Focus on important deals and sell more. Much more

Automate qualification and scoring to prioritize deals and work with those that matter most
How Dashly helps the Sales team?
Close 7x more deals with conversations in the channels your prospects prefer
Collect the contact info and route the conversations to the needed specialist with the live chat on your website

Unify your communications via messengers, email and the livechat into one shared inbox

The visitor can start the conversation on your website and continue wherever they want
Never miss a hot lead - send it to CRM
Qualify website visitors with bots and convert them into a sales pipeline

Keep visitor's data and conversation history with them

Hand the hottest leads off to Sales team and provide Marketing team with the leads to nurture

Store the contacts and their data inside the company, sales reps' phones is not a good place to store them
Rest assured that managers' workflow is convenient and transparent
Let people start the conversation with your company in the channel they prefer - your team will cover these from one inbox

All the conversation history will be stored in one place

Look through the paid ad sources to know what triggered the visitors enter the website
Personalize offer for every visitor and sell more
Track all the website visitors behaviour: which page they are mostly interested in and which offer works better

Empower conversations with the personalized experience

Analyze the data about visitors and amplify the website offers
Manage your Sales. Dashly integrations will help
Unite Dashly with your sales team toolkit

Learn the leads' sources, and scale the most profitable of them

Track your pipeline and quickly fix the bottlenecks
Pre-qualify leads and prioritize your work with prospects. With unlimited seats, invite the whole team
5 steps for Sales team not to miss the hottest lead and focus on deals that matter most
  • Agents can communicate with customers via Dashly mobile application and send knowledge base articles straight from the app on the go
  • Download Dashly mobile app and stay in touch with your customers from anywhere in the world
Set up the live chat on the website and collect more conversations than phone calls
Communicate with customers via Dashly mobile application
Unify your communications channels into one shared inbox
Add a chatbot to qualify the visitors and hand the hottest leads off to Sales and let Marketing team nurture the rest
Learn what people do, where they come from and personalize the communication
Prioritize your work with leads and boost revenue with Dashly
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