Custom Chatbot to Collect Leads and Support Users on your Website

Respond to customers 24/7. Collect even more leads, pass only targeted ones to sales and reduce the support team workload

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Increase the website conversion rate and collect more leads with custom сhatbots


contact with customers


of users buy late at night

Support customers during a purchace

The custom chatbot will help with user problems. For example, with payment or subscription

Help complete the purchase

Proactively engage in conversation and gather contacts

Customers are 10 times more likely to make a payment
if they’ve talked to your support. Custom chatbot helps
create quality conversations

Proactively engage in conversation and gather contacts

Achieve sales goals faster by focusing chatbots on your target customers


of leads are untargeted


hours are spent by each agent on people who will never buy

Qualify marketing leads and pass to sales only hot ones

Qualify leads and pass to sales only hot ones

Transfer customer data to CRM and other
services automatically

Transfer customer data to CRM and other services automatically

Collect more data about customers to achieve your sales targets faster with qualified leads

Collect more information about customers to achieve your sales targets faster

Reduce your customer service team response time

Capture contacts to respond later

Collect contacts to respond later

Track team workload with statistics for all channels and agents

Track team workload with statistics for all channels and agents

Collect data about the customer for support agents to handle queries faster

Collect data about the customer for support agents to handle queries faster

Distribute customer requests within the support team automatically

Distribute customer requests within the support team automatically

Onboard users

Help clients to learn your product with a chatbot.
Make it easy to navigate through the top questions and sections

Onboarding users

Create your chatbots in the Dashly builder in 5 minutes

Very soon: a chatbot in messengers

Very soon: a chatbot in messengers

We are constantly improving the product. Soon you will be able to use the chatbot not only on the website, but also in messengers.

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What is this chatbot for?

Chatbot is a feature of Dashly’s live chat. It is a marketing conversational sales service that sends visitors triggered messages with possible answers or fill-in forms. According to customers’ answers, a custom bot assigns the chat to agents or routes it to sales, marketing, support, etc. channel. In other words, chatbots engage customers and streamline their journey.


  • Custom bots start a conversation and engage visitors in a conversation;

  • Help you meet the quota of qualified leads;

  • Learn visitors how to use your service or product.

  • Provide in time reactions to visitors actions;

  • Share lead magnets, articles, cases, files and images;


  • Deliver qualified leads to sales;

  • Convert visitors into customers by recommending them a relevant service;

  • Save your sales agents time and resources on pre-qualification;

  • Collect customer name, email, phone number, and other specific information to provide better support, service, and further sales;


  • Reduce reply time by pre-qualifying visitors’ requests and answering FAQs;

  • Help visitors to learn how to use your product or service;

  • Route them to the right page;

  • Save your support resources by filling in the lead card with customer info.

  • The chatbot will be able to send a meeting invitation. So that customers can pick a time slot without chatting with a support or sales agent.

  • The chatbot will make it possible to send articles from your knowledge base (built with Dashly).

If you’re in support, it will:

  • Engage a visitor to start a chat;

  • Save your support agents resources and provide sales conversational service by answering FAQs;

  • Learn new clients how to use your service;

If you’re in sales, it will:

  • Convert visitors into customers by recommending products, pricing plans, clients cases to read, etc.

  • Save your time on pre-qualification;

  • Custom chatbots turn new users into loyal customers with personalized marketing offers;

If you’re in marketing, it will:

  • Proactively ask questions to qualify leads;

  • Capture their contacts and other data;

  • Save this info in a lead card and route it to sales, support agents;

  • Test marketing hypotheses without developers.

No, a chatbot reacts to a specific action done by visitors on a website. It doesn’t support a conversation when prospects type smth random (feature is under development). Chatbots engage visitors in a conversation with pre-defined answers. If there’s no option your customer needs, the chatbot will call a human. Try how it works.

If you already have Dashly cloud conversational marketing live chat widget on your site, there’s no need to install a bot additionally. It will take you 5 minutes to build the chatbot with a visual constructor.