Hit your MQL quota and increase conversion rates at every stage of the funnel

Collect data about each website visitor and improve conversions using targeted live chat messages, chatbots, pop-ups and emails
Dashly for Marketers
Collect and qualify your leads, use rich data to build segments and personalized campaigns.
Everything you need to convert a visitor into a customer.
Get more leads from your current traffic
Create targeted messaging campaigns with pop-ups, chatbot and emails

Engage your customers into a conversation and collect leads

Hand those who are ready to buy to your Sales Team

Automatically reply to FAQs

Keep lead collection going 24/7
Help your Sales Team win more deals in less time. Supply them with high-quality leads only
Use a chatbot to free your team from answering the same questions over and over again

Prioritize hot leads and hand those who are ready to buy to the Sales Team

Use rich customer data to create personalized offers and close more deals.
Keep all the info on your customers and design messaging campaigns that convert
Track of your website visitors' behavior: where they come from, what pages they viewed, what CTAs they clicked

Use this data to engage visitors at the right moment with the right offer

Nurture, activate, retain and return visitors with pop-ups, chatbots and emails.
Launch A/B tests and analyze the results without developers
Make data-driven decisions, launch marketing campaigns that convert and analyze the performance of each message.
No developers needed
Create campaigns within 5 minutes and quickly test hypotheses. Build chatbots and pop-ups in visual editors. All collected data go directly to your CRM.
Chatbot builder
Pop-up builder
Data tracking
Raise your website conversion rates and boost revenue with personalized marketing campaigns
7 days of free trial.
No credit card required