How to Choose the Best Live Chat for Your Website

Reading time: 16.03.2021
How to Choose the Best Live Chat for Your Website

Live chat is the best option for your customer support and an effective way to increase your sales. But there are a variety of websites, how can you choose the one that suits your needs and fits your budget? In this article, we’ll give a brief review of 20 most popular live chats and help you make the right choice.

Did you know 53% of customers are more likely to buy where there’s a live chat? Plus, research done by Intercom revealed that customers chatting with an assistant spend 13% more when they buy.

Why is it that way? A live chat is a one-size-fits-all solution as it allows you to: 

  • proactively engage customers in a conversation; 
  • answer their questions in real-time;
  • help them buy;
  • and collect feedback.

Most of your customers prefer chatting over calls. It gives them time to think over their messages and do multiple things at once. A live chat helps increase service quality and customer satisfaction.

Read our study on how 105 companies use live chats to increase sales.

In this article, we’re going to review 20 live chat platforms.

Comparative matrix for top-7 live chats

PlatformPricePricing basisTrial periodChatbotMobile versionSending filesWidget customizationPros


from $39 to $999
Number of agents and contacts14 days++++Great toolkit for chatting with users
Olarkfrom $0 to $19Number of agents14 days++++Simple and intuitive interface
Kayakofrom $15 to $60Number of agents14 days++++The corporate platform for customer support
Driftfrom $0 to $1 500Number of agents++++Video chat
Dashlyfrom $0 to $39
Number of unique website visitors
7 days++++Unlimited number of agents seats, the ability to edit messages
Tidiofrom $0 to $46Number of visitors, number of agents7 days+++The ability to see users’ message before it was sent
Crispfrom 0 to $95Number of agents7 days++++Co-browsing with a user, opportunity to assign agent to a conversation


Intercom main landing page
Intercom is a live chat and marketing automation platform.

Intercom is a communication software offering customer acquisition and support solutions. In addition to a live chat, Intercom offers chatbots, emails, and a knowledge base.


Small and medium-sized businesses. 


  • Email-marketing, messengers, and social media in one interface;
  • Templates for quick replies;
  • Reviews and surveys;
  • Lead segmentation;
  • Triggered messages;
  • Push notifications;
  • Co-browsing — you can view websites and visit pages together with a user;
  • A/B tests;
  • Mobile app.
intercom admin panel
Intercom admin panel


  • It’s a multifunctional platform for user communication;
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • Expensive software with complicated pricing;
  • Allegedly, poor quality of customer support;
  • Lots of bugs.

How do I install it?

Install the widget code to your website to employ a live chat. Don’t worry, it won’t take much time! Intercom provides detailed guidance on the code implementation. You can also send a link to your fellow developer if you can’t handle it on your own. Anyone with the link will get access to your Intercom account. 

how to install intercom live chat
You can easily install the Intercom live chat

Pricing: from $39 to $999

Each plan includes a limited number of agents and contacts. If you exceed the limit, you’ll need to pay for it, and the price is often unaffordable for a business.

Startups can expect a special plan of $49 to enjoy Intercom in full for up to one year, provided that:

  • they match the requirement of the agent count, 
  • they match the investment criterion,
  • they are new customers of Intercom.

What’s included in the basic plan?

The minimum available plan is $39\month. The functionality is limited, though: you’ll only give access to one agent and won’t have chatbots. 

On top of that, you’ll need to pay for: 

  • product demos (video tours dedicated to your product), 
  • extended lead generation, 
  • advanced customer communication, 
  • advanced support automation. 

Free trial

The trial duration is 14 days, but you’ll need to share your bank card credentials. 


olark landing page
Olark says its live chat is the simplest in the world

Olark’s positioning is that it’s the simplest live chat platform that allows talking to customers and increasing sales. Olark also offers a chatbot.    


Small and medium-sized businesses in diverse markets, including retail, eCommerce, SaaS, education, etc.


  • triggered chat messages;
  • real-time reports;
  • access to all conversations;
  • lead forms;
  • co-browsing — you can view websites and visit pages together with a user;
  • real-time conversation translation into over 100 languages ($29/month);
olark admin panel
Olark admin panel interface 


  • A multifunctional platform for user communication;
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • Expensive software with complicated pricing. Olark can be even more expensive compared to Intercom as some features cost $99.

