7 Best Live Chat Tools for SaaS in 2022

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Every SaaS company strives to acquire as many active users as possible. If you’re reading this, you probably know that one of the powerful solutions for SaaS website is live chat

Live chat is an all-in-one solution for SaaS companies to improve customer support quality, capture leads, get more information about them, collect customer feedback, boost sales, and, finally, revenue. 

Sounds good, isn’t it?

There may be many mistakes when choosing live chat — how to choose the most suitable live chat that will meet all the SaaS business needs? No need to waste weeks testing different solutions. We’ve made this for you. 

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 7 live chats for SaaS companies to grow your business metrics via excellent customer experience. 

Must-have features of the live chat for SaaS

Before we start, we’d like to list the major features that SaaS companies often find helpful in live chat:

  • Chatbot. It helps SaaS companies capture and qualify leads, and answer FAQs. Meanwhile, chatbots can handle up to 70% of all the customer requests — they offload the customer support team.
  • Knowledge base. Live chat agents will quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions and share an article with customers.
  • Conversation routing. Assign conversation to the right person or team and save customer support agents’ time.
  • Socials, messengers, and email integration. Live chat agents may miss some conversations on different channels. Shared inbox with customer requests from all channels in it doesn’t let it happen.
  • File sharing. Share images, videos, or documents via live chat and provide better customer service.
  • Integrations with your fav CRM to pass leads and store customer data.
  • Lead card where your SaaS company agents can find clients’ personal data, website behavior, and conversation history in one place. 
  • Analytics. Analyze customer support and sales team effectiveness. Monitor SaaS metrics and find out the room for improvement.  

These features will organize the work of SaaS customer support, sales, marketing, and product marketing teams. Thanks to live chat they won’t miss any message from customers and will deliver the value of your SaaS product.

Now, let’s find out the best live chat for SaaS business.

1. Dashly live chat

chat saas
Dashly admin panel

If you’re searching for live chat for a SaaS company, this is one of the best solutions you should take a closer look at. Dashly live chat will convert more website visitors into leads and customers. Also, it allows providing personalized service thanks to customer data collection and chatbot. 

This live chat is for the marketing, sales, and support team in a fast-growing SaaS startup or big company.

So, Dashly live chat will both boost sales and improve customer experience.

Dashly live chat features for SaaS companies:

  • Chat analytics to check key live chat metrics and determine if your team is effective or not.
  • Live chat widget that matches your brand style.
  • Proactive chat invitation to engage website visitors.
  • Mobile live chat to consult visitors of your website mobile version.
  • In app live chat to support your users.
  • Triggered messages that target the right people at the right time with the right offer.
  • Lead cards where all the essential data is collected. If a new agent picks up a conversation, they won’t miss needed information.
  • Conversation routing to connect customers with agents who can solve their issues best.
  • Integrations with all the essential for SaaS companies platforms: CRMs, Facebook, Instagram, email, WhatsApp, and so on; Dashly allows running seamless communication in all these channels.
  • Live chat apps for web, WordPress, iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Briefly, Dashly is an all-in-one solution for SaaS companies that will help marketing, sales, and customer support teams:

  • Chatbot that generates, qualifies, nurtures leads, and answers FAQ.
  • Pop-ups that automatically capture more leads and boost sales.
  • knowledge base that enables clients to find answers to their questions by themselves and saves agents’ time.
  • Ready-made campaigns for marketers to improve customer communication on a website without developers.
  • Visitors data tracking to better understand users, send them relevant communications and convert prospects into buyers.

How to install

It takes two minutes to run Dashly. You need to copy the script and add it to your website code before the closing tag </head>. 

chat saas
Dashly installing code

The other way to add Dashly to your website is to connect the platform to your CMS or to use Google Tag Manager.

Pricing: from $39/mo 

Dashly live chat for saas
Dashly live chat pricing

A 7-day free trial is available. 

If there are less than 1000 unique users per month on your website, you can use a free plan. It is the Dashly live chat version that includes two agents seats, a team inbox, and email replies to chat messages.

Generally, the price of this live chat software depends on the number of your unique website visitors and add-ons you choose to include in your plan. For example, if there are 1000 users, you’ll pay $39/month for the Business chat plan.

However, if you want a full-fledged platform to enhance your SaaS website, consider the Marketing plan. It gives access to all the major Dashly tools, along with advanced analytics.

This live chat is different from other chats for SaaS companies because it offers unlimited agents seats in each plan. 

Also, you can save 20% of the price by billing annually.

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS in Dashly live chat:

– Unlimited agents seats and low price.
– Integrations with messengers, CRMs, and social networks.
– Chatbot.
– Friendly interface.
– Ability to work with leads that were inactive for 30+ days.
– No AI.

