How “He&She” sex-shop got +20% income per month with Dashly pop-up and chatbot

How “He&She” sex-shop got +20% income per month with Dashly pop-up and chatbot

The client reached out to us to set up communication to consult and nurture website visitors.

With the help of Dashly experts and tools, “He&She” sex-shop succeeded to:

  • Set up consistent interaction with customers. 
  • Collect 690 target leads with a chatbot.
  • Convert abandoned carts into purchases. 

Now Dashly tools bring the company +20% revenue each month. 

About the client

The “He&She” sex shop has been on the market for 30 years. In these years, the company opened 30 local stores and an online shop, consequently developing the business. Before we came to “He&She,” the purchase process looked like this: you fill your cart, place an order, and then a manager contacts you for confirmation and details. 

Business segments: B2C

Sales channels: website, branches

Monthly traffic: 120 000 visits 

Dashly tools: pop-ups, a live chat and a chatbot, a banner for a mobile version of the website

Project duration with Dashly team: 2 months

The issue — non-targeted traffic

The client came to us with a lack of customer engagement on each sales funnel step and a low conversion rate into a purchase. So the “He&She” team looked for tools to help their visitors find products they need, lead them through the whole buying process, and encourage buying more.


When a customer comes to a shop, they meet a shop assistant. When they visit our website, they meet Dashly. Our visitors come to our website to buy, so we require tools which help them buy.


The company planned to outsource this task, not to hire new staff. And the choice fell on the Dashly team. The plan was to:

  • Analyze a customer journey map and the purchase funnel on the website;
  • Create a communication strategy and a few hypotheses based on this strategy;
  • Tests various tools and scenarios to pick up only those that prove helpful.

Dashly implementation team operates quickly, saving clients money and bringing extra revenue with the same traffic. 

The tasks

To turn more visitors into customers, together with the “He&She” team, we decided to:

  • set up Dashly tools for lead generation;
  • launch order conversion strategies;
  • attract more blog subscribers for further nurturing with relevant content.

Tools we used to increase conversion rate into order

At the very beginning, we made a map of possible strategies, set up website visitors data tracking, and launched A/B tests to find out the best options. 

+3% in revenue with pop-up promo codes and lead capture forms 

To understand which offer encourages visitors to leave their emails better, we launched A/B pop-up testing. One pop-up message offered visitors a discount, another one offered a gift. In both cases, visitors got a promo code for purchase in the shop. 

pop-ups for e-commerce
A/B offer testing with pop-up messages

Pop-ups order conversion rate from A/B testing in the 1st month:

a dicount pop-up conversion rate
A discount pop-up: the funnel conversion rate — 0,38%
a gift pop-up conversion rate
A gift pop-up: the funnel conversion rate — 0,29%

At first sight, a discount pop-up turned out to be more effective. However, visitors were more willing to leave emails in gift pop-ups. It was also important for lead capturing. So we decided to watch.

Pop-up conversion rate from A/B testing for three months:

a discount pop-up conversion
A discount pop-up: the funnel conversion rate — 0.29%
a gift pop-up conversion
A gift pop-up: the funnel conversion rate — 0.33%

A gift pop-up gave us three times more responses and order conversions in three months. 3.111 visitors left their emails. A purchase conversion rate for those who left their email reached 9.74%

As a result of A/B testing, a gift pop-up is still active on the website.

+11% revenue in a month with a timer pop-up message 

For visitors who abandoned carts, we launched a timer pop-up to encourage them to finish a purchase. When visitors come back to the website, the pop-up offers them to place an order in 30 minutes and get a discount. If a visitor agrees, the timer starts. 

timer pop-up
promo code pop-up

As a result, 410 visitors reacted to the pop-up and activated the promo code in the cart. 

We saw a minor outflow, but the majority who reacted to the pop-up finished their purchase. The timer pop-up brought +11% revenue in a month.

timer pop-up conversion
The timer pop-up conversion rate — 8,66%

+2,5% revenue in a month with popular products pop-ups and a chatbot

When a customer was in a certain catalog section, we offered them a popular product in this section. To understand how this tool might affect the product choice, we started A/B testing.

popular product pop-up
chatbot offers a popular product in the section

We launched two strategies: 

  • Half of the visitors saw a popular product in a chatbot;
  • Another half saw a popular product in a pop-up.

A/B testing showed that website visitors preferred to follow the link sent by a chatbot.