How do I install it?

Implement the widget code to your website to start using a live chat. The configuration takes a couple of minutes. There are installation guides for popular CMS. Olark also has detailed installation manuals that you may find in the support center.

code for olark live chat
You can easily configure a live chat in a matter of minutes

Pricing: from $0 to $19

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat. You’re charged $19 for one agent if billed monthly, and $15, if billed annually. 

Here are some more features that come for an additional fee: 

  • stats on users from social media (age, gender, interests), 
  • co-browsing,
  • real-time conversation translation,
  • removing Olark branding.

Each additional feature costs $29-99/month.

What’s included in the free plan?

  • one agent;
  • one automation;
  • up to 20 conversations a month — after the 20th one, a live chat will become idle, and users won’t be able to talk to agents;

What’s not available:

  • conversation transcripts; 
  • reports; 
  • quick replies; 
  • integrations.

Free trial

The trial duration is 14 days. When it’s over, you can switch to a free plan. 


Kayako is a live chat for customer support.

Kayako offers 2 main products: Kayako On-Premise for inhouse communication and Kayako Cloud for customer support. On top of that, Kayako has a chatbot and a knowledge base.


The platform offers simple application processing. This is a tool used by small businesses for customer support. 


  • quick replies;
  • triggered chat messages;
  • team chats;
  • tags;
  • multi-language support; 
  • mobile app.
kayako admin panel
This is what the Kayako’s console looks like


  • it gets email and social media synced up.


  • high prices;
  • low speed of the platform and bugs;
  • hard to master, navigation issues;
  • integration issues;
  • no features offered by other competitors.

How do I install it?

Before you install the software, you need to go through some stages and chat customization. After that, Kayako will generate the code that you’ll implement on your website.

Pricing: from $15 to $60

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat. 

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • live chat;
  • automated distribution of requests. 

What’s not available: 

  • automation; 
  • customer segmentation; 
  • reports; 
  • co-authors (these are colleagues who can’t talk to customers, but can leave notes to conversations). 

Free trial

You can test this platform for free for 14 days. landing page is a marketing automation solution. is a multifunctional platform with automation tools for your marketing, sales, management, and support teams. also offers: 

  • chatbots, 
  • call center,
  • SMS messages, 
  • emails, 
  • push notifications.


Agencies, startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

The platform offers ready-made solutions for: 

  • e-commerce, 
  • finance, 
  • car dealers, 
  • web hosting companies, 
  • real estate, 
  • travel, 
  • education,
  • health care organizations.


  • lead forms;
  • quick replies;
  • automated distribution of requests;
  • agent grouping;
  • customer segmentation;
  • peeking as the user is typing before a message is sent;
  • triggered chat messages;
  • calendar integration;
  • multi-language support;
  • mobile app. admin panel
In the interface, the menu is located in the upper bar, not on the left.


  • lots of features and tools.


How do I install it?

You can install the widget code on your website. You can also integrate the software with popular CMS: JavaScript, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop.  

how to install
The code can be installed without developers

Pricing: from $0 to $1349

The price depends on the number of contacts. The number of agents is unlimited within any plan. 

What’s included in the free plan?

  • up to 2 000 contacts;
  • the knowledge base; 
  • calendar integration. 

What’s not available:

  • automation; 
  • chatbots; 
  • triggered chat messages. 

Free trial

You can test this platform for free for 14 days. 


drift landing page

Drift offers a toolkit to facilitate customer communication 

Drift is software for increasing sales. The company provides tools for easier chatting with your users. Drift has a live chat on board as well as:

  • a chatbot, 
  • emailing platform, 
  • a video chat.  


Small and medium-sized businesses.


  • automated triggered messages;
  • automated distribution of requests;
  • opportunity to select target users and get notifications when they enter the website;
  • quick replies;
  • chat scoring and conversation analysis;
  • Live View — you can see who’s on your website in real time.
drift admin panel
Drift interface


  • free plan;
  • friendly interface with a lovely design.


