15 best services to improve your lead generation in 2023

Discover the best tools, tips, and strategies on how to turn your website into a lead generation machine

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You invest in advertising, but barely see any improvements in leads number and sales? 

It’s a sign your marketing team needs help with lead generation. 

What is lead generation?

Well, it’s a process of capturing users’ contact details when they show interest in your product or service. 

There are different lead generation technics and tools. They allow you to capture target contacts through various channels. In a nutshell, among the main tools for lead generation are:

We believe in building strong connections between business and customers that are based on transparency and mutual trust (and total alignment with GDPR.) Thus, in this article, we reviewed lead generation services which offer tools that engage visitors to share their data in order to get some content, discount, or product. 

So you won’t see popular emails finder or prospecting services which use various databases to extend your contacts list and focus on cold outreach.

And now let’s get to major companies that provide lead gen services for your website. We brought together and compared all these platforms by the tools for lead generation they have in the table. You can download it here 👇

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Download the comparison of the best lead gen services prices and features

If you’re still here with us and want to learn about platforms in detail, let’s dive deep into our review. Hold tight! 

Dashly for lead capture and qualification

Dashly is a conversational marketing platform that will help your marketing team capture more qualified leads on your website.

There is no need to increase website traffic (which means you already have all the resources, just need to automate some processes!) 

Dashly offers lead generation technologies for startups, mid-size and enterprise businesses. The platform is already popular among SaaS, EdTech, and eCommerce field business. 

Tools for lead generation Dashly offers

In Dashly we believe that the key to business growth is personalized communication with customers. So to attract more visitors and turn them into leads, you can use:

  • chatbot, a great to engage and capture leads on the website automatically, even in night hours and on the weekend;
  • live chat with a triggered message to draw visitor’s attention and engage them in a conversation;
  • pop-ups, despite the common knowledge, these messages actually work — offer a promo code or gift in exchange for a contact and new leads are in your base;
  • triggered e-mail campaigns to reach out to your audience even if they leave your website;
  • 30+ integrations with CRMs, such as ConvergeHub, social media (Facebook, Instagram) and messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram) for seamless work with leads in different channels.

Each tool is available to create in an intuitive easy-to-use visual builder. Here’s an example of a chatbot builder

With Dashly, you can set up a lead generation chatbot in 15 minutes. Sign up to try it for free.

To make your work even easier, Dashly offers ready-made campaigns and the help of our implementation team. These experts will show you how to increase conversion on each step of your sales funnel.

To manage the collected data, Dashly provides you with admin panel with relevant account for each of the leads you captured. The account card includes data about leads website behavior (time of visit, source, pages), personal data, contacts, location, and conversations with your team:

Dashly dashboard
Dashly lead generation software lead account data.

Thus your marketing and sales team have all the needed data to personalise further communications.


Dashly offers three paid plans, starting from $39/mo. However, if you want to set up triggered campaigns for lead generation, consider the Marketing plan. With it, you get access to the biggest number of chatbots and other triggered messages.

You also can extend the number of available bots and messages with add-ons.

One of the biggest advantages of our lead generation service is unlimited agent seats on all plans. It allows your whole team to work in one convenient shared space 😉

Dashly price

The price depends on your website traffic and add-ons you choose to include in your plan. You can calculate how much you’ll pay on the pricing page.

Pros and cons

✅ A wide range of tools for lead generation available in convenient visual builders.
✅ Unlimited agent seats.
✅ 30+ integrations with your fav tools.

❌ No AI.
❌ Some tools might require help to set up, but support agents are there for you. 

Dashly offers a 7-day trial to test the full functionality of the platform. You can also start with a free plan. Its toolset is limited, but it’ll suit small businesses, looking forward to connecting to their first users 👇

Hit your MQL quota and increase conversion rates at every stage of the funnel

Collect data about each website visitor and improve conversions using targeted live chat messages, chatbots, pop-ups and emails

7 days free. No credit card required

Pipedrive for leads management

Pipedrive is one of the most popular lead generation services

Pipedrive is one of  the best lead generation companies. This is CRM and leads pipeline management service. It helps business set up lead management. Its tools are suitable for business of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Tools Pipedrive offers for lead generation

Here are the essentials your marketing and sales team can get access to:

👉 lead capture live chat;
👉 chatbot;
👉 full-fledged CRM;
👉 web lead generation forms;
👉 Smart Contact Data for prospecting.


