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How to Qualify and Collect More Leads?

Use Ready-Made Script for Chatbot

Qualify visitors and distribute requests across the team depending on user responses automatically with a chatbot. It'll divide what leads needs sales rep help and who will go through self-service funnel.

The chatbot will ask questions to qualify leads and pass them to the right team

Chatbot qualifies your leads by:

  • engaging your website visitors into a conversation;
  • asking them qualifying questions;
  • collecting lead contacts and handing them to the right team
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Collect and qualify your leads

One of the challenges marketers face is how to increase Visitor-to-Lead Сonversion Rate. But each lead is unique. Some are ready to buy right now, while others are still looking around. To group them, qualify leads with the help of a chatbot.

In the end, it’s all about money. Ensure that those ready to buy are handed to the sales team. To help your salespeople turn hot leads into deals, capture all the possible data about the customer with a chatbot.

What about cold and warm leads? Use data collected by a chatbot to build segments and launch nurturing campaigns.

Assign gathering qualification data on leads to a chatbot

Here’s an example of data you can get by qualifying leads with a chatbot

in B2C:

  • gender identity
  • age group
  • geography
  • what products they are looking for
  • how much they are going to spend

in B2B

  • company size
  • industry
  • their role in the company
  • what products they are looking for

No developer is needed to set it up.

Chatbot lead qualification is a key to successful deals

Lead qualification saves your sales team and increases the number of successful deals. It is perfect for determining:

  • if a potential customer experiences an issue that your product can solve;
  • in what industry a potential customer is working and if they can get the most out of a product;
  • if your potential customer has enough money and authority to decide on buying the product;
  • if you can demonstrate the value of your product compared to a competing solution that a potential customer is.