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In this post, we will explore 13 growth hacking examples that Dashly experts have tested and fine-tuned in collaboration with our amazing clients. We’ve worked to optimize these campaigns, focusing on every critical step of the funnel: lead generation, user activation, payment, and reactivation. 

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and join us on this thrilling adventure through the world of growth marketing.

Get ready to uncover the secrets behind some of the most creative campaigns our Dashly growth marketing team and clients have ever tested together across every funnel step!

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Boost website lead generation

+1,152 leads for online school with a chatbot

One of our customers is a film production school. As visitors navigate their site and explore various courses, it typically takes them a while to decide.

The solution?

The online school team identified visitors’ needs and gathered their contact information for sales representatives. This allowed them to reach out to leads and assist with choosing the right course.

Lead qualification is one of the key components to hacking growth because it gives you valuable insights on your target audience.

Thus, they implemented a Dashly chatbot on the website to:

  • initiate conversations with visitors;
  • pose qualifying questions;
  • gather phone numbers.

This data is subsequently sent to amoCRM, providing the sales team with all the necessary information to call potential students and suggest a suitable course.

The result: 1,152 leads in five months.

b2b growth hacking examples

+12% target leads growth with pop-up quiz and chatbot

This is the story of Seamus Bennett (CEO and co-founder of KVR software development company), who hired Dashly to improve the lead qualification process on his website.

Sales managers worked only with those ready to pay quickly and start implementing the products. But to grow revenue, it was necessary to learn how to work with leads that take longer to nurture and are not ready to purchase immediately. This marketing growth strategy is trickier.

The task of selling long-term is unnatural for sales managers who depend on monthly bonuses from sales targets. 

The solution?

1. Lead qualification pop-up quiz on product pages (since its visitors are more ready to buy.)

popup growth marketing examples
examples of growth marketing popup

Thus, they can define leads that meet the ICP portrait and call them first. It’s one of the best growth marketing tips.

2. Chatbot to capture and qualify blog readers 

Every visitor of the blog articles had the opportunity to communicate with a chatbot after the first 30 seconds of the session. 

The results:

  • +12% of¬†orders from the implemented pop-up quizzes and the chatbot.
  • 60% of¬†the orders from quizzes and the Dashly chatbot are targeted.
best growth hacking examples

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School for IT and Data specialists got +44% applications growth

This Dashly customer had a problem: Too low application rate on course pages. Many visitors leave without converting, and requests of those who do aren’t processed by managers fast enough. So the key growth marketing metrics didn’t increase as expected.

The fix?

Chatbot on¬†the ‚ÄúData Science from scratch‚ÄĚ course page

The chatbot doesn’t offer you to apply for a course out of the blue. Instead, it gradually qualifies as a lead and shows it’s there to help take the education path and navigate personal career challenges.

The result:

  • 7,5% shared their emails,
  • 5,3% shared their phone numbers.

Chatbot on¬†the ‚ÄúData Science: Advanced course‚ÄĚ page

This page is designed for more skilled users who want to work in this field. Chatbot’s job here is to clarify that the person came to the right place to meet their goals and boost their skills.

The chatbot offered a free career guide to motivate leads to share their contacts.

The result:

  • 22,7% shared their emails,
  • 15,5% shared their phone numbers.
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Conversion into signup

+70% conversion onto sign-up with personalized audit offer in chatbot 

With Anthony, co-founder of an online platform for Instagram account growth, we worked on the following problem: new users left before the payment.

The fix?

They already had an¬†excellent offer¬†‚ÄĒ triggered message with a¬†free audit.¬†

examples of growth hacking

But it doesn’t work in such a form. To increase the conversion to signup, we offered to personalize this offer with customers’ pain points and launch it as a conversation with a chatbot.  

growth hack examples
Dashly chatbot. Sign-up to create yours
and test it for 7 days free.

The result

Using a chatbot, we got a 70% increase in conversion to signups. As for the overall funnel performance, it added 5% to the conversion to sign-up.

live chat
New User count264480+216
CR to signup2,6%4,4%+70%
Adding a profile to account
and free audits
CR to adding an account56,8%70,8%+25%

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Engage users to complete the registration with email and push notifications

In¬†Dashly, we¬†work with Freedom24¬†‚ÄĒ a¬†fintech company. They have a¬†registration issue. After registration in¬†a¬†website form, users should confirm their residential address with a¬†utility bill or¬†any other document. Some of¬†them find this step rather difficult and abandon registration.

The fix?

Freedom24 marketing team sends them three onboarding emails:

  • The first one describes the benefits a¬†client gets after opening an¬†account.
  • The second message highlights the opportunity to¬†get support.¬†
  • The third email intrigues you with 30 days of¬†the free-of-charge Promo account.