  • no trial period;
  • inconvenient quick reply window; hard to find the best option.

How do I install it?

To hire a live chat, install the widget code on your website. You can also integrate Drift with your website on WordPress. 

drift code
Drift provides detailed guidance on the code installation

Pricing: from $0 to $5000

The standard plan is $50/month. It’s designed for small teams and only includes one agent. If you need more, you’ll need to pay $20 for each. This plan only includes basic functions: a live chat, quick replies; you may have unlimited contacts. 

What’s included in the free plan

  • just a live chat; 
  • one agent;
  • up to 100 contacts; 
  • calendar, Slack, and Google Analytics integration options. 

Free trial

There’s no trial period, but you can use the platform on a free plan.


crisp landing page

Crisp lets you make video and audio calls without third-party software 

Using Crisp, you can make audio and video calls right away, without additional software. 

Crisp also offers:

  • a chatbot, 
  • the knowledge base, 
  • CRM.


Startups and small businesses that use the platform to talk to their customers.


  • Messages from email, messengers, and social media in one admin panel; 
  • Automated triggered messages;
  • Send GIFs, videos, and files in a chat;
  • Integration with social media (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, SMS);
  • Co-browsing — you can view websites and visit pages together with a user;
  • Automated chat translation in real-time into 100+ languages. You can type a response in your native language, and the platform will translate it into the customer’s language. 
crisp admin panel
Crisp’s admin panel


  • free plan;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • extensive functionality.


  • there’s a button “block” next to the “send” button; you can accidentally block a user by mistake;
  • you can’t automatically send the conversation transcript when it’s over;
  • the automated translation is unavailable in a mobile app;
  • the mobile app is unstable. 

How do I install it?

To implement Crisp, copy the HTML code of the widget and add it to your website code. You can view video tutorials in English; there are also installation guides for popular website engines.

crisp intallation
You can install the live chat Crisp on your own 

Pricing: from $0 to $95

The “Pro” plan costs $25/month. You can connect up to 4 agents; the chat history, quick replies, integration with messengers, triggered chat messages, and an emailing platform are available.

The unlimited plan ($95/month) includes:

  • the unlimited number of agents; 
  • a chatbot; 
  • the CRM system; 
  • the knowledge base; 
  • co-browsing;
  • video calls; 
  • opportunity to assign agents; 
  • opportunity to remove Crisp’s branding. 

What’s included in the free plan?

  • 2 agents.

What’s not available: 

  • integrations; 
  • triggered chat messages; 
  • quick replies.  

Free trial

The trial duration is 14 days. 


live chat landing page

LiveChat is a solution for eCommerce and customer service.

LiveChat’s positioning is that they’re a platform allowing users to talk to customer support in a chat. 


LiveChat is used by startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises in various industries.


  • peeking as the user is typing before a message is sent;
  • quick replies;
  • tags in a chat;
  • text messages with buttons;
  • cards with images, headings, descriptions; you can create a carousel;
  • you can add apps in the chat widget to enable a customer to do anything (make payments or schedule meetings);
  • file exchange;
  • all chats are saved, and you can get back to a conversation later;
  • agents can assign conversations to each other;
  • chat ratings, reviews, reports on customer loyalty.


  • intuitive and friendly interface.


  • sometimes a live chat is slow, replies are delayed;
  • no tools for admins in the mobile app;
  • unaffordable price; 
  • no important features in the basic plan: agent grouping, chat history and tags, basic statistics.

How do I install it?

To use a live chat, implement the software code to your website. LiveChat provides detailed configuration guidelines for any CMS, web platform, or eCommerce platform.

live chat install
LiveChat offers detailed guidelines on the widget installation

Pricing: from $19 to $59

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat. If billed annually, the price is lower. 

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • 60-day chat history; 
  • basic widget customization;
  • one automated greeting.

What’s not available: 

  • chat tags; 
  • statistics (you may only see daily reports on agents’ performance).  

Free trial

The trial duration is 14 days. 


dashly landing page

Dashly is an omnichannel platform for support optimization and increasing sales with the same traffic. 

Dashly also offers:


Online stores, digital services, education, consulting, and large businesses. 


