Get the most of your traffic with automated lead generation

Dashly chatbots, pop-ups, and live chat will generate you qualified leads without developers

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leads for your business automatically

Turn your website into a lead generation machine with Dashly

Chatbot to qualify leads and hand them to the sales team
Pop-ups to capture leads with offers they can't refuse
Live chat to assist visitors and convert them into customers
Visitors tracking to collect data about your leads behavior

Convert your visitors into customers with proven scenarios

  • Engage visitors with pop-up discounts.
  • Share valuable content in a chatbot conversation.
  • Invite to subscribe to your email newsletter.
  • Pre-qualify visitors when scheduling a demo.
  • Collect contacts to respond via the channel your customers prefer.

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Know everything about your customers

Complement the data you collected with information on:

  • pages your leads visited;
  • CTAs they clicked;
  • their location;
  • history of conversation with your company on different channels.

The chatbot, pop-up, or live chat combination with visitors behavior tracking is a perfect solution to enrich your lead card data.

It will save your sales reps time on pre-qualification and help your marketing and support personalize the customer experience.

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Automation of your lead management
lead transfer

Deliver the hottest leads right to your sales managers

Don’t miss a deal in loads of leads after Dashly implementation.

  • Segment leads database with management features like tags, events, properties.
  • Integrate platform with your tech stack to transfer leads to a CRM and vice versa.
  • Automate agent notifications about new leads via email.

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A/B test online campaigns

and analyze results

You don't need coding skills to test different designs of your lead generating ideas.

It is easy to make data-driven decision with reports on messages performance.

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A/B test everything

No developers needed

Bring your wildest lead generation ideas to life in visual builders within 5 minutes.

automate your marketing workflow
engage visitors to target action

Unleash the power of automated lead generation on your website with Dashly platform

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Take your ideas to the next level


Nurture your leads with triggered email campaigns

marketing automatization

Launch multi-step campaigns with marketing automation


Allow customers find answers on their own in a knowledge base


Engage your app users with real-time push notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

What features must a prefect lead generation solution have?

  • Among must-have features, lead management goes first. It is the opportunity to segment and transfer customers' data.
  • Visual builder is the second thing to check.
  • Multichannel marketing campaign launch by combining a chatbot and triggered email, for example. With Dashly, you need no marketing campaign planner because the platform can automate each of your scenarios.
  • Sending personalized messages based on visitors' behavior.
  • Ready-to-use templates.
  • Integrations with tools your marketing, support, and sales team uses.

How can an eCommerce company benefit from the Dashly conversational platform?

There is many ways online store can generate leads and sales with Dashly:

  • engage first-time visitors in a conversation with a chatbot that will offer to send a discount code to their email;
  • prevent cart abandonment with free-shipping pop-up;
  • reward loyal customers with early access to products on sale;
  • guide customers on product choice.

Download a pdf with free templates of campaign scenarios for your online store.

How SaaS company can use Dashly lead generation tools?

Dashly visitors behavior tracking forms personalized journeys for your customers and engages them with chatbots, pop-ups, and live chat scenarios:

  • collect customer feedback;
  • answer FAQs;
  • engage to sign up;
  • convert blog readers into subscribers;
  • guide them on product choice;
  • capture leads with leads magnets, etc.

Download a pdf with free templates of campaign scenarios for SaaS businesses.

How EdTech company can generate leads with Dashly?

With its help, you can:

  • Process user requests automatically.
  • Capture and qualify leads even when you sleep.
  • Supply your sales team with hot leads only.
  • Help them to close deals.
  • Save time and focus on the hot leads instead of talking with everyone.

Download a pdf with free templates of campaign scenarios for your online school.

How much does Dashly service cost?

There are three paid plans in Dashly:

  • Conversation $39/mo.
  • Support $79/mo.
  • Marketing is $109 per month.

As you may have noticed there is no agent seat limit, so you can invite them to work with your marketing, sales, and support team. But first, test the platform 7-days free or try a forever free plan.

Why is chatbot automation better than lead forms?

86% of customers experience banner blindness. Users don’t read but scan banners when searching for relevant information. So, they simply skip useless elements in the text.

Due to their interactive nature, chatbots are more eye-catching than lead forms. Usually, chatbots pop up at the right place, at the right time with the right offer, so business finds them more useful.

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