommendations are only available in the premium plan (it usually costs $499, but now the price is $99).

Best chatbot software
Best chatbot software
Gist platform pricing

You can create a simple chatbot using a free plan and more complex ones during a 14-day trial period

Gist’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Perfect lead capturing features;
  • Helpful support;
  • Leads tracking and follow-ups.

Chatbot platform cons

  • Un-intuitive interface;
  • No in-build CRM.

Zendesk Answer Chatbot

This chatbot is aimed to support your website visitors by answering FAQs, as you may have guessed by the name. Powered by an AI, the answer bot platform can identify when to bring a conversation to an agent. There is an opportunity to put Answer Bot on email, messengers, live chat, etc. 

For whom

The Answer chatbot platform is the best for a support team of any company size in the education, healthcare, manufacturing, software, or media industries. But in terms of pricing, it is expensive for small teams. Zendesk makes it easy o create a chatbot with a visual builder, so even your granny can do it.

Chatbot builder within a platform

What can Zendesk chatbot do

  • Answer FAQ
  • Route conversations to agents
  • Capture customers’ personal data 
  • Fill in tickets with relevant customer data
  • Provides agents with the context on the visitor’s behavior or previous requests
  • Multiple languages support
  • Numerous integrations

Additional features

In addition to the website chatbot, Zendesk platform provides its clients with a list of other software:

  • Ticketing system
  • Live chat
  • Help center
  • Voice
  • Forums
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Knowledge base

Pricing from $49/agent/mo

This chatbot platform pricing is very flexible. Basically, for support, it offers 5 plans from $49 to $215 per month and an agent if billed annually.

Each of them includes an answer bot:

Zendesk platform pricing
Zendesk platform pricing

The free trial is 14 days.

Zendesk’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform

Chatbot platform pros

  • Rich customizability;
  • High-quality quick support;
  • Multiple integrations;
  • Fully customizable.

Chatbot platform cons

  • Sometimes an interface doesn’t intuitive;
  • Poor chatbot personalization, it seems impersonal to customers;
  • Not easy to set up.

Tidio chatbot platform

Tidio platform provides its clients with an AI-powered chatbot to boost conversations on your website. It saves your team from slipless nights or FAQs on websites, socials, messengers, or email. Tidio chatbot is designed to engage website visitors by sending them personalized messages.

Best for

Tidio positions its chatbot as a solution for marketing and sale of small businesses first. Its ready-made templates and drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create a chatbot on a website, even for a newbie.

Tidio chatbot creation platform builder
Tidio chatbot creation platform builder

What can Tidio chatbot do?

  • Answer FAQ;
  • Provide automated answers to order status, shipping, and return policies;
  • Recommend products;
  • Offer personalized discounts;
  • Collect customer feedback in a form of surveys;
  • Capture leads;
  • Multilingual workflow.

Additional features

In addition to the chatbot maker platform, Tidio offers:

  • Live chat
  • Knowledge base
  • Multiple integrations with socials, messengers, etc.
  • Desktop and mobile apps

Pricing from $39/mo

There are 4 plans in Tidio that takes into account teams of any size:

Tidio platform pricing
Tidio platform pricing

If you’re not ready to play, there is a free plan. Its users can create chatbots that serve 100 visitors per month. Wanna more? Switch to any of the paid plans.  

The trial period lasts 7-days. During this time you are free to test all the paid features. 

Tidio’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform pros

  • Numerous integrations;
  • Ready-made chatbot templates;
  • User-friendly dashboard;
  • An easy step-by-step guide to set up your automated chat.

Chatbot platform cons

  • Tidio’s bot builder isn’t that intuitive;
  • Can be expensive for small companies.


Chatbot platform

Last but not least among the best chatbot building platforms is a BotStar. It is a multi platform service that provides businesses with web based chatbot for mastering conversations and understanding its target audience on messengers and websites. 

Bets for

Support and marketing teams because its function is aimed to answer FAQs and capture leads. Basically, it fits any business, but eCommerce is the best.

Thanks to the visual builder, it is easy to create a chatbot even without relevant experience:

Chatbot web builder on the BotStar platform
Chatbot web builder on the BotStar platform

What can BotStar chatbot do

  • Provide reports and analytics;
  • Collect all messages in one inbox;
  • Understand keywords (AI);
  • CMS to manage content for your bot;
  • Manage leads;
  • Send email auto-followup sequences;
  • CRM, payment, and data store integrations;
  • Build landing pages;
  • Talk in multiple languages.