  • triggered chat messages;
  • automated replies;
  • channels, tags, and automated conversation distribution;
  • agent ratings and conversation analytics;
  • conversation allocation;
  • chat history;
  • chat search;
  • sending files;
  • hotkeys;
  • dark theme;
  • integrations with messengers and social media;
  • audio/video calls using the integration with Zoom;
  • mobile app.


  • unlimited number of agents in a chat on any plan;
  • you can give various access rights to your teammates;
  • analytics funnels;
  • friendly support team;
  • the ability to edit messages;
  • pop-ups and email marketing;
  • friendly interface with a lovely design.
dashly dashboard
Dashly dashboard


  • no integration with WhatsApp;
  • Some complex tasks may require developers’ help, but they’re always there for you.

How do I install it?

Setting a live chat up takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t require a developer. Install the script to your website to make it work. You can copy the script with one click and paste it to the website code. You can also connect the platform to your CMS or using Google Tag Manager.

dashly install code

You may install Dashly’s live chat in a couple of minutes without a developer 

Pricing: from $39

The price depends on the number of unique users. Any plan includes lead generation, sales automation, and customer support tools. You can connect the Leadbot for free till the end of September. 

What’s charged on top of that: email builder, conversation analytics, extended knowledge base, removing Dashly branding. 

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • unlimited number of agents in a conversation;
  • data tracking on all visitors;
  • triggered chat messages;
  • the knowledge base integrated with a chat;
  • up to 1000 unique visitors per month;
  • a chatbot (you can try it for free till October 1). 

Free trial

The trial duration is 14 days. 


it’s not only about the cute gif on the main landing – it’s about communication and growth tools for your business. Marketing and support tools – all in one. 

Here are the main Sendinblue features:

  • Email marketing (including transactional emails),
  • SMS marketing,
  • CRM,
  • Landing page builder (you can create your own one in a couple of minutes),
  • Facebook ads and retargeting.


Those who are searching for an all-in-one solution for their eCommerce business. This will be suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

Sendinblue dashboard
Sendinblue dashboard


  • dozens of features in a single solution,
  • the automation of sending campaigns,
  • customizable live chat – you can change the color, the company name, and the company logo.


  • It takes too long to sign up the platform. To do so, you need to confirm your email address, enter your street, Zip code, phone number….and fill in some more useless fields, 
  • no onboarding,
  • your customer service depends on your plan, so it may take weeks for agents to reply to you.

How to set it up

You’ll need to paste the Sendinblue code into the header of your website. 

sendinblue install
Another way to set up is to use Prestashop or WordPress plugins.

Pricing: from $0 

Using the free plan, you’ll be able to use live chat, collect an unlimited number of contacts and segment leads, use CRM, make real-time reports, and send up to 300 emails per day. 

sendinblue pricing

What is unavailable in the free plan:

  • A/B testing,
  • Facebook and retargeting ads

In case this set of features isn’t enough for you, the price starts from $25 and depends on your monthly email volume and the number of emails or SMSes you’ve sent. 

Free trial

No trial

Zendesk chat

zendesk landing page

One more customer communication platform providing customer support, knowledge base, help desk software, and indeed, live chat. You may choose your industry, and they will share their solutions with you. The ones that will be helpful for your type of business:

One of their features is a live chat. We’ll tell you more about this tool.


Startups, small business, enterprise


  • triggers – you may send behavior-based messages to a customer,
  • chatbots – integration with AI-chatbots using API,
  • file sending – not every live chat allows attaching files,
  • chat support ratings – for collecting user feedback,
  • visitor list – monitor website visitors and offer what they need,
  • pre-chats and offline forms – for collecting info about a user before starting chatting.


  • many integrations are available,
  • provides useful features for better customer support (e.g. monitoring website visitors or pre-chat forms),
  • Web SDK,
  • automatic translation in chats via Google Translation even with the free plan.


  • chatbots available only via API.

How to install:

After signup, welcome to the onboarding in the admin panel. You’ll receive the code to insert before the </head> tag on your website. 

All the instructions are provided – you’ll easily set up the live chat with them.

zendesk live chat code


Free plan is available. 