Pipedrive offers four paid plans for contact managemet with its software. The cheapest one starts from €19.90/month/agent. Each plan includes tools for lead generation.

The price of leads data management for your sales and marketing in Pipedrive

But the main tools for lead generation are available with a special add-on that starts from €39/mo (contact capture live chat, chatbot, web forms) or €16/mo (emails).

You have 14 days of free trial to test the service’s functionality and decide whether it suits the needs of your business or not. 

Pros and cons

✅ All the necessary tools for lead generation (but they’re available only with paid add-ons).
✅ CRM.
✅ In-depth analytics.
✅ Easy to configure and use.

❌ Lacks some integrations with social media (Instagram, for example).
❌ Set up of some functions like workflow automation might be confusing.
❌ If you want to scale your team, add marketing, HR, support, Pipedrive services might not be suitable.

HubSpot lead generation service


This lead gen services list just couldn’t exist without HubSpot, one of the industry’s leaders. A lot of users know it mainly for its free CRM, but it’s far from all. Among a wide range of services, HubSpot offers marketing software that allows you to set up lead generation on your website. 

This lead generation software offers its services to business in various industries. But its paid plans are more suitable for mid-sized business and enterprises.

Tools HubSpot offers for lead generation

The platform offers a wide range of lead generation tools. Here are the most relevant:

  • lead capture live chat;
  • chatbots for lead generation;
  • lead forms;
  • e-mail campaigns;
  • lead gen landing pages;
  • Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads;
  • lead generation CRM.


For those who strive to improve their marketing strategy (and lead generation in particular), HubSpot offers three paid plans. The price for business leads generation tools starts from $50/mo if billed monthly.

The cost for lead generation tools will depend on your marketing contact (these are users you target with your emails or ads). HubSpot marks that you can store your non marketing contacts in their CRM for free. 

HubSpot tool also offers a forever free plan with limited software functionality. You can start with it or a 14-day free trial. 

Pros and cons

✅  A lot of tools, including CRM, are offered for free.
✅  The lead gen tool has easy-to-use interface.

❌ Some marketing and sales add-ons might be too expensive.
❌ Some users mark the lack of marketing campaigns customization.
❌ Analytics leaves a lot of blind spots.



Leadpages helps fill your website with content for lead generation. On their website, Leadpages’ team highlights that their product is designed for small business to facilitate their sales growth and development.

Tools Leadpages offers for lead generation

Leadpages tool promises to turn clicks into quality leads in a short time. They do it with the following tools:

  • website builder for those who just started their business;
  • lead capture landing pages builder;
  • pop-ups;
  • alert bars;
  • integrations with analytics software, CRMs, live chat software etc.


Leadpages tool offers three paid plans to its users. The standard plan of these lead generation tools starts from $49/mo and allows you to use the platform for one website. The Pro one costs $90/mo and includes 3 websites. 

If you need more advanced settings for lead generation, you can contact Leadpages sales managers and get the Advanced plan. The price is custom. 

The lead generation tools are free to use during 14 days. There is also a free trial to test its software functionality.

Pros and cons

✅  The platform lead generation tools are easy to use.
✅  Friendly and responsive support.
✅  Stable glitch-free software.

❌ Lack of flexibility in design changes.
❌ Some users claim that the price is unjustified for the number of tools you get.
❌ Lacks multistep lead forms.
❌ Blind spots in analytics like tracking lead sources.

EngageBay to convert your traffic into leads

Engage Bay

EngageBay is a full-fledged lead generation tools platform providing software for your marketing, sales, and support team. But here we’ll focus on its use for marketers and sales.

It’s suitable for business in different industries, with plans affordable for all sizes and budgets.

Tools EngageBay offers for lead generation

The platform promises to extend your leads base with

  • e-mail campaigns;
  • lead capture landing pages builder;
  • lead generation forms;
  • CRM;
  • pop-ups;
  • live chat.


For marketing, EngageBay online lead generation platform offers three paid plans. They start from $14.99/mo and depend on the number of users (the number of contacts is also limited on every plan.)

lead generation platform
The price for using this tool for marketing and sales.

Sure thing, you won’t find the best lead generation platform on a forever-free plan. Mind that it’s available for teams with up to 15 people.

Pros and cons

✅  Forever free plan.
✅  Easy to use for experienced users.
✅  In-built CRM facilitates work with user data.

