Decrease your response time and retain customers

Use Dashly tools to improve Customer Support performance. Be in context of every inquiry and enjoy high ratings of your work!
Dashly for support teams
Move your customer communications from calls to live chat
Give your clients a convenient way to reach out to you

Use the history of your communication to create a better experience and solve problems faster
Give faster responds without increasing the headcount
Route conversations to the right teams based on rules or a chatbot workflow

Hand conversation to other agents of your team

Create your own knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions

Use saved replies to answer quicker
Proactively solve potential problems with rich customer data
Use data to understand the frictions in your customer journey

Create targeted pop-ups, emails, chatbot to help customer right when they need it
Analyze customer conversations and improve your team performance
Get customers' feedback and evaluation on the quality of their interaction with the support team. Analyze poor-rated conversations.

Track the workload of your team, identify peak hours, and plan shifts accordingly
Unlimited number of seats for everyone in your team to get on board of customer communications
5 steps to reduce the workload of your support team and focus them on complex tasks
Set up a live chat
  • add team members and appoint the ones responsible for conversations
  • set up the working hours
  • create saved replies
  • put answers to frequently asked questions
  • let visitors find them on their own
  • send the links to the knowledge base for a quicker answer
Create a knowledge base
Launch a chatbot
clarify questions, route the conversation to the right agent and decrease the response time
feedback collection, payment notifications, abandoned cart reminders, etc.
Communicate with customers via Dashly mobile application
  • Agents can communicate with customers via Dashly mobile application and send knowledge base articles straight from the app on the go
  • Download Dashly mobile app and stay in touch with your customers from anywhere in the world
Reduce the Response Time and provide more effective support with Dashly
7 days of free trial.
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