What’s included in the free plan:

  • only one agent seat,
  • one chat,
  • chat rating,
  • pre-chat form,
  • Android and IOS apps,
  • automatic Google translation in the live chat.

What’s unavailable:

  • email sending,
  • file sending,
  • triggers.

The Team plan starts from $14 per agent per month if paid annually. In case you pay monthly, the subscription costs from $19. Every extra agent seat cost starts from $14.

Free trial

Lasts for 14 days.


helpcrunch landing page

Helpcrunch is a platform for increasing sales 

Helpcrunch positions itself as an all-in-one platform for customer service and increasing sales. The platform offers a live chat, a built-in messenger, automated messages, tickets, and emailing automation. 

Helpcrunch also offers these features:

  • email marketing; 
  • the knowledge base; 
  • pop-ups. 


Web platforms, eCommerce, and online businesses. 


  • triggered chat messages;
  • quick replies;
  • conversation rating;
  • feedback forms;
  • chat tagging;
  • chat translation.
  • messages from email, messengers, and social media in one interface;
  • mobile app.
helpcrunch dashboard


  • easy to install;
  • intuitive interface;
  • friendly support team.


  • unstable mobile app.

How do I install it?

Install the widget code to your website or integrate it with your CMS. If you have questions, you can talk to an assistant in a chat in the admin panel. 

The installation of Helpcrunch takes a couple of minutes.

Pricing: from $23 

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat. The “Premium” plan offers 5 chat widgets. You can configure different colors, texts, and triggered messages on 5 various websites, send unlimited triggered messages and pop-ups and get priority support.  

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • one chat widget;
  • 3 triggered chat messages;
  • 3 pop-ups;
  • medium support priority. 

If billed monthly, the basic plan costs 1813 RUB per one agent.  

Free trial

The trial period duration is 14 days. 


convead main

Convead is a platform for marketing automation.

Convead is used to increase sales and automate marketing activities. Convead collects data on user behavior from various sources, groups channel, behavior, and purchase history data in a single profile, generates behavior-based dynamic segments, analyzes data in real time, and generates reports. 

Convead also offers these tools:

  • pop-ups; 
  • triggered emails; 
  • bulk communications; 
  • web push notifications;


Marketing agencies, digital marketers, and online stores.


  • user segmentation;
  • flexible widget builder;
  • A/B testing;
  • Messages from email, messengers, and social media in one admin panel.


  • intuitive interface with a lovely design;
  • an unlimited number of agents in a chat.


  • too specific. 

How do I install it?

The installation of Convead’s live chat takes no longer than 30 minutes. The complexity and time depend on your CMS and detailed customer data that you need to track.  

convead install

The installation of Convead takes up to 30 minutes

Pricing: from $25 

The price depends on your website traffic.

What’s included in the basic plan?

  • 5 000 monthly visitors.

Free trial

The trial period duration is 7 days. 


Freshchat is a customer messaging platform by Freshworks.

freshchat landing page

This platform supports over 10 languages, and in case English isn’t your mother tongue, it will be much easier to set customer communication through Freshchat.

Along with live chat, there are several features in Freshchat:

  • triggered campaigns (this add-on cost starts from $19 per month),
  • proactive messaging (from $49 per month),
  • AI chatbots (from $100 per month),
  • messages translations in the chat
  • reply templates on the live chat questions,
  • integrations and so on.


Any size businesses

freshchat dashboard


  • definitely, integrations. There are dozens of them,
  • 21 days trial. So much time to assess the platform potential,
  • detailed onboarding,
  • it takes a couple of minutes to sign up and set up the live chat on your website.


  • users complain about poor messages notifications – sometimes users simply don’t get ones,
  • users also say that customer service could be improved – it takes too long to wait for support response

How to set up

frreshchat install code

To set Freshchat up, just follow the manual in the admin panel. Briefly, you’ll need to paste the script before </body> on your website code.

Pricing: from $0

You can use the free mode. See what’s included:

  • mobile SDK,
  • push notifications on mobile and desktop,
  • Freshdesk integration,
  • team inbox,
  • user properties.