❌ The tool interface is not very intuitive at first.
❌ Reports are tricky to set up.
❌ Additional email purchase is expensive.

OptinMonster pop-ups for lead capturing

Lead gen services provided by OptiMosnter solution

OptinMonster develops full-fledged B2B software that allows you to improve sales and lead generation with various tools.

The platform suits business in different segments like marketing agencies, eCom and even bloggers. And its pricing range makes it affordable for all-sizes business, including small ones. 

Tools OptinMonster offers for lead generation

This is the best lead generation software among services for building all kinds of opt-in forms:

  • pop-up messages;
  • full-screen welcome mats;
  • side-in scroll boxes;
  • floating bars.

This lead generation software has a WordPress plugin too. In addition, for more effective personalized approach to sales lead generation, it offers:

  • geo-location targeting;
  • Exit-Intent® technology, which basically tracks user’s behavior and activates whenever a person is going to leave your website without buying or leaving their contact.

OptinMonster tool sure does offer a wide range of lead forms. Check out how effective the last ones are compared to chatbots 👇


OptinMoster’s lead generation platform is available on four paid plans. The cheapest one starts from $16/month if paid annually. 

Unfortunately, you can’t test OptinMonster b2b lead generation tools for free, because there is no free trial. But they guarantee a 100% refund in case you’re not satisfied with their tool within 14 days of usage. 

Pros and cons

✅  Easy-to-use service.
✅  The tool provides convenient visual builders with multiple opt-in forms available.
✅  Wide range of third-party integrations so your sales have all the necessary data about quality leads.

❌ Customer support isn’t quick to respond.
❌ Lacks multi-step lead forms.
❌ Customization process might be confusing.
❌ The tool might slow down your website download (which is harmful for your page ranking in search engines).

Agile CRM for lead management

Agile arm

Despite the name, this lead generation platform offers so much more than just CRM. There’s a wide range of solutions for sales increase, engagement improvement and, what we’re here for, lead generation.

With Agile CRM tool, you can build a successful lead generation chain for your audience. 

This service is suitable for business of different segments and sizes.

Tools Agile CRM offers for lead generation

As we already mentioned, using Agile CRM, you have plenty of lead generation automation tools. Here’s what you can use:

  • data capture live chat;
  • email campaigns;
  • lead forms;
  • landing pages for collecting quality leads contact data;
  • pop-ups
  • leads data storage and management CRM.


Overall, Agile CRM tool offers three paid plans. The Starter one costs from $14.99/month (if billed monthly).

The price for the the service will depend on the number of users.

The price of Agile CRM lead gen services if billed annually.

You can also use the service on a free plan with up to 10 users. 

Pros and cons

✅  User-friendly interface.
✅  Plenty of integrations with third-party software.
✅  Convenient in-built CRM.

❌ Initial setup might be tricky (requires some help or tutorials).
❌ Customer support may be slow or simply ignores requests.
❌ Some users report on bags in the service.

Drift — one of the best lead generation tools


Drift is one of the best lead generation solutions. It sticks to the conversational marketing approach, providing necessary lead generation services for building trust between business and customers, current and future ones. 

Drift offers mostly B2B lead generation tools. And its pricing makes it beneficial for mid-sized business and enterprises. 

Tools Drift offers for lead generation

There’s a wide range of features you can set up with Drift:

  • AI-powered chatbot;
  • contact capturing live chat;
  • email campaigns;
  • user data tracking.


Generating leads with Drift is easy but too expensive. Its pricing is not very transparent as they don’t show the cost of their paid plans. To know exactly how much you’ll pay for the lead generation service, you need to contact the sales.

According to user’s reviews, a price may vary from $400-1500/month. But mind that Drift offers annual contracts. 

If you’re a startup with less than 50 employees, and less than 5-year-old, you can get a 97% discount (but again, the contract is annual). 


There’s no free trial, but the platform offers a free plan. However, you’ll get very limited functionality. As for lead generation tools, you’ll get access only to a live chat with welcome messages and email fallback. 

Pros and cons

✅  Full-fledged software with a wide range of tools.
✅  Easy to use and robust solution.
✅  Friendly and quick customer support.

❌ Pricing for this lead generation platform isn’t transparent, and according to reviews, the cost is high.
❌ Might slow down your website loading speed.
❌ Has some troubles with targeting. 

Sumo to grow your email marketing lead base


Sumo is a very easy-to-implement straightforward (you can see it on the screen) lead generation service. This email capture software suits business of any size and any segment, yet it offers a separate solution for eCommerce marketing and sales team.

