Top 10 chatbot platforms to level up the work of your customer service

Reading time: 23 minutes 30.06.2022
Top 10 chatbot platforms to level up the work of your customer service

Customers hate phone calls. Millennials would rather text than talk on the phone. Today, people are used to chatting online and looking for info independently. That means a rise of quick support channels and self-service.

Customers won’t wait for your support service team sleeping, enjoying their weekends, or assisting other clients.

The fix?

chatbot. It’s an automated support agent that can help hundreds of customers at a time! You can set it up to:

  • greet newcomers on your website and engage them in the conversation;
  • deal with FAQs to free your team from routine tasks;
  • collect feedback to improve the work of the support team and your product in general.

A chatbot can become an indispensable helper for your customer service team. Just chose the one you like. To save your time, in this article, we tested 10 best chatbot platforms for customer service.

This post is part 8 of our Complete Guide to Chatbots. Check others when you’re ready:

How we tested the chatbots tools for this review article? First, we signed up to each platform and built a test chatbot. Then, we checked every feature of the chatbot platform. And finally, we analyzed reviews from G2, Capterra, and Google Play.

Enjoy 👇


Dashly is a conversational marketing platform suitable both for businesses with large traffic and a high average order value and startups. Dashly chatbot provides support, marketing, and sales team with a list of cool features to automate their routine tasks.

Dashly customer service chatbot features

  • Up to 10 possible responses to questions;
  • leads capture and qualification;
  • knowledge base integration;
  • welcome messages to greet newcomers;
  • conversation routing to qualified agents;
  • saving visitor’s data to the lead card for further work;
  • detailed analytics;
  • links, files, and images sharing.

Discover all chatbot features

With the Dashly visual builder, you can create a chatbot within 15 minutes. No coding skills needed.

Dashly chatbot builder for customer service
Sign up to try how it works 7-days free

Additional features

Pricing: from $29 per month

Trial: 7 days.

Dashly offers three paid plans: Business chat, Automation, and Premium. Each of them allows to build a chatbot for customer service and offers unlimited seats for agents. In the picture, you can see pricing for projects up to 1000 unique visitors/mo:

Dashly pricing for customer service chatbot
Visit pricing page to find more feature details and count how much Dashly will cost for your business

If billed annually, the price is lower by 20%.

Pros and cons of the Dashly chatbot for customer service


  • Prompt and quality work of customer service team during business hours.
  • Every paid plan includes unlimited seats.
  • Visual chatbot builder.
  • Various access rights to your teammates.
  • Ability to work with leads that were inactive during 30 days.


  • Dashly chatbot doesn’t have socials and messengers integrations (coming soon).
  • There’s no after-hours support service.

User reviews

Intercom (Resolution Bot)

Intercom is one of the most popular customer communication platforms. It suits enterprise-level businesses that want to set up an omnichannel experience for their customers.

Intercom customer service chatbot features

  • Up to 10 possible responses to questions;
  • team performance reports;
  • visitor’s data tracking and adding it to the lead card;
  • manual or automatic assigning of conversations to teammates;
  • relevant answers offers based on what customers are typing — before they send the message.

Additional features

  • 300+ integrations;
  • tagging system;
  • live chat;
  • knowledge base;
  • customizable triggered messages via live chat;
  • split A/B testing of messages;
  • one inbox for all channels.

Pricing: from $74 per month

Trial: 14 days.

The service offers four paid plans. One of them is designed for startups and offers a big discount if your business fits the requirements. You’ll know the final price for your plan after a demo with a manager. But chatbots creation is available only with additional module that goes with plans over $99.

Intercom pricing for chatbot for customer service

Pros and cons of the Intercom chatbot for customer service


  • Special plan for startups.
  • Convenient interface.
  • Automating support service with answers in 32 languages.


  • The pricing is too high, and you’ll know how much you’ll pay for the service only after a meeting with an agent.
  • Some customers complain about slow response from customer support service.
  • You can’t work with leads who have been inactive for 30 days or more.
  • Some customers are not satisfied with only English being available for the platform and support service team.

User reviews

Freshdesk Messaging (Freshchat)

freshworks chatbot for customer service

Freshdesk Messaging fits both small and enterprise-level companies. The platform provides a variety of plans for each of them. In terms of functionality, its chatbot will bring the most value to the customer support teams.

Freshdesk customer service chatbot features

  • Over 20 possible answers;
  • visitors’ behavior tracking and saving data to the lead card;
  • conversations routing;
  • satisfaction survey forms;
  • voice inquiries recognition;
  • AI that identifies the sentiment of the incoming request, detects ‘Thank you’ emails from customers and executes preset automated actions (without ticket reopening);
  • Twitter integration that enables a chatbot to scan each tweet mentioning you, identifying ‘cry for help, ’ and notify your agents about it.
Freshdesk messaging chatbot builder for customer service

Additional features

  • 1000+ integrations;
  • live chat;
  • knowledge base;
  • triggered messages;
  • omnichannel platform that allows customer support employees to raise incidents and service requests to internal teams without switching between applications.