A/B test conversion per month:

chatbot conversion rate
A chatbot: the funnel conversion rate — 1.30%
pop-up conversion rate
A pop-up: the funnel conversion rate — 0.57%

The usage of a chatbot isn’t limited by support teamwork optimization. We recommend you use it as a marketing tool. A chatbot can consult your customers, offer popular or extra products, route a customer to a certain website section, tell them about delivery and payment methods. You can choose which task to assign.


+3,5% revenue per month with a pop-up message with additional products 

We set up complimentary products pop-up to increase the average check in the shop. When customers add something to a cart, we offer them some other products that might come in handy.

additional products pop-up
An additional products pop-up for the “He&She” e-store
additional products pop-up conversion rate

The funnel conversion rate — 3.36%

An additional products pop-up attracted 10% of users
One-third of them ordered some suggested options

Around 10% of visitors clicked on recommended options. 33% made an order. Complementary products pop-up brought +3.5% revenue in a month.

690 new leads in a month with a qualifying chatbot 

Before integrating Dashly, “He&She” had a Jivo live chat, which failed to solve a few crucial problems. It didn’t give detailed dialogs analytics and didn’t allow setting up complicated scripts. The Dashly team set up a live chat and chatbot that solved these problems.

The chatbot allowed us to reduce operators’ workload and qualify leads. The chatbot starts a conversation and asks a user qualifying questions. Then it automatically fills in the lead form. It helps to save operators time. Besides, the chatbot can recommend some products and answer FAQ

A chatbot starts a conversation when potential customers visit a site for the first time:

chatbot work
chatbot work example
chatbot work example


This solution also helps increase customers’ loyalty. With a chatbot, a user gets answers to their questions here and now, even if all operators are busy or don’t work at all. Dashly chatbot collected 690 leads in a month, and only 107 requests were routed to operators.

chatbot conversion rate
chatbot reduces the support team workload
Only 107 of 690 requests were routed to an operator

Mainly the chatbot routes a customer request to operators, but with the correct setup, some issues can be solved without operators. For example, the chatbot can answer questions about delivery methods and help to find website sections.

Dashly chatbot can sell without the operators and increase your company’s revenue.

chatbot work map
A qualifying chatbot map fragment for the “He&She” shop in the Dashly chatbot builder
The bot processes the customer’s request on delivery time, asking the order number and then routing the dialog to the operator

375 new leads in a month with a banner for a mobile website version

80% of visits to the “He&She” website come from mobile devices, so we set up a special mobile banner for lead collection. We used JavaScript to implement this unusual tool. The mobile banner helped the store to gather 375 emails. This means 375 leads that you can work with and nurture in the future. 

mobile banner
A mobile banner
mobile banner conversion rate
375 users left their emails in the mobile banner in a month

Draw attention to the blog

Our client has a “Sexopedia” section on their website. It has a separate domain name, and it decreases the blog’s traffic significantly. To draw more attention to “Sexopedia” we set up a pop-up and launched A/B testing of the pop-up’s design and location. The offer in both tools was the same. 

Pop-ups with the transition to the blog A/B testing.

Pop-ups A in the center:

pop-up in the center
pop-up in the center

Pop-ups B on the side:

pop-up on the side
pop-up on the side

Visitors didn’t have to make an order to see the pop-up. We offered them to read articles relevant to the last item’s category they looked through. 

A blog transition pop-ups conversion of A/B testing:

blog conversion rate
A center pop-up: the funnel conversion — 13.53%
blog conversion rate
A side pop-up: the funnel conversion — 7.99%

The conversion rate of blog visits reached 13.53%. In addition, 171 users went to the website blog. The side pop-up added 7.99% to the conversion rate of 25 people. As a result of A/B testing, the side pop-up was turned off. 

The outcome 

While working on this project, the Dashly team set up lead generation and launched strategies that the e-store keeps using. These tools bring approximately 20% of extra revenue a month. 

ToolApproximate revenue share* of one tool in a month
Pop-up messages with promo codes for leads capture3%
Pop-up messages with a timer11%
A live chat and pop-up messages with popular products2,50%
Pop-up messages with additional products3,50%
20% Approximate revenue share of all Dashly tools
*These are approximate shares of revenue of the online shop. These shares are based on the actual number of orders from Dashly instruments and the client’s data in a month.

Plans for the future

Together with Andrew, Dashly analyst manager, our client work out new strategies for their business.

We tested various ways of customer communication. Then, knowing which strategies are the most successful in sales, we can build a simple and effective trigger messages system. 

We’re going to personalize all communication. Taking into account all the information we know about a customer, we’re going to customize our offers and speak the same language with our audience.


“He&She” store is planning to transfer all customer communication to messengers. And Dashly makes it possible via integration with top messengers and a team inbox for messages from them.

The project team:

dashly team

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