Capture Email Subscribers with Pop-ups

Engage website visitors to join your newsletter subscribers with custom pop-ups. No coding skills needed

How to create an email capture pop-up?

With Dashly pop-up software, it will take you 10 minutes. Our visual editor is designed to help non-tech users to create a custom pop-up design with flexible settings.
Make up your mind about what type of pop-up you need. Save time with our easy-to-customize templates
Lead capture pop-up
Feedback pop-up
Build your first pop-up for free
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Customize chosen template or build a new one with visual editor blocks. Add images, videos, fields, buttons, text, and other elements.

Apply flexible scenario settings: choose sending time, set triggers, define audience

Choose the trigger
Define the audience
Identify web pages
Launch A/B tests to optimize messages and design
Analyze your pop-up performance with detailed stats
Build your first pop-up for free
7 days of free trial. No credit card required

Advantages of Dashly email capture pop-ups

Our team did our best to make an easy-to-use tool to capture emails from your visitors.
For example:
Visual editor where you can change any design element: text, font, color, size, picture, video, or button.
Flexible settings on the website pop-up. It's easy to set who and when will see your message via setting the pop-up display time, trigger event, audience.
Unlimited seats. Unlike similar pop-up creator tools, in Dashly, you can work over the pop-up and other tools within the automation platform together with teammates.
Affordable price. You can add pop-ups on the basic Business chat plan ($16/month) as well as on the Automation or Premium.
What is of most concern is that website pop-ups will annoy visitors. But there are behavior-based solutions, which have been shown to work well.

Recipes for your company growth with Dashly pop-up lightboxes

Exit intent pop-up
Show a special offer to visitors who are going to leave your site before it's too late with Dashly exit intent pop-ups. Encourage potential customers to join your email list, offer a discount, free shipping, etc.
Welcome pop-up
Welcome your visitors and invite them to join your email list, get a promo code, sign in with a pop-up. Just set the pop-up sending time when they'll see your offer.
Smart pop-up
Set up a pop-up only for those who have not yet subscribed or don't show it to those who have accessed your website from a mobile device, so as not to take up screen space or, instead, make a special mobile pop-up.

Recipes for your company growth with Dashly pop-up lightboxes

new signups
How to bring more visitors to sign up? Dashly and IQ Option answered this question and got 25% more sign ups. The story of ups and downs, different A/B tests and a happy end for trade stocks and digital options platform.
leads within 6 months
How to generate more leads?
Dashly and know the answer. The story of how the implementation of one product brought 3 times more leads with one pop-up and a live chat.
How to get more online sales?
Dashly and Kflwebdesign made a cool project for a New York flower shop that brought more leads, improved customer service and helped the flower shop to get 55% more online sales.
7 days of unlimited free trial.
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What are email capture pop-ups?
It is a pop-up window that is shown at a time when a visitor comes to your website. It includes an engaging offer and an input field for visitors to leave email addresses. Naturally, it is one of the most effective tools that help to convert your visitors into customers.

How can I create or customize a pop-up to capture emails?
Just sign up. Then choose one of our ready-made pop-ups or use the built-in visual editor. Make up your text, create any buttons, upload any picture or video, add any necessary elements. The form builder is intuitive.

What version of Dashly do I need to use email capture pop-ups?
Pop-ups are available in any version. You can even try it for free for the first 7 days.

Do I need coding skills to create an email capture pop-up?
No, you need neither coding nor design skills working with pop-ups at all. We succeeded in creating a visual editor that can help you to construct any pop-up even if you never did it before. It will take you less than 15 minutes to choose settings to set up a scenario, and to take ready pop-up templates, or even to customize your one with our visual editor.
Build your first pop-up for free
7 days of free trial. No credit card required