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2. Intercom live chat

live chat for saas
Intercom admin panel

Intercom is one of the best customer communication platforms that provides live chat for marketing and support teams in pretty big SaaS companies and corporations, as smaller ones couldn’t afford it. Along with a chatbot that allows automating some conversations, you can also send personalized messages to specific segments of your website visitors. 

Intercom live chat features for SaaS companies:

  • Over 300 vital for SaaS business integrations.
  • Chatbot for conversations, follow-ups, and customer engagement.
  • Chat tags and the ability to assign conversations to a particular agent or team to resolve customer requests faster.
  • Customizable triggered messages via live chat — engage more users in conversation by a message they are waiting for.
  • Surveys for feedback collection.
  • In-depth analysis reports.
  • Self-serve help articles.

How to install

Before installing, you need to book a free demo — you can’t explore the product by yourself. 

After the demo, you can install the live chat by adding JavaScript code block:

Intercom admin panel
The code block for Intercom live chat installing

You can also do it with integrations (Google Tag Manager, Segment, WordPress, or Shopify). 

Pricing: from $74/mo

Free trial: available (14 days).

Intercom is one of the most expensive live chats for SaaS businesses. The plan for a small business (Starter) begins from $74 per month; this includes only two agent seats and up to 1000 website visitors. Adding agents’ seats cost $19 per person. 

On a Starter plan, you cannot use some vital SaaS features, for example, Facebook integration and A/B tests.

live chat saas
Intercom Starter plan description 

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– A lot of integrations for SaaS.
– Chatbot and message automation.
– Advanced analytics.
– Self-serve articles.
– Extra pay for many features.
– Difficult to estimate the price for the live chat.
– No opportunity to work with leads that were inactive for 30 days.

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3. LiveChat

live chat saas
Livechat conversations window. Source

LiveChat enables instant communication with your website visitors and boosts sales. So, this live chat for SaaS companies will close all your conversational needs.

This live chat will be convenient for customer support in middle-sized and big SaaS companies.

LiveChat features for SaaS companies:

  • Detailed reports about live chat engagement, customer satisfaction, chat surveys, and so on;
  • Targeted messages to catch the attention of a particular group of users and engage them in a SaaS product.
  • Pre-chat surveys to qualify your leads in SaaS.
  • Sales tracker for calculating the live chat ROI.
  • Saved responses to send a reply to the most frequently repeated questions quickly.
  • Over 200 useful for SaaS companies integrations, including Mailchimp, Salesforce, Facebook, etc.
  • File sharing — images, sounds, presentations, videos, etc.
  • Chat tags and chat transfers assign conversations to a particular person.
  • Chat rating, post-chat survey, and customer satisfaction reports.

How to install

After signing up, you can install the LiveChat code. There are several options: you can do it manually by pasting the code on your website or using Google Tag Manager, WordPress Plugin, or any other way. 

Pricing: from $19/mo

Free trial: available (14 days).

The pricing is affordable for many SaaS companies and starts from $19 per month (Starter plan). For this price, you’ll get a limited number of features. For example, to enable chat tagging, you’ll need to buy the Team plan (starts at $33/mo) while to get reports, you’ll need the Business plan (from $50/mo). 

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– Very friendly interface.
– A lot of integrations for SaaS to make customer service better.
– Sometimes, the live chat may work slowly.
– Expensive, especially in case you drive more traffic to your website.

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4. HubSpot live chat

chat saas
HubSpot live chat admin panel

This is one of the most convenient live chats for SaaS companies. What makes it special — it’s free. Hubspot live chat helps SaaS companies connect users with the right people from your company and quickly provide them with the information they need.

HubSpot live chat is suitable for customer support in small SaaS startups.

HubSpot live chat features for SaaS companies: 

  • Basic chatbots to handle simple and the most frequently asked requests.
  • Shared inbox to enable agents to pick up each others’ tasks.
  • Reporting dashboard and deals analytics.
  • Custom lead properties to write down all the essential for SaaS information about leads.
  • Messengers and email inbox integrations — not to lose any message.

How to install

To install live chat, you’ll have to add the HubSpot code before the end of the <body> tag:

live chat for saas
HubSpot installing code

Before doing this, HubSpot will offer you to choose your live chat design, availability hours, and even launch a basic chatbot. 


The live chat itself is totally free. Using marketing or sales features (for example, email marketing) costs from $50/mo.  

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– Absolutely free.
– Chabot.
– Flexible prospect card.
– Limited number of features needed by SaaS companies.
– No branding removal.
– No customer support.

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5. Zendeck live chat

live chat for saas
Zendesk admin panel. Source

Zendesk live chat for SaaS will help you launch a personalized conversation with website visitors and engage them with your product. This solution is for customer support and sales teams in middle-sized and big SaaS companies. Zendesk chatbot enables 24/7 support no matter whether your agents are available, while proactive messages automatically involve more users. 