What’s not included:

  • chatbot,
  • triggered and targeted messages,
  • integrations with WhatsApp and others,
  • analytics,
  • proactive messaging,
  • FAQs,
  • user segmentation etc.

Free trial

Lasts for 21 days.


tawk landing page

Tawk is a free knowledge base and live chat software. 

It helps to monitor users who enter your website, chat with them using the help center, and support tickets. Also, offers you to hire their agents for your business for $1 per day.


Startups and small business


There are only 3 products:

  • Live chat,
  • Knowledge base,
  • Chat pages – customizable landing pages for those who don’t have their own website.


  • live chat is forever free, you’ll only have to pay for such features as branding removing,
  • it takes a couple of minutes to install,
  • the ability to hire an agent for a low price, 
  • the mobile app,
  • the admin panel is available in several languages.


  • no chatbots. Shortcuts only. Hardcore only,
  • users claim that sometimes notification in the mobile app doesn’t arrive on time.

How to set up

This is a standard procedure – just paste the code before the </body> tag on every page of your website:

tawk code intallation

Pricing: from $0

Live chat is forever free. You pay only for additional features such as branding removal.


liveagent landing page

Fully-featured customer support management software for support automation. Live chat is not only LiveAgent feature. This also provides the helpdesk, ticketing system, call center, knowledge base.


From small business to enterprise.


Regarding the live chat features, there are some of them:

  • several live chat button options (corner, bubble, slide option, etc),
  • proactive messages,
  • chat button animation,
  • chat overview (the number of chatting users, visitor’s country, available agents, etc),
  • real-time typing view (see what your customers are typing),
  • internal chat for agents, etc.


  • universal inbox (allows to receive messages from different channels in a single inbox),
  • CRM,
  • tags,
  • integrations and so on.


  • the transition from another customer management system to Liveagent is quite fast and easy,
  • a wide range of features,
  • friendly interface.


  • Some users mention lack of personalization and customization.

How to install:

You need to paste this code before </body> on your website:

liveagent script

Pricing: from $0

LiveAgent provides a free plan. Here is a list of features:

  • live chat
  • one agent seat,
  • ticket history for 7 days,
  • custom email templates,
  • internal tickets,
  • attachments in the chat,
  • knowledge base,
  • iPhone/Android app, etc.

What’s unavailable:

  • chat assistance quality surveys,
  • video call,
  • gamification,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, etc.

Free trial

The trial period of 7 days for each plan.


usedesk landing page

Usedesk lets you keep messages from email, messengers, and social media in one interface

Usedesk is a customer support platform. It helps you combine all communication channels and customer data from your CRM and other internal systems. 


Small teams and medium-sized businesses in eCommerce and customer support. 


  • quick replies;
  • the knowledge base;
  • conversation rating; 
  • automated distribution of requests;
  • triggers — they check requests and perform specified actions;
  • integrations with social media and messengers;
  • mobile app.


  • Messages from email, messengers, and social media in one admin panel.


  • you need to install a live chat for at least 3 months, and you’ll need to pay for at least 3 agents;
  • you are charged separately for integrations with WhatsApp and Instagram.

How do I install it?

Install the widget code to your website to use a live chat. You can configure up to 10 buttons (the knowledge base, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, external links). Usedesk offers the “configure it all for me” option. You’ll need to fill out a special application for that.

Usedesk has a friendly interface with a lovely design

Pricing: from $150

If billed annually, one agent costs $45 monthly. If you pay for 3 months, one agent costs $50. You’ll need to pay for at least 3 agents. 

Free trial

There’s a trial period of 7 days. 


tidio landing page

Tidio is a live chat and bot combination for your sales boosting. Using Tidio, you can reply in live chat, email, and messages through a single admin panel. 

conversation in tidio
Tidio admin panel


Ecommerce, real estate, restaurants from small business to enterprise.


  • Live chat, 
  • chatbot,
  • email marketing.


  • the chatbot,
  • live typing – the ability to see user’s message before it was sent,
  • email templates,
  • friendly interface, easy to install.


  • no branding removing option.