Tools Sumo offers for lead generation

As we already mentioned, this online lead generation service offers one main way to extend your leads’ database — email capture. To do it, Sumo has:

  • email opt-in forms;
  • welcome emails;
  • social media sharing;
  • visitors targeting.


Sumo lead generation systems are available at two plans. One of them is completely free and includes almost all the platform’s functionality.

If you seek more advanced settings, you can set up a paid plan, starting from $49/month. 

What’s good is that you don’t have to contact sales managers to know the tools price.

There’s no free trial offered, but Sumo’s free plan will give you a grip on its software functionality 😉 

Pros and cons

✅  Simple tool to extend your email list and increase website traffic.
✅  Service can be easily integrated with your website.

❌ On a free plan, statistics are available only for 30 days.
❌ UI looks outdated.
❌ Initial configuration might be tricky and require assistance.

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Zendesk Reach as one of lead generation tools

zen desk

Zendesk b2b lead generation service has a lot to offer to its users. In this article, we’ll talk about a part of its sales CRM Suite — Zendesk Reach.

You can use it as a part of your lead generation program.

No matter what your business size or segment is, Zendesk will suit you. 

Tools Zendesk offers for lead generation

Here’s a set of features Zendesk software has:

  • live chat;
  • email sequences for mass outreach;
  • CRM;
  • integrations with social media, messengers etc.

Zendesk also has a chatbot software, but it’s more of a customer service feature as it deals with simple visitor’s queries. However, you can integrate your own chatbot (if you have one) with Zendesk (the platform offers such a solution).


Zendesk offers four paid plans for its B2B lead generation service. The cheapest one starts from $19/month and the price increases, depending on the number of users.

There are also two separate solutions for enterprises.

Zendesk lead generation services price

You’ll have 30 days of free trial to test how suitable this service is for lead generation on your website. The most extended trial period on our list! 

Pros and cons

✅  Software is easy to configure and use.
✅  Wide range of tools.

❌ Reporting is very expensive.
❌ There are some complaints about customer service being unresponsive.
❌ The price is rather high (suits enterprises, mostly).


mail chimp

MailChimp offers services in marketing and eCommerce field for boosting lead generation growth. The platform provides help and guidance for startups and small business like marketing agencies or online shops.

Tools MailChimp offers for a lead generation

The service includes all basic lead generation services that could help enhance lead generation on the website:

  • website builder;
  • landing pages;
  • lead forms;
  • CRM;
  • Customer Journey Builder;
  • email campaigns.


MailChimp offers three paid plans for their lead generation system, starting from $11/mo. The price will change depending on the number of contacts you have.

Emails sent per month are charged separately and added to your plan’s price. 


You can also try MailChimp’s software on a free plan with basic functionality, a limited number of contacts (up to 2000), and one user seat.

Pros and cons

✅  Robust software.
✅  Affordable for small businesses.

❌ There are some blind spots in analytics.
❌ Very expensive if you have an extensive contact base.
❌ UI might take some time to figure out.
❌ If your business grows rapidly, the platform’s functionality might be limited for you.

Sendinblue for demand generation


Just like MailChimp, Sendinblue is a service that helps businesses boost their growth. It includes tools for lead generation. This platform is suitable for business of different sizes and segments.

Tools Sendinblue offers for lead generation

The service is mainly focused on email marketing, so its major tool is email campaigns. But in addition, it offers: 


Sendinblue offers three paid plans for its software, starting from $25/month. The price will depend on the number of emails sent per month. 

The price of lead generation services Sendinblue provides to B2B businesses

There’s no free trial, but you can test the service’s functionality on a free plan with a limited number of features.

Pros and cons

✅  The software is intuitive and easy to navigate.
✅  Perfect for email marketing.
✅  The platform is easily-integrated with third-party services.

❌ Lack of some key features like tagging or conditional triggers.
❌ There might be some bugs in the tool like disappearing emails sent over API or long download.
❌ Lack of customization.

Unbounce as one of  lead generation companies


Unbounce is a service with a curious approach to lead generation. It allows users to create a personalized experience for different segments of website visitors. 

The platform offers its lead generation services to businesses of different segments, but online shops might find it more useful, though.

The cost of the service suits mid-sized businesses and bigger.