Pricing from $0/agent/mo

BotStar platform pricing
BotStar platform pricing

BotStart doesn’t have a free trial because there is a free plan. Of course, its functions are limited, but you’re free to create 3 chatbots and train them by keywords.

If you want more, there is a $15/mo plan with unlimited chatbots and premium features. 

Don’t like limits, contact managers to discuss custom pricing for your business.

BotStar’s rates, pros and cons

Chatbot platform

Chatbot platform pros

  • The ease of use is definitely the biggest strength of this app;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Built-in CMS;
  • Integration with Google Sheets and Zapier.

Chatbot platform cons

  • The platform does not support other currencies except USD for payment;
  • A/B testing is missing.

To wrap up

Lead captureCRM integrationVisual chatbot builderPersonali
Knowledge base Visitors 
behavior tracking
File sharingChat routing
Dashly$0 to $109+++++++++
Intercom$59 to $999++++++++
Drift$600 to $1500 +++++++++
LiveChat$0 to $499++++++++
User.com$0 to $167+++++++++

There are only 5 out of 10 chatbots we compared because the table is too small to show their all features. Find the entire review table 👇

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Download an ultimate comparison of the 10 best chatbots for free [14 features & pricing]


What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is a service tool that sends your visitors triggered messages with possible answers or forms to fill in. According to the customer’s option, the online bot will recommend them a product, lead them to the website page, assign the conversation to an agent or route it to a particular channel.
If you’re still wondering, “What is a bot?”, read more in our article.

Why does your business need chatbot software?

What are the benefits of chatbots? I’m sure each business answer will differ according to the goals, but the main fact is that customer service chatbot:
– Connect with your business in real-time and get answers to their frequently asked questions
– Avoid getting into support queues and save time when it comes to connecting with your brand instantly
– Receive the assurance that a solution is coming their way, and they’ll be connected with an agent in case they need more information 
– But more than a customer, businesses end up benefitting from the use of a smart chatbot. With the best AI chatbot on your website, you can:
– Offer 24/7 customer support to customers without being online the entire time
– Reduce multiple people-to-people interactions and make sure customers get direct answers
– Help your agents focus on more urgent queries and improve their productivity
– Target the right audience with the right welcome message via your chatbot and boost engagement
– Save time, money, and even efforts at your operator’s end to resolve some frequently asked questions

How to choose a chatbot?

– Check if the chosen tool has:
– Ready-made chatbot templates.
– Intuitive visual chatbot builder.
– It integrates with your CRM, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Calendly, etc. 
– Affordable price (usually it is under $100 a month).

How to make a chatbot for a website?

1. Create messages sent by a chatbot and answer options (buttons or text). Each reply can trigger the next message: sort them in the correct order and automate conversations from start to finish. Each thread is visualized in a chatbot flow — it makes content creation much more convenient.
2. Set triggers and define a timeline for chatbot service activation. 
3. Choose audience: the conversation window can pop up for every visitor or for particular viewers.
4. Set sending status. Define pages on which your users will chat with a bot.
5. Review settings and launch your chatbot.
Read more on how to create a chatbot for a website.

How long does it take to build a chatbot?

In Dashly builder, it literally takes 5 minutes to create and install a chatbot on your website. You need to copy-paste a code snippet on your website. Then you can use and/or customize a ready-made bot template.

What are the types of chatbot platforms?

There are only two chatbot best practices all the most popular chatbot platforms follow: AI and rule-based.
– AI chatbot is the one that understands user messages by keywords. You can train it.
– A rules-based chatbot is about questions with pre-defined answer options in a form of buttons.
If you’re limited in time and want a smart, but helpful chatbot, chose the second. Read how a rules-based chatbot works by this link. If you are willing to spend some time teaching your website chatbot, try an AI one.

What is the best chatbot platform for a website?

The best website chatbot platform has a list of tools. Check if yours have them:
– Visual chatbot builder
– Integrations with your fav services, socials, and messengers.
– Forms to capture leads.
– Website visitors’ behavior tracking to offer help at the best time.
– 24/7 support.
– Clear pricing.
– Rich customization options.

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