Freedom24 marketers use the same CTA at the beginning and end of each email message to highlight the main action.

email example 1 growth hacker examples

Open Rate: 23.15%
CTR: 2,59%

email example 2 growth hacking examples

Open Rate: 43.55%
CTR: 10,51%

email example 3

Open Rate: 46.61%
CTR: 1,60%

Since 50% of the website traffic goes to the Freedom24 app, its users receive relevant push notifications as well:

mobile push notification from Dashly client growth marketing examples

Open Rate: 30.47%
CTR: 3.65%

mobile push notification from Dashly client examples of growth marketing

Open Rate: 13.55%
CTR: 0.57%

mobile push notification from Dashly client best growth hacking examples

Open Rate: 18.18%
CTR: 0.65%

As a result of these messages, users who registered in Freedom24: 

  • remember the necessity to¬†open an¬†account to¬†start investing,
  • know where to¬†get help to¬†open it,¬†
  • intrigued to¬†do¬†it¬†faster.¬†
case study examples of growth hacking

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Conversion to payment 

+30% free-to-paid conversion rate with a chatbot on the pricing page

Our next client¬†‚ÄĒ LeadGen App, Providing a¬†form-builder, they help SME businesses, digital agencies, and marketers create conversion-optimized forms that get more responses in¬†lead generation campaigns.¬†

Out of¬†various growth marketing tools, CEO Christopher decided to¬†reach out to¬†Dashly with the next task¬†‚ÄĒ improve the free-to-paid conversion rate. One of¬†the solutions we¬†implemented was a¬†chatbot on¬†the pricing page:¬†

pricing page chatbot growth hack examples
pricing page chatbot

The start of the sales LeadGen Bot flow. Sign up now and create your first chatbot campaign in 15 minutes.

When choosing any of¬†them, for example, ‚ÄúHow LeadGen App is¬†different to¬†other growth marketing services,‚ÄĚ you‚Äôll get a¬†detailed answer with a¬†link that routes visitors right to¬†the free account registration:

pricing page chatbot growth hacker examples
The answer to¬†the ‚ÄúHow LeadGen App is¬†different from other form tools‚ÄĚ question.

At the end of the message clients see a link leading them to the registration and LeadGen App Pro Tariff: 

pricing page chatbot growth hacking examples

When visitors look for a certain feature, the chatbot asks them to share an email. Thus, Christopher can contact them later about the chosen feature.

pricing page chatbot growth marketing examples
pricing page chatbot examples of growth marketing

Chatbots come in handy for various B2B growth hacking strategies. With chatbots, Christopher has registrations and qualified leads to follow up.

The result: 

The increasing number of people who interacted with the chatbot on the pricing page influenced sales and brought the company 31% sales transactions growth after the first month of chatbot implementation.

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$145k with lead qualification chatbots (online school case)

EDPRO is a certified e-learning platform that offers career-upskill courses in psychology, nutrition, coaching, and interior design. 

Site traffic mainly comes from targeted advertising, partner integrations, and EDPRO social networks. Unfortunately, most direct visitors to the selling landing page did not become leads.

The fix?

EDPRO set up three chatbots on the course pages.

For example, —Āhatbot qualifies leads on¬†the landing page of¬†the Interior Design course.¬†

chatbot best growth hacking examples
Chatbot qualifies leads on the landing page of the Interior Design course.

And chatbot after applying to the preliminary list page:

visual chatbot builder examples of growth hacking
A¬†fragment of¬†a¬†chatbot on¬†the ‚ÄúPractical Psychology‚ÄĚ course page
in Dashly visual builder.

This growth hypothesis was created for webinar attendees who have moved to the landing page of the course program and have already submitted an application. The task of the chatbot is to send a link to the course program, rouse curiosity, and tell the client more about the rates.

The result: the chatbots brought in $2 190 in revenue.

Leads captured
by chatbots
Users who decided
to purchase
a course
‚ÄúIntegrative Nutrition‚ÄĚ course66107$11 533
‚ÄúPractical psychology‚ÄĚ course911$2 471
‚ÄúInterior design‚ÄĚ course1611$2 190
Overall91129$16 194

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Product Led Growth Marketing: hack your product growth


+$2k paid services revenue with video pop-ups

Before working with Dashly, an online platform for Instagram account growth had only 23% of users purchased the features.

We set up an onboarding system with the client, using Dashly tools to guide users along the funnel and encourage them to buy features. Next, we implemented pop-ups into the platform and described the value of paid features using them. 

In our best-performing growth marketing test, we added company’s video guide.

video popup growth hack examples
This pop-up encourages visitors to buy a feature. Sign up to Dashly now and set up your pop-up campaign.