Pricing: from $0

Trial: 21 days.

This service also offers three paid plans: Growth, Pro and Enterprise Omnichannel. There’s also a free plan. It allows to set up Freshdesk’s chatbot, but with limited functionality.

Freshchat pricing for chatbot for customer service

If billed annually, the price for the service is lower by 20%.

Pros and cons of the Freshdesk chatbot for customer service


  • AI.
  • A lot of integrations, including Twitter integration that helps identify “cries for help” quickly.
  • Free trial period is long enough.


  • Customer support service is based in India. Time differences can be a problem for Western customers.
  • Some customers are complaining about bugs in the service.
  • Dashboard interface and chatbot set-up can be difficult for newbies.

User reviews


Botsify is a managed chatbot platform that provides unified chat automation for businesses. It is suitable for small businesses and tech & marketing agencies. The service is good for different industries: from FinTech and eCommerce to educational institutions and healthcare.

Botsify customer service chatbot features

  • Drag-and-drop visual chatbot editor with a revision history option;
  • solution articles sharing to help agents respond to email tickets;
  • personalized welcome messages for website visitors;
  • in-depth analytics;
  • simple payments function without changing pages or apps;
  • images, links, videos, and audio sharing.

Additional features

  • 100+ integrations;
  • live chat.

Pricing: from $49 to $149 per month

Trial: 14 days.

All paid plans in the service include chatbots, starting from two bots on the Do it Yourself plan. The price will vary depending on the number of website users per month.

Botsify chatbot for customer service pricing

If billed annually, the customer gets two months of service for free.

Pros and cons of the Botsify chatbot for customer service


  • Rich knowledge base.
  • Good for educational platforms.
  • Customer service chatbot is available in 190+ languages.


  • Some customers think UX can be improved.
  • No AI.
  • No Viber integration.
  • No A/B Testing.

User reviews

Mobile Monkey (RoboBDR)

mobilemonkey chatbot for customer service

MobileMonkey is a platform that provides tools for sales and communication automation. It mostly suits small businesses (1-50 employees) in the marketing & advertising industry. RoboBDR is MobileMonkey’s messaging automation service.

RoboBDR customer service chatbot features

  • Inbound leads qualification;
  • conversations routing to human agents;
  • conduct feedback surveys forms;
  • files sharing;
  • chatbot analytics;
  • meetings scheduling with CRM and Calendar apps integration.

Additional features

  • Easy-to-customize sales outreach templates for lead qualification and conversion;
  • email, mobile, and desktop push notifications;
  • omnichannel communication brought together in one platform;
  • split A/B testing messages;
  • one inbox for successful omnichannel communication.

Pricing: from $119 per month

Trial: 14 days.

There are three plans available in the service, including a free one. But chatbot features for customer support are available on plans that start from $119 per month.

mobilemonkey pricing for chatbot for customer service

Pros and cons of the RoboBDR for customer service


  • 1000+ applications for integration.
  • AI.


  • Plans pricing only for annual payment.
  • Software is not well suited to large enterprise SMS campaigns.
  • Minimal reporting.

User reviews


activechat chatbot for customer service

ActiveChat combines live chat, an AI chatbot platform, and a conversational intelligence service. It best suits enterprise customer support in telecom, services, SaaS, and eCommerce.

ActiveChat customer service chatbot features

  • Flexible zero-code visual chatbot builder;
  • three answer option buttons for Facebook Messenger or 10 for another chatbot;
  • AI to detect the intents of customers and route conversations to human agents;
  • predictive text technology;
  • user’s behavior tracking;
  • Conversion Rate prediction.
activechat chatbot for customer service
ActionChat chatbot builder

Additional features

  • 250+ integrations;
  • live chat;
  • omnichannel communication that aligns various channels;

Pricing: from $0,001 per conversation

Trial: 14 days.

ActiveChat doesn’t offer any plans to its users. The price for the service is customizable for each client. The platform charges by the number of conversations per month and the number of live support agents using the tool. On average, each conversation in this service will cost you $0,001.

Pros and cons of the ActiveChat for customer service


  • Select different languages for the virtual agent.
  • AI chatbots.


  • No WhatsApp integration.
  • No file-sharing.
  • Some customers are complaining about poor intuitive service of chatbot builder.
  • Customer support service is slow.

User reviews


ChatBot is an all-in-one platform for building and launching conversational chatbots without any coding. It’s a full-fledged software that can be easily integrated with LiveChat, another service of the same company. ChatBot suits businesses of all sizes in different industries.

