Comparison of Zendesk and Dashly
Find out why Dashly is better!

Just like Zendesk, Dashly team has been developing a conversational marketing platform since 2018.

Our goal is to create an outstanding solution for those who want to grow business with conversation. Discover our comparison and find out why Dashly is a great alternative to Zendesk.

All tools you need to wow
customers with excellent service

Compared to Zendesk, Dashly is based on humanization of communication. We don't call people by tickets' numbers, on the contrary, we merge all customer's requests into one dialogue and attach it to according profile.

Give your clients warm and super-personalized support and get long-lasting loyalty in return. Reply to requests quickly and informatively in a channel your users prefer.

Scale your service with live chat, chatbots, messengers and email integration. Keep you clients satisfied all the time.
Optimize your Support workflow and create a personalized experience for each client
Gather conversations from website, social networks and messenger apps in one inbox
Get representative reports that show where you can do better
Unlimited seats. No extra payment
Compared to Zendesk, Dashly offers you a transparent pricing that doesn't depend on the number of agents, contacts or the growth of your company. Our pricing is based on the monthly traffic to your website.

We do our best to help you pay less, so will notify you about all possible future extra payments.
Feel the difference, we do care about website performance. Google ranking algorithm doesn't welcome slow websites and scripts. Neither do visirors.

We are working on scripts optimization all the time, so compare to Zendesk, Dashly chat widget won't slow down your website and your SEO efforts will be effective.
Chat widget that doesn't slow down your website load speed
Compare to Zendesk, Dashly provides you following settings:
— Widget design, colours and backgrounds
— Chat and messengers apps icon visibility
— Layouts for desktop, tablet, mobile and mobile app
Customizable live chat widget and mobile app widgets
Compared to Zendesk, Dashly provides a boosted tool to gather essential visitors's data and use it to anticipate questions.

Guide your users through a chatbot flow to identify an intent. Qualify and hand off a visitor to the right Agent. If a customer wants to contact a real person, his/her request will be easily assigned to an Agent.
Save agents' and customers time with routing chatbots
Like a Zendesk, Dashly provides tools for sales boosting.

Triggered email campaigns and pop-ups shown to the right audience help you to engage the audience, inform it about updates and fight abandoned carts.

These are great tools to interact with users who don't use chat for some reason.
Triggered email campaigns and pop-ups for scaling your sales
We never ignore our clients' requests. We are ready to help regardless of your current plan.

We don't charge for onboarding, and we also provide you with support&success team for free. 100% this is not what you can say about Zendesk.
Success & support team that cares about you no matter how much you pay
Our Support team will guide you at each stage. We will help you with the data export (user's name, phone number, e-mail and messages history) from Zendesk.

We will also share our tricks with your support team to adopt them to the solution quickly.
Easy switch from Zendesk to Dashly

Discover how Zendesk compare with Dashly

Comparison table Dashly & Zendesk
Dashly Zendesk
Chat Seats Included Unlimited 1
Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
Chat history Unlimited Unlimited
Live Chat ++
Team inbox++
Mobile apps++
Email ++
Multichannel communication++
Email and pop-up builder+-
Triggered messages++
Visitors details+-
A/B tests+-
SEO ranking+-
CRM integration++
Slack integration++
Telegram integration++
Facebook integration++
Instagram integration++
WhatsApp integration++
Zoom integration++
Calendly integration++
Mixpanel integration++
Knowledge base++
Email and Chat Support++
Platform Fee from $79/mo from $99/mo

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