10 Dashly Leadbot Best Practices

Reading time: 07.09.2020
10 Dashly Leadbot Best Practices

We’re happy to share the success stories of Dashly customers employing Leadbot for various jobs:

  • proactive customer support;
  • onboarding to a new feature;
  • feedback collection;
  • lead qualification and segmentation;
  • lead generation and similar tasks.

Proactive customer support in SaaS

Our customer’s team at FinTablo launched this campaign. Read their success story to learn more.

The chatbot replaced manual messages with a request for the integration update. The update would help make sure the platform works correctly.

When a conversation began, a user could perform some actions:

  • ask for guidance,
  • learn more about the integration,
  • postpone a reminder,
  • close the window because everything’s already refreshed.
dashly leadbot thread
Thread start with configuration instructions

The bot would ask later if a user needed help and assign the conversation to an agent if a user experienced difficulties.

Why is this campaign cool?

  • agents don’t have to send update requests manually;
  • in challenging times, a user can talk to a human.

Survey in e-commerce

Eugene, Dashly’s implementation manager, launched this campaign for the YSL Beauty online store.

The company wanted to know if their customers needed express delivery in Moscow and how much would they pay for the service. The chatbot campaign was launched to survey the customers.

interactive customer survey

Dashly Leadbot was the quickest way to run the survey because we didn’t have to design the unique interface.

implementation manager at Dashly

Lead generation and qualification in a blog

This campaign was launched by Polly from Dashly’s marketing team.

It’s automatically shown to blog visitors with undefined emails. Leadbot offers 3 related content selections.

dashly leadbot thread with 2 conversation options
The thread start with 2 conversation options

Leadbot brings higher quality and qualified leads. I’m super excited about it! I know for sure what users we acquire, what welcome campaigns we can run, and how we can improve personalized communication.

Marketer at Dashly

Onboarding to a new feature in SaaS

Our customer’s team at FinTablo launched this campaign. Read their success story to learn more.

FinTablo launched the onboarding campaign in the admin panel. They tell users about new features and help find out if updates are useful.

fintablo dashly leadbot
fintablo dashly leadbot
Onboarding campaign with a survey about the update’s usefulness

Why is this campaign cool?

  • high user engagement;
  • it collects useful feedback for the product team.

Lead generation and qualification in a digital school

Dashly’s implementation manager Andrew configured this campaign together with the Skillfactory data school team.

Leadbot is triggered on the course landing page. It asks questions to evaluate the user’s willingness to take a course and help them pick one. At the end of the campaign, Leadbot collects user email and a phone number.

The whole campaign’s conversion rate reached 3,7%. This is a great performance for a five-stage campaign.

implementation marketer at Dashly

Lead qualification and segmentation in SaaS

Our customer’s team at FinTablo launched this campaign. Read their success story to learn more.

FinTablo launched Leadbot to find out which software paying users employed before. It also collects feedback on what needs to be improved.

fintablo lead qualification and segmentation
Leadbot offers the most common options and collects feedback

Why is this campaign cool?

  • you learn more about your customers and are able to segment them (which can’t be done via pop-ups);
  • users share their insights into how the product can become better.

Scheduling a beta test in SaaS

Helene from Dashly’s product team configured this campaign.

The product team launched it to show the new feature to users and offer them to become beta testers.

beta testing with dashly leadbot
Joining beta testers via a conversation with a chatbot

I wanted our Leadbot to be appealing because people saw chatbots many times and felt suspicious about them. We’re upfront that a person is talking to a chatbot. The bot asked some ice-breaking questions to have a small talk. After that, users basically feel more comfortable sharing info, their contacts, or name.

Product Marketing Manager at Dashly

Feedback collection in SaaS

Our customer’s team at FinTablo launched this campaign. Read their success story to learn more.

The chatbot collected feedback from users who had the additional module in a beta test.

The chatbot collected feedback from users who had the additional module in a beta test.

fintablo feedback collection in saas
fintablo feedback collection in saas
Feedback collection from beta testers via the conversation with a chatbot

Why is this campaign cool?

  • you can obtain valuable insights into what needs to be improved before a release.

Copywriting offer in a blog

This campaign was set up by Polly from Dashly’s marketing team.

The bot message is shown to signed-in users who visit the page with success stories. If a user is interested in copywriting a story, the conversation is assigned to an agent and to the «Marketing» channel.

dashly leadbot for blog
The bot offers to copywrite a success story and assigns the chat to an agent

Previously we sent triggered chat messages offering to write a story, but people reacted to the chatbot message better. We’re planning on adding some qualifying questions to get a user to share some important info while waiting for an editor to join.

Marketer at Dashly

Lead generation and qualification for online courses

Our express implementation manager Polly configured this campaign for design and architecture online courses called ART GLUCK.

The bot is triggered on a page of a particular course and offers to see how useful it is. A user tells about their interest, occupation, and available skills. This may influence the learning path.

At the end, if a user shares their email, they get the 7-day free course access as a bonus.

online course promotion using dashly leadbot

The bot replies eliminate user doubts. If they don’t know anything about the program, the bot tells it’s high time to start. If a user’s a beginner, the bot encourages them to become a pro, and if a user’s already a pro, the bot offers them to evaluate their skills.

express implementation manager at Dashly

We continue collecting success stories of using chatbots. Stay tuned to learn more about them. Share your stories with us, and we’ll post them on our blog 🙂