How to install

There are several ways to install Tidio. For example, you can paste this code before </body> on your website:

tidio code for installation

Another option is to do so through the Shopify/WordPress/Prestashop/etc:

tidio installation with shopify

Pricing: from $0

What’s included:

  • live chat,
  • desktop and mobile apps,
  • email and messenger integrations,
  • 3rd party integrations.

What’s not included:

  • additional agents seats (every agent seat costs for $10),
  • the chatbot (from $18),
  • new incoming visitors tracking (from 18$),
  • live visitor list (from $18).

Free trial

The trial period is 7 days.


userlike landing

Userlike is a cloud-based solution for real-time communication with your current and future customers. Key features are live chat, design templates, feedback in chat, chatbot, custom chat behavior, etc.

Other features:

  • integrations (with WhatsApp for example),
  • agents groups (the customer may select which department to talk with without a queue),
  • customers’ profiles,
  • proactive chat,
  • live chat analytics,

For what businesses:

Userlike is a solution for startups, SMEs, agencies, enterprises.


  • custom appearance,
  • easy and fast to set up on a website,
  • user identification is very accurate


  • some users mention that it takes a lot of time for Userlike support to reply,
  • some tutorials are too complicated.

How to set up

To set up Live chat on your website, go to the Config section. Then, choose Widget, and tap on Create widget. Then, all you need to set up is to click Configure Widget.

userlike installation code

Also, there’s a nice video tutorial on how to use the platform to get the most out of it.

Pricing: from $0

The free plan offers 1 agent, 1 chat widget, and unlimited conversations.

What’s not included:

  • audio calls,
  • analytics,
  • API access,
  • chatbot,
  • WhatsApp channel, etc.

There are also some add-ons that you can connect:

  • Slack integration,
  • Pipedrive integration,
  • Mailchimp integration.

Free trial

Userlike offers a 14-days free trial


Chatra founders say they are especially keen on the tone of voice

chatra admin panel
The Chatra admin panel

Chatra is a live chat for increasing sales. “Chatra is a cozy and lovely mobile messenger”, as they say on their website. Besides, you can install a chatbot. The bot offers to select the request topic and sends a pre-configured message. 


Financial, legal, car companies, eCommerce, and product businesses. The service is perfect for companies that can be closer to their customers. 


  • stores chat history and unfinished messages right in the input field;
  • group chats;
  • SSL encryption in a free version;
  • Chatra recognizes user language, and each one sees the website in their language (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch);
  • you can edit sent messages any time;
  • works on any device (even on Nintendo 3DS).


  • lovely design and friendly interface;
  • free plan.


  • few tools, limited functionality on a free plan;
  • no integrations with popular messengers and social media (just Facebook and Slack);
  • you can’t move a widget on the website.

How do I install it?

Copy and paste the widget code to the pages where you want to talk to your users. Chatra offers installation guides for popular CMS: WordPress, Magenti, Wix, etc. The installation takes up to 5 minutes.

chatra live chat installation
You can install a live chat in just 5 minutes.

Pricing: From 0 to $15

The price depends on the number of agents in a chat.  

What’s included in the free plan?

  • one agent in a chat, 
  • unlimited number of chats and websites;
  • full conversation history in a chat;
  • basic info about a user;
  • chat widget customization;
  • Google Analytics integration.

What’s not available:

  • chatbots; 
  • integrations with email, messengers, and social media; 
  • sending files;
  • group and team chats;
  • triggered actions;
  • peeking at the user typing;
  • quick replies;
  • chat reports;
  • business hours specification;
  • data export.

Free trial

There’s a trial period of 10 days offering all features of a professional plan. After it’s over, Chatra automatically switches to a free plan. 

Pure Chat

pure chat landing page

Pure Chat is a live chat platform that enables small and medium businesses to engage their users with instant communication through the chat.

pure chat admin panel
How the Pure Chat admin panel looks like


Small and medium businesses.


Here are key Pure Chat features:

  • live chat,
  • SMS notifications (the number depends on the plan),
  • mobile apps,
  • integrations with Salesforce, Zoho, Mailchimp, and so on,
  • triggers,
  • reports,
  • chat widget customization and so on.


  • simple and fast integration with the website,
  • instant notifications.


  • the platform often gets disconnected, and the agent needs to re-login,
  • no chatbot.

