How Dashly’s chatbot Helped Skillfactory Boost the CR to Paid by 44%

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How Dashly’s chatbot Helped Skillfactory Boost the CR to Paid by 44%

This is a story of how our chatbot helped the digital school. It automated lead qualification and helped increase the course application count. Enjoy the read!

These were our major results:

the convesion rate increase

About the client

Skillfactory is a digital school bringing up Data and IT specialists. Skillfactory opens the door to Data Science, analytics, and programming. The school runs over 35 digital courses for those who want to get their first occupation in IT, make a career pivot, or boost their skills. 

Monthly traffic: 500k unique users

Sales channels: website, social media, sales team.

Skillfactory’s team has been using Dashly for 3 years now. We help them run pop-ups and send emails. Last year, we launched a beta test of our chatbot, and Skillfactory was the first to test it live.

The task

Automate the sales team’s lead qualification routine, collect quality leads, and increase the course application count.

How were leads collected prior to the chatbot?

Users learn about the courses through ads or content (lead magnets or webinars). When they go to the course page and apply for the course, a sales rep jumps in and helps the lead choose their future course.

What did we do?

Serge, a CRM marketer from Skillfactory, added a chatbot to pages of the most popular courses:

  • Data Science from scratch;
  • Data Science: Advanced course.

“We hired Leadbot to validate local hypotheses. We chose several courses and tested engaging, nurturing, and consulting campaigns that we run for them. Engaging campaigns performed the best of all”.

CRM marketer at Skillfactory

In this story, we’ll cover the campaigns Serge launched with our chatbot and how they influenced the conversion rate.

Campaign 1: chatbot on the “Data Science from scratch” course page

When a future junior sees a page of the Data Science course, they are hardly sure about their future profession. That’s why it’s so important to engage them in a conversation to dispel their doubts and communicate your value. The chatbot doesn’t offer you to apply for a course out of the blue. Instead, it gradually qualifies a lead and shows it’s there to help.

The chatbot helps in taking the education path and navigating personal career challenges. This way, a user doesn’t have to wander around the site learning about the courses. They get advice right on the same page.

Of those who saw the message on the page a month after Leadbot’s launch:

  • 7,5% shared their emails,
  • 5,3% shared their phone numbers.
The message occurs in 29 seconds after a user goes to the “Data Science from scratch” course page.

Campaign 2: Chatbot on the “Data Science: Advanced course” page

This page is designed for more skilled users who know they’re willing to work in this field. Chatbot’s job here is to make it clear that the person came to the right place to meet their goals and boost skills.

The chatbot offered the free career guide to motivate leads to share their contacts.

Of those who saw the message on the page a month after Leadbot’s launch:

  • 22,7% shared their emails,
  • 15,5% shared their phone numbers.

We boosted the CR to paid by 44%, increased our CRM marketing revenue by 20%, and overall, chatbot paid off by 2500%

The chatbot campaigns helped the sales team a lot. They knew the answers to their questions beforehand and were able to personalize the further conversation. The campaigns were designed to generate leads, so here’s what we achieved with our social media and paid search traffic:

cr before and after the leadbot implementation

We’re satisfied with the campaigns’ results so far. The best of them almost doubled the conversion rate to paid. We’re sure we can improve our performance here.

We’re planning to experiment with Leadbot; I’m sure we can run a lot of tests and get exciting results. Also, we’d like to engage Leadbot in our webinar funnels (we have several potential campaigns for various audiences), blog subscriptions, gamification, etc

CRM marketer at Skillfactory
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