The most detailed guide to marketing automation for SaaS product marketers and CEO

What is the book about?
We've prepared a detailed instruction on how to set up automation on every step of a funnel
Our purpose is to help you create the most effective map of communications for every step of user journey
All action plans collected in the book are described in details and ready to be used. We're sure you'll find the best solution for your business.
What's inside?
Step 1
Capture leads and start communications
Step 2
Increase the number of sign ups
Step 3
Activate into product features (welcome series)
Step 4
Grow trial-to-paid conversion rate
Step 5
Increase ARPA
Step 6
Involve users into the product development
Step 7
Reduce churn rate (retention series)
Why did we make it?
Our purpose is to speed product companies' growth up. We research the market, share cases, write books and provide service for SaaS teams. We develop our product to let growth teams test hypotheses faster, capture leads more effectively, provide better support for their clients and make them even more successful
We wanted to colligate work experience of the whole Dashly team for a long time. There are detailed instructions based on real projects without much words in this book. I hope they'll be effective for your teams. But don't forget to test hypotheses and analyze results. I believe in your success!
It was a pleasure for us to carry all our recommendation over to this book. We used to share them only during our personal consultations before. I hope your customers will inspire you to create unique and super convertible action plans.
CEO & Founder
Product marketer
Customer success
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