Chatbot customer service chatbot features

  • Customer service chatbot visual builder;
  • conversations routing to qualified agents;
  • carousel product cards to show off your offer;
  • mark conversation goals to track every successful purchase, website visit, etc.;
  • survey forms to capture the voice of customers and their rates;
  • CRM integration to gather and store user’s data;
  • meetings scheduling with Calendar apps integration;
  • calls function directly from the chatbot widget.

Additional features

  • 200+ apps for integrations;
  • integration with LiveChat;
  • integration with HelpDesk, ticketing system;
  • 21 ready-to-use templates;
  • ChatBot Academy for mastering bot creating skills with lessons prepared by experts;
  • A/B testing.

Pricing: from $50 per month

Trial: 14 days.

This service offers four paid plans suitable for companies of different sizes. The cheapest one starts from $50/month and allows to create only one active chatbot.

chatbot for customer service pricing

The price is lower by 20% when you pay for the year.

Pros and cons of the ChatBot for customer service


  • Informative reports.
  • AI.
  • Integrations with 200+ apps.


  • Subscription for LiveChat is paid separately.
  • Chatbots only communicate and recognize one language.
  • The support is only available through email.
  • Payment for each agent may be expensive for small businesses.
  • Some customers report bugs.

User reviews


Tidio is an all-in-one platform that levels up your customer support service. It also helps generate more sales with an AI-powered chatbot. This service is good for the marketing and sales team as well in e-Commerce, beauty, restaurant and SaaS industries.

Tidio customer service chatbot features

  • Three possible answer options;
  • website visitors’ behavior tracking;
  • calls scheduling;
  • quick answers to FAQs sharing;
  • carousel surveys for gathering customer feedback;
  • products recommendations;
  • files and images sharing;
  • relevant answers offers based on what customers are typing — before they send the message.

Tidio chatbot for customer service has an easy-to-use visual builder. It will take you no more than 30 minutes to create a basic rule-based chatbot. AI one is more complicated because it needs training.

tidio chatbot builder for customer service
Tidio chatbot builder

Additional features

  • 5000+ Zapier integrations;
  • 37 pre-designed templates for chatbot;
  • shared inbox.

Pricing: from €49

Trial: 7 days.

The service offers a forever free plan, but you can only use a customer service chatbot with a €49 plan.

tidio pricing for chatbot for customer service

Each of three plans’ pricing is based on the number of agents and your website visitors per month. If you want more, pay more.

Bonus: If billed annually, you’ll get two months of free usage.

Pros and cons of the Tidio chatbot for customer service


  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • AI technology is available for chatbots creation.
  • Numerous integrations.


  • No WhatsApp integration.
  • Only four answer options.
  • Only six languages supported.

User reviews


Zendesk claim themselves champions of customer service. To ensure customers never have to repeat something, among the variety of tools they offer is an AI chatbot as well. It works for any size business in EdTech, SaaS, healthcare, or even manufacturing. This proves numerous famous names in the list of their clients.

Zendesk customer service chatbot features

  • Сalls function right in the chat widget;
  • fast answers to FAQs sending;
  • Survey forms;
  • conversations routing to the right agent.
  • files and links sharing.

There is also a detailed analytics to track a chatbot performance and a visual builder to help you create a chatbot with no code skills.

Zendesk customer service chatbot builder

Additional chatbot features

  • Live chat;
  • Triggered emails;
  • Knowledge base;
  • 1000+ integrations;
  • In-built CRM with all your leads’ data;
  • Ticketing system;
  • Direct reports on agents’ work and customer interactions.

Pricing: from $59 per month

Trial: 14 days.

The cheapest Zendesk plan starts at $19/mo (for a customer support service or sales team.) But customer service chatbot is included starting from the Suite plan only with the minimum price of $49 per agent.

zendesk pricing chatbot for cusotmer service

Bonus: The price is lower by 20% if you buy an annual subscription to the service.

If you’re the startup CEO, you’re lucky. You have the opportunity to get free service for six months. There are three prerequisites:

  • you’re a new Zendesk customer;
  • the business volume is fewer than 50 employees;
  • raised outside funding (Angel, Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A rounds are welcomed).

Pros and cons of the Zendesk chatbot for customer service


  • Six months of service for free like a gift for startups.
  • AI technology.
  • The software is available in almost 40 officially supported languages.


  • With each agent and even basic features charged additionally, the price can be relatively high.
  • Some customers are dissatisfied with the support service work.
  • The chatbot platform is not easy to configure.

User reviews

Zoho Desk’s Zia

zoho zia chatbot for customer service

Zoho is a software suite designed to run the entire business. And Zoho’s Zia chatbot is perfect to help your customer support answer FAQs, qualify leads, schedule appointments, share useful info when needed. The service offers two options: AI and rule-based chatbots. But the first one is for sales mostly, when the last is for support.