Zendesk live chat features for SaaS companies:

  • Chatbot automatically answers the most frequently asked questions and engages more website users in conversation.
  • Agents workspace that combines all the conversations from different channels.
  • Lots of crucial for SaaS companies integrations (including Instagram, Zoom, Slack, and so on).
  • A knowledge base enables customers to resolve questions by themselves and save agents’ time.
  • Dashboards for a team efficiency analysis.
  • Many triggers automatically initiate a conversation with a particular group of users.
  • Lead cards that are accessible to all team members.

How to install

You can install Zendesk by adding the code block to your website.

live chat saas
Zendesk installing code

Pricing: from $19/mo

Free trial: 30 days.

The price starts from $19 per month when billed annually and $25 when billed monthly. Starting with the Professional plan ($49), you’ll be able to run customer surveys and set working hours — cool features for SaaS companies.

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– Automatic ticket creation and replies when agents are away.
– Easy to use.
– Automatic translation to the user’s language.
– Some SaaS companies claim it takes a long time to load the admin panel.
– Too difficult to create and use templates.
– Unable to edit a reply when it’s delivered.

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6. Drift live chat

chat saas
Drift inbox. Souce

Drift is a live chat for customer support, sales, and marketing teams in pretty big SaaS companies and corporations who want to engage more website visitors and convert them into buyers. Drift allows chatting with users in real-time and immediately gives them answers to their questions. Using AI-powered tools, you can personalize your SaaS company’s visitors’ experience.

Drift live chat features for SaaS companies:

  • Saved replies for quick answering to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Live view to see users’ actions on a website, understand what they may be looking for, and proactively start the conversation with them — helpful for SaaS business feature.
  • Chatbot automatically engages more website visitors to convert them into prospects and then buyers. Also, it will send a reminder about scheduled meetings to your sales reps.
  • Triggered messages to the target audience.
  • Detailed analytics and insights.
  • Lots of useful for SaaS companies integrations.

How to install

There are several options for how to install the Drift website widget — by adding a JavaScript code block, using WordPress, or other integrations:

live chat for saas
Drift installing code block

Pricing: from $600/mo

No free trial, but the free version is available. However, you may use this only in case there are less than 100 contacts in your contact list; you will be unable to use some important SaaS companies’ features, for example, Drift Chatbot.  

The premium plan starts at $600/month — this includes a custom chatbot, analytics, up to 10 agents seats, and other features. Additional seats cost $80/month per agent.

To get more details, you can start the Drift chatbot, leave your email, and book a demo. 

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– Easy to set up and use.
– user-friendly interface.
– AI-chatbot.
– Useful for SaaS live view.
– Customer support may sometimes answer your questions slowly.
– Pricing.
– some SaaS companies claim Drift is overpriced, and the pricing is unclear.

7. PureChat

chat saas
PureChat admin panel. Source

PureChat is a live chat solution for customer support in mid-sized SaaS companies that want to engage more website visitors in conversation and turn them into customers. There are many features designed for SaaS: AI integration, trigger-based actions, and others. 

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PureChat live chat features for SaaS companies:

  • Analytics tools to analyze the traffic you acquire and correct communication via live chat.
  • Contact history to collect information about user visits and analyze if communications were effective or not.
  • A lot of integrations.
  • Engagement hub to increase Conversion Rate to the conversation.
  • Canned responses.
  • Triggered-based actions to customize communication.

So, PureChat will enable you not only to launch live chat on your website but to integrate all the communication services you usually use for work.

How to install

There are also several options to choose from for PureChat installation. You can add the code before the </body> tag on your website or use WordPress, Shopify, or Weebly plugins to add the PureChat widget to your website easily.

live chat for saas
PureChat installing code

Pricing: from $39/mo

Free trial: 30 days. 

  • The Growth plan starts from $39 and includes up to four agents seats, one website, and up to 100 SMS notifications — all the other features are the same as in the PRO plan.
  • Pro plan starts from $79/mo.

What’s good and what’s bad for SaaS:

– Affordable price.
– Easy to use and customizable.
– Slowly working customer support.
– No chatbots and knowledge base.

Briefly, how to choose the best live chat for SaaS companies?

  1. Understand how much money you’re ready to pay for a live chat. You can save on a live chat If billed annually. So, try to estimate how much you’re ready to pay for a live chat and buy a yearly subscription. 
  1. Calculate the final price. Review the live chat pricing model. Consider that many platforms bill for additional live chat features and additional agent seats. 
  1. Estimate if a platform will be able to grow with you. Some live chat platforms are developed especially for small companies. This may be convenient as the bill is small; however, as soon as you get more clients, you’ll have to move to another live chat platform that will reply to all your needs.

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