The result in a month after the implementation:

  • revenue amounted to¬†$2k (the minimum price for a¬†feature is¬†$3, and we¬†got 653 transactions);
  • conversion to¬†purchasing a¬†full audit was 8% of¬†impressions.
SaaS case study growth hacker examples

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+30% features sales with triggered email for bounced free users

In addition to pop-ups, for a previous client, we launched email campaigns to reach users who bounced and didn’t purchase features. Each of them contained two emails: 

  • the first one was sent right after a¬†user bounced;
  • the second one was only sent after two days to¬†avoid irritation. If¬†a¬†user purchased a¬†feature after the first email, we¬†wouldn‚Äôt send the second one to¬†them.

That’s what the best-performing email looked like, with the 53% Open Rate. With it, the growth marketing team generated $1,5k of revenue.

emails growth hacker examples

Overall email performance a month after the implementation:

  • revenue¬†‚ÄĒ $1.5k (ARPU‚ÄĒ $2.5, 574 transactions);
  • the Conversion Rate of¬†each email was from 7% to¬†15%;
  • emails generated 30% of¬†all feature sales.

+ $86,800 and 35 premium plan users with lead qualification chatbot 

AppMagic, a mobile app analytics software, had a lot of non-target website traffic. That’s why their offer wan’t personalized, so people just left their website without a purchase. 

Max, CEO of AppMagic, was looking for software that would help identify target users, see how they interact with the product, and define places where users experience difficulties.

The fix?

Together with the Dashly team, AppMagic configured Leadbot for target users that could identify the user’s role in a company. These are the options that the chatbot suggested:

  • Indie / Newbie,¬†
  • Biz Dev / Marketing,¬†
  • Product / product metrics framework KPIs Analytics,¬†
  • C-level / Founder / Investor.

We suggested seeing an explainer video about the platform, reading about its tools, or seeing the video guide if users chose this option. Thus, Leadbot not only qualifies a user, but also helps with their onboarding.

Result of these SaaS growth hacks?

This is what the chatbot generated:

  • 13 users signed up¬†for a¬†demo and bought the Premium plan;
  • 22 users requested the price list and bought the Premium plan.

The Premium plan costs at least $2480, so AppMagic made at least $86800 for three months.

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User activation into a product

+33% conversion to the first application among new users (CPA network) 

The company is a CPA network of affiliate bank programs, microfinance institutions, insurance, and law companies. The company’s revenue directly depends on how actively webmasters place offers. 

Imagine: a¬†person has signed up¬†on¬†the website but couldn‚Äôt understand how your product works. Most likely, the user will try to¬†figure it¬†out independently but will soon lose interest and become a¬†‚Äúsleeping‚ÄĚ client. But you can avoid it¬†by¬†offering your clients to¬†learn more about the product immediately.

Activation into product is the essential step of the growth hacking canvas.

The solution?

Chatbot for user onboarding ūüĎČ

  • Greets the webmaster on¬†the dashboard after the signup. Qualifies the user.
  • Sends case studies, tool guides, and creative ideas for ads.
  • Informs about bonuses.

The result

  • 1580 users interacted with the onboarding chatbot;
  • The conversion rate of¬†users to¬†the first application has increased by¬†33%
onboarding chatbot growth hacking examples

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+70$ conversion to using paid features with popup + emails campaign

One more issue an online platform for Instagram account growth had was that 15% of users who bought the Instagram account cleaning never launched it. They didn’t know how to do it. 

We used pop-ups to decrease the number of such users and encourage them to run account cleaning. Beyond the product, we sent emails to reach them.

In a pop-up, we notified users that they successfully paid for the cleaning and offered a video guide on launching it.

A pop-up growth marketing examples
A pop-up encouraging visitors to run the account cleaning. To launch your pop-up campaign, sign up now.

The pop-up’s conversion to cleaning launch a month after the implementation was 45%.

If a user still didn’t run the account cleaning after seeing a pop-up, they would receive a campaign of two emails.

One of the emails examples of growth marketing

The emails’ one-month performance:

  • the conversion to¬†cleaning launch was 76%;
  • emails generated 34% of¬†all cleaning launches.

Overall, Dashly tools increased the conversion to using paid features. Only 11,5% of users don’t run them, instead of 15%.

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Reactivate inactive users

Each business has clients who don’t use its product, don’t visit a website, and ignore attempts to communicate on other channels. It’s inevitable. 

Freedom24 (fintech project) marketers solve this task by¬†testing different hypotheses. For example, the last idea to¬†‚Äúwake up‚ÄĚ such clients was about app push notifications + emails about special bonuses.¬†

Actually, it is still working:

push notification best growth hacking examples
email campaign examples of growth hacking

20 euro offer interested 2.95% of users who read this message in the app and 18.58% of clients who read it in email.

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