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Who we are?

Dashly is a product launched in 2018 that helps online businesses grow and a team of 55 people passionate about this product.

We're the crew of developers, designers, marketers and sales professionals at work and travelers, sportsmen and yoga specialists in life.
During 2018 we grew 3x in revenue
This gives us a belief that we're on the right track
Clients all over the world
Our clients are based all over the world: USA, Brasilia, Europe, Russia and much more
Great teamof enthusiasts
and professionals
We have a great team and every day we solve challenging and interesting tasks
How do we work?
Big and cool modern office
Professional team and challenging task
In-house library
No formalism and paper work, only open discussion
We work together, discuss all the issues in real-time and always keep each other updated. And of course, we make an effort to grow and progress.
Who we are?
Results of every team is discussed weekly
on a Demo. And every Thursday we have
Fish Thursday - perfect time to discuss ideas and listen to experts.
Meditation and yoga
Cool birthday presents
External experts
And much more!
Our activities and traction
We use different modern methods and techniques in Product Development, Marketing and daily work
To set goals for each team
and the whole company.
All of us create OKRs
Agile, Scrum, HADI-cycle
Our working processes
are flexible for farster development
Jobs To Be Done
To assign the objectives
in the whole company
Customer Development
We talk to our user
to understand them and make the product better
Every member of the team cam offer an idea
or improvement
+1 424-645-2425
Dmitrii Sergeev
Contact us
340 S Lemon Ave #9220,
Walnut, CA 91789, USA