How to install:

To install, paste the script before the </body> on your website:

pure chat install code

Another way to install is to use WordPress, Shopify, or Weebly plugins. 

Also, Pure Chat agents will be happy to help you with setting up – just send them your email.

Pricing: from $39 for Growth plan

What’s included in the Growth plan:

  • one website,
  • 4 agents,
  • up to 100 SMS notifications,
  • unlimited chats,
  • all integrations,
  • mobile apps for android and IOS,
  • chat notification and so on.

What’s not included:

  • brand removing,
  • unlimited number of websites,
  • up to 10 agents,
  • up to 1000 SMS notifications.

Free trial

Pure chat is free for 30 days. You’ll have one month to get the value of the software

Takeaways and recommendations

You can choose a simple live chat with standard features or use a full-fledged platform for user communication. It all depends on your needs, how tech-savvy you are, the size of your business, and your budget. 

If you never used online chats, we’re suggesting to use several suitable platforms on a trial version.

Intercom is an industry leader. It’s a platform for user communication and marketing automation. There are lots of tools with detailed instructions on how to use them. Sadly, the price is rather high, and the final price depends on several features and increases with the number of contacts.

Olark is very easy to use. It has an intuitive interface, and you may use a free plan. As for cons, its approach to pricing is rather complicated. You’re charged separately for some important features, and they are more expensive than the basic plan. The functions are limited on a free plan, but you can still use it if you’re a startup or a non-commercial user.

Kayako is a live chat for customer support. There’s a version for corporate users. The platform is complicated and hard to navigate, and customers say the system is full of bugs. is a multifunctional platform with marketing, sales, management, and support tools. You can use its basic features on a free plan. The price depends on the number of contacts. Any plan offers an unlimited number of agents in a chat. is useful for startups. 

Drift is used to increase sales. There’s a special product — a video chat where you can record the call. The platform has an intuitive interface. There’s a free plan with a limited number of contacts. One great disadvantage is that there’s no trial version, and you’ll need to pay to use all features offered by this platform.

Crisp is a platform for startups and small businesses. Crisp can automatically translate chats into over 100 languages. You can make audio and video calls right away without third-party software. There’s a free version with limited functionality.

Livechat is a platform for eCommerce businesses and support teams.

Dashly is an omnichannel platform for support optimization and increasing sales with the same traffic. The platform also offers chatbots, pop-ups, emails, data collection, and knowledge base. It’s perfect for various types of businesses: online stores, education, consulting, and large businesses. The price depends on your website traffic; the number of agents in a chat is unlimited.

Sendinblue is mostly for small and medium businesses. The price depends on the number of emails you sent and the number of agents, no free trial.

Zendesk chat – many features (chat rating, pre-chat form, and so on) and integrations are available for startups, small&medium businesses, enterprises.

Helpcrunch is a platform for user communication and increasing sales. You can also use pop-ups, emails, and a knowledge base. The price is rather high for such basic features; it depends on the number of agents in a chat.

Convead is used as a marketing automation platform. Its customers are marketers and marketing agencies. The number of agents is unlimited, the price depends on your website traffic. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan, and the trial period is just 7 days. 

Freshchat is a customer messaging platform that supports over 10 languages, proactive messaging, and AI chatbot. The price starts from $0, the free trial is also available.

Tawk. Using this platform, you can hire an agent. Tawk functionality is limited, so this live chat is mostly for small and medium businesses.

Liveagent is a fully featured software. You can use live chat, help desk, knowledge base, proactive messages, and so on. The pricing starts at $0.

Usedesk is a live chat for small teams with standard features. The interface is intuitive and lovely. But you can install an assistant for at least 3 months and you’ll need to pay for at least 3 agents. The price is higher than the competitors’ offer.

Tidio is a live chat and chatbot combination with a nice interface. The pricing starts at $0.

Userlike is a cloud-based solution for real-time communication with users. This has many features and a friendly interface, but some users say that their support center is too slow.

Chatra is an online chat with a lovely design and a chatbot. The features are standard, and the price depends on the number of agents. There’s a free plan where most features are unavailable. The trial period lasts for 10 days.