Ready-made chatbot flows

Collect your leads even when your team is sleeping

A chatbot asks your late-night site visitors what they are looking for, collects their contact data, and hands it to agents when they are back to work.

Use this template in Dashly to easily launch a 24/7 lead collection workflow on your website

The chatbot from this template:

  • will engage the user in a conversation and let them know that the agents aren't there yet;
  • will qualify them by the right attributes;
  • will get collect the request and contact information.
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No missed leads, even outside of working hours

Your team needs some well-deserved rest. But what if a hot prospect is a night owl that loves browsing website at night? What if there are many of them?

Don't leave them without your attention. Launch a chatbot that is available when your people are not.


  • engages your visitors into a conversation and informs that agents will be back during working hours
  • qualifies visitors
  • collect their contacts and hands them to agents