Zia customer service chatbot features

  • Visitors’ behavior tracking;
  • basic information sharing about your service;
  • survey forms;
  • files, links, and images sharing;
  • analytics of client’s behavior: when they usually open emails, answer calls, or visit your website; and suggestion of the best time for contact.
  • items for purchase recommendation.

But its chatbot builder is difficult for people without coding skills.

Guide on how to create Zoho Zia chatbot for customer service in

Additional Zia chatbot features

  • 750+ integrations;
  • In-built CRM;
  • Suggestions for automatization of routine processes based on combs through your organization’s activity history;
  • Voice commands identification;
  • Reports and bar chart on request (support tickets by channel this month).

Pricing: from $50 per month

Trial: 15 days.

You can choose one of four plans the service offers, from Free to Enterprise. But AI customer service chatbot Zia is included only in the most expensive plan.

zoho zia pricing for customer service

If billed annually, Enterprise’s plan costs 20% less — $40 per agent.

Pros and cons of the Zia chatbot for customer service


  • AI chatbots available.
  • Responsible attitude towards privacy and security.
  • Zia understands 16 languages.


  • With each agent’s seat charged additionally, the price can be high.
  • Pay for the additional functionality.

User reviews

How to choose the customer service chatbot

Chatbot is a great tool. It can help your team automate the routine and your customers to receive a quick response. But only if the platform you chose has the following features:

  • Visual chatbot builder;
  • Integrations with your fav services, socials, and messengers;
  • Forms to capture leads;
  • Website visitors’ behavior tracking to offer help at the best time;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Clear pricing;
  • Rich customization options.

If you’re interested chatbot future trends, welcome to check our article on them.

To help you make a choice, we compared all of the above chatbots in one table:

Free trial Price/moFile sharingCustomizationVisual builder
Dashly 7 daysFrom $29YesYesYes
Intercom NoFrom $74NoYesYes
Freshdesk21 daysFrom $35YesYesYes
BotsifyNoFrom $49 to $149YesYesYes
Mobile Monkey14 daysFrom $119YesYesYes
ActiveChatNoFrom $0,001 per conversationNoYesYes
ChatBotNoFrom $19YesYesYes
Tidio7 daysFrom €49 YesYesYes
ZendeskNoFrom $59YesYesYes
Zia15 daysFrom $50YesYesYes

Unfortunately, it is too small to compare all services and all chatbot features. Find the review of “Visitors tracking”, “Chat routing”, “Knowledge base”, and other chatbot features compared in the table below 👇

Download an ultimate comparison of the 10 best chatbots for free

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Download an ultimate comparison of the 10 best chatbots for free


What is customer service chatbot?

A chatbot is an application that helps free your team from answering the same customers’ questions. A chatbot can be a simple chain with a few sentences or a complex system (artificial intelligence).
If you want to know what a bot is and how it can help your team, read an article on our blog.

What is the best chatbot software?

Intercom, ChatBot, and Freshdesk Messaging are among the industry leaders. We reviewed these and some other services in our article on the best chatbot platforms. But if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, consider Dashly. It’ll cost you less than other platforms, but it provides similar functionality. You can check out pricing plans here.

How to build a chatbot for customer service?

With Dashly you can create a chatbot with an easy-to-use builder. You only need to:
— create a message chain,
— come up with the text,
— choose a trigger for launching,
— set up audience filters.
You don’t have to be a developer, but Dashly’s programmers will help you in case of any difficulty.
We have written an article on how to create a chatbot for a website. Check it out!

What is the best chatbot technology for customer service?

There are two different types of chatbots: rule-based and AI-powered chatbots.
The cheapest and easiest one is a rules-based customer service chatbot, also known as a flow-based or decision-tree bot. It guides potential customers through the pre-defined sequence of messages. This looks like a multiple-choice test. However, the chatbot will not respond to questions written by the customer.
To use an AI customer service chatbot, you must first upload questions and answers to the database. But subsequently, AI chatbot learns on its own.
Read more about chatbot best practices in our article.

Why should you use chatbot for customer service?

— Chatbots can help you stay in touch with customers 24/7 if the customer support service works only during business hours.
— With pre-defined questions and answers, the user will get help instantly, even in rush hours. Delayed response time is one of the main reasons why customers leave your website. Customer service chatbot can help you deal with this problem.
— When chatbots answer simple user questions, your employees perform fewer routine tasks and commit themselves to challenges.
— Customer service chatbots can help with overstaffed support team issues and cut payroll costs.
— Automation of data collection and customer feedback.
Still unsure? Dashly chatbot will prove it’s true. Try how it works 7-days free.

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