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Turn visitors into customers with data driven conversation and marketing

Email campaigns, live chat, triggered messages, analytics, eCRM
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Streamline your work

Automated messages to drive first-time visitors and return customers

Let triggers and segmentation do your work. Improve customer retention and acquire new visitors to become customers.

email campaigns
Pop-up forms
prebuilt scenarios
A/B tests
Goals settings
gdpr ready!

All conversations in one place with full-team support

  • Make your customers happier and increase their lifetime with multichannel communication.
  • Assign appropriate specialists to deal with particular questions.
  • Share notes to bring your
    teammates up-to-date.
  • Use mobile apps for all-round support.
live chat
Conversation assignment
Grouped conversations
Unlimited operators

Data for clear performance estimation

Measure the campaigns performance and choose the profitable ones. Funnels show bottleneck in customer journey for the analysis of how to increase conversion. Learn how useful the support team is. Track the response time, unanswered and solved questions.

event statistics
Manual messages reports
operator workload analytics

All features in one eCRM

Powerful eCRM tracks all visitors and their data for simple segmentation and nurturing.

anonymous live tracking
Grouped conversations
detailed user card

Dashly experience

Really loving Dashly. So far it met our expectations and we love seeing the improvements. We look forward to growing with your company 🙌This software is helping us be successful. Thank you. You are doing GREAT!!


Formerly Carrrot, Dashly is an amazing platform, plenty of features, I love specially their integrations section. Focus on Ecommerce and Saas, can be your best ally to generate leads and sales. Well done guys!


We’re just entering the market and want to understand how people see our product and website. Our team is working with experienced developers who receive job proposals from recruiters. With Dashly we get so many messages from our visitors - it’s great, people really want to tell us something. It’s like greeting every single visitor personally. We’ll definitely activate into other Dashly features as our product grows.


Working with "big traffic" you always need to store and sort it to make the User Experience more comfortable and positive. Dashly helps to make interaction with customers personalized and super relevant.


Dashly had me approach customer success strategy at a whole new angle. Besides being super-useful in terms of having all the stats under your fingertips, it integrates all the tools you need to understand user’s needs and deliver accordingly. Even if it may seem overwhelming at first (at least it did for me), Dashly’s great support team is got your back. They helped me quickly find my way around and are always there and that’s why I cannot recommend them enough!

Marina Hrvacanin,
Customer Success Manager at Find That Email

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