Leadbot - bot that will collect more leads and make your Conversion Rate increase

Engage the visitors in the conversation, gather necessary information about them, and pass to sales only hot ones

Install on the website

The leadbot will proactively engage users in conversation, qualify and pass to sales only quality and hot ones

Help visitors complete the purchase with leadbot

The custom leadbot will help users solve their problems. For example, payment or subscription issues

Collect leads at night and on weekends

Answer questions and collect contacts on a 24/7 basis without agents

Achieve sales goals faster by focusing on your target customers


of leads are untargeted


hours are spent by each agent on people who will never buy

Answer user questions in the chat without agents

Transfer customer data to CRM and other services automatically

Collect more information about customers to achieve your sales targets faster

Distribute customer requests within the team automatically

Onboard users with leadbot

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Create your own leadbot in the Dashly builder in 5 minutes

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Create your own leadbot in the Dashly builder in 5 minutes

Install the service on your website

Set up leadbot flow in a simple builder

Select what visitor's actions will trigger a leadbot

Enjoy how leadbot engages visitors, collects their data, and routes conversations to the right agents

Very soon: chatbot in messengers

We are constantly improving the product. Soon you will be able to use the chatbot not only on the website, but also in messengers.

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