Tools Unbounce offers for lead generation

The main tool of Unbounce that provides a more personalized approach to customers is landing pages. The service offers a convenient, customizable visual builder, so you can generate leads with special offers on different pages of your website.  

In addition to landing pages, you can create:

  • pop-ups;
  • lead forms;
  • sticky bars.


Unbounce offers four paid plans for the software. The cheapest one starts from $90/month. Each plan is limited with conversions (how many users performed a targeted action) and website visitors.


You can test if the service helps enhance lead generation on your website for 14 days for free.

Pros and cons

✅  Intuitive visual builders with a wide range of templates.
✅  Easy to launch A/B tests.

❌ Limited integrations with third-party services, which limits the functionality.
❌ Customer service responds during North American office hours.

ActiveCampaign  lead generation software


ActiveCampaign develops software for marketing automation. The service is suitable for businesses of different sized in B2C, B2B and eCommerce. 

Tools ActiveCampaigns offers for lead generation

There’re lots of features that help automate communication with customers and enhance lead generation:

  • landing pages;
  • lead forms;
  • subscription forms.


There are four paid plans ActiveCampaigns offers for its lead generation software. The cheapest one starts from $15/month. Your price will depend on the number of contacts you have.


There’s a free trial for the service that lasts for 14 days.

Pros and cons

 — Easy-to-use visual builders.
 — Great for email marketing automation.

 — The loading speed is quite low.
 — Weak reporting.
 — Some users complain about unresponsive customer support.

CallPage as one of  the best lead generation companies


Here’s CallPage, another service with its own approach to lead generation. Unlike many other platforms on our list, they provide tools for connecting users by phone. It’s probably one of the best lead generation services for collecting phone numbers.

CallPage can be used by businesses of different sizes and segments.

Tools CallPage uses for lead generation

Even though we believe in the tools that can collect leads on the website, we strive to show you different technics of lead generation. So here’s the CallPage one:

1. interested visitor clicks on the widget on your website;
2. they see a pop-up asking for their phone number;
3. within 30 seconds, an agent calls a visitor to deal with their query.

CallPage is sure it’s an effective way to filter out leads and contact the hottest ones only. 


CallPage offers four paid plans for their lead generation software, starting from $25/month. The choice of the plan will depend on the number of websites you’d like to install CallPage, active users, and features you’d like to get.


There’s also a free plan available, or you can try the full functionality on a free trial for 7 days. 

Mind that these prices are applicable for businesses registered in certain countries. Visit CallPage’s website to check out if your country’s on the list.

Pros and cons of  lead generation with CallPage

✅ Proactive lead generation strategy.
✅ Night mode allows gathering phone numbers during non-working hours and contacting users later.
✅ Friendly customer support. 

❌ Quite limited toolset for lead generation.
❌ Users point out the lack of integrations.
❌ UI is outdated.

Wrapping up on lead gen companies

Wow, 15 lead generation services… A lot to think about 🤔 Each software on this list will help you set up your own lead generation strategies:

– website communication with a chatbot or a live chat agent;

– personalized offers for different audience segments with banners and pop-ups;

– or even a phone call order right on the website.

Which one is the best? It’s only up to you to decide on the most suitable solution for your business. In case you need a hand with it, book a free assessment from Dashly experts to know:

  • where exactly you lose leads
  • why visitors leave without buying
  • how to provide your sales with qualified leads
  • tools and technics to collect more leads 24/7
book assessment

FAQ on  lead generation companies

How do I find the best lead generation company?

To find the best lead generation company, look for proven expertise in capturing qualified leads, driving sales, and handling marketing. Websites like Dashly.io offer comprehensive lead generation services like lead qualification chatbot or popup allowing you using advanced strategies to optimize your web traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Is paying for lead generation worth it?

Paying for lead generation is worthwhile, especially with automated services like Dashly.io. Its chatbots and poups provide scalable results at affordable prices, such platforms outshine human-led agencies. For instance, Dashly’s $39 monthly subscription can generate numerous leads, enhancing sales and marketing outcomes significantly.

How much should you pay for lead generation?

The cost of lead generation largely depends on the method used. Automated website lead generation services with chatbots and popups, like Dashly.io, are generally more cost-effective with plans starting around $39 per month. In contrast, lead generation agencies can charge substantially more, ranging from hundreds to thousands per month, with costs varying based on scope, complexity, and the agency’s reputation. With Dashly.io, you benefit from scalable, round-the-clock services at a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies.

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