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10 best Intercom alternatives in 2020

10 intercom alternatives


  1. 1. Dashly
  2. 2. Freshdesk
  3. 3. Zendesk
  4. 4. Zoho Desk
  5. 5. Userlike
  6. 6. LiveChat
  7. 7. LiveAgent
  8. 8. Tawk.to
  9. 9. Freshchat
  10. 10. UseResponse

Reliable support is a crucial part of your business, because it strengthens relationships with existing customers and attracts new ones. In 2019, there are dozens of services that offer customer support infrastructure with various features and different pricing options. We’ve combed through them in order to find the best products in terms of functionality and price-to-performance ratio.

Our top 10 list features some solutions that not only match Intercom’s innovative live chat and customer support features, but even surpass it in terms of capabilities and pricing. Here are today’s competitors to replace Intercom.

1. Dashly

dashly landing page

The first and best Intercom alternative that we’ll discuss today is Dashly. The platform meets the needs of both small and mid-size companies. It covers the entire customer experience, starting from the first page they see. The Dashly team focuses on the communication side of the customer experience. There are different ways to send messages, and there’s a single central inbox for the whole team to receive client requests in one place. The Dashly admin panel is free to try right on the website without giving any credit card info or installing any software –  just sign up and start playing around.

Dashly has no limits on seats, which is definitely not a common thing, but very attractive. Invite your whole team to provide great customer communication across every user journey. Dashly has two plans: a free plan and an all-in-one plan, starting at $39. The free plan includes two seats, all the sending options, and a knowledge base to provide a self-service option for your clients.

2. Freshdesk

Another interesting alternative is Freshdesk. It happens to be one of the best competitors on our list, because it covers various channels of customer support and a great ticketing system. The service provides an interesting help desk system that allows you to create several workspaces for different types of users. With Freshdesk, you can support your customers by email, social media, website, and phone. Freshdesk offers a total of three concurrent operator seats to control your workspaces.

The platform is flexible, offering a good amount of top-tier services integrations.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is the oldest competitor on this list, and is well known for its speed. The cloud-based software takes only a couple of minutes to set up, and then it’s ready to go, no matter what business you’re in.

The low price and light-speed workflow secured Zendesk a spot near the top of our list. Tumblr, Airbnb and Sony use this platform to cover their customer support, which adds even more points for Zendesk.

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk stands out from the other competitors, because it offers an almost fully automated context-aware product. We’ve tested it, and unlike other services with context-aware features, it works completely fine. Zoho also allows you to get rid of most boring and repetitive tasks by automating them. The software comes with a robust set of features and proves to be a decent Intercom alternative. With Zoho’s functionality, you can greatly boost the effectiveness of your live support.

5. Userlike

Taking the 5th spot on our list is a competitor that features both free and paid plans. Userlike Live Chat offers a simple set of features for free, such as live chat and social media integrations. However, the price extension is what makes Userlike Live Chat more customizable and brand oriented. The Premium plan offers unlimited chats and a huge number of live chat customization options to match your website’s design. Social media integrations help you cover most of the popular user communication channels such as Slack, Facebook and Telegram.

6. LiveChat

LiveChat has taken a spot on our list thanks to its strong feature set and customization options. It allows you to handle chat from various channels like the web, social media, and even a mobile app. This makes it a versatile solution, because you can provide user support from almost any device or operating system. The simple look of LiveChat hides enormous functionality coupled with a fully customizable chat widget. Another thing that sets LiveChat apart is the number of integrations: it offers more than 100 SaaS options to work with.

7. LiveAgent

LiveAgent truly shines with the number of features it offers. It covers most of the popular channels and websites, which raises your effectivity and widens your influence over social media. With all its features and channels, LiveAgent brings your customer support to the next level. The software feels like it took the best options from products all over the market and collected them in one place. The number of interesting features is mind-blowing, but it’s worth mentioning at least a few: automation, knowledge base, and voice integration.

8. Tawk.to

Starting with a free trial that comes with such features as live user tracking, chat customization and localization support, Tawk.to is a decent option for those with a tight budget. However, to make Tawk.to fit your website’s design and remove its branding, you need to pay a total of $15 a month. That’s not a high price for the feature, but it’s something to keep in mind. On the bright side, it offers a decent number of integration options and preset shortcuts. Tawk.to also lets you track your team’s progress by setting goals and analyzing chat history.

9. Freshchat

Freshchat is an interesting option, not only for customer support, but for raising your credibility and brand recognition. The software allows you to cooperate with your customers and turn them into permanent customer base. An interesting feature of Freshchat is context-based messaging, which allows your chat operators to zero in on customers’ specific needs. This service offers plenty of integrations with social media and business apps, and support for mobile operating systems allows you to offer your customer support to a wider audience. The sales bot is another option to help your product team be more efficient.

10. UseResponse

The last competitor on our list has a nice set of features and great customization. Since UseResponse is open-source software, you can use the incredible customization options to fit any website’s style. UseResponse’s functionality is split between live chat, feedback system, help desk, and knowledge base. It comes with major integration options to cover most messaging channels. UseResponse offers the interesting option to use it on your own server or from the cloud. The price of the service may seem somewhat high, but it’s totally worth trying. Plus, it comes with a free trial so you can test it before buying.

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