Ready-made chatbot flows

Do Chatbots Answer Questions Automatically?

Find Out Using our Ready-Made Scripts

We have prepared for you two ready-made scripts for chatbots to increase your website sales conversion.

Proactively remind users that the trial is coming to the end and help to choose the most suitable plan

Chatbots increase sales by:

  • engaging your visitors in a conversation;
  • notifying them about important events automatically;
  • guiding users to take the right decision.
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Capture potential customer contacts in a playful way. For example, create a quiz

Chatbots increase sales by:

  • asking your visitors qualifying questions;
  • offering useful content in exchange for their contacts.
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Notify users about the trial end and help to choose the most suitable plan

Take care of your customers at different stages of their journey with chatbots. It will help them to choose a plan, answer FAQs about products, make a payment, etc. Everything without managers.

Use chatbots to increase sales:

  • engage your website visitors in a conversation;
  • report important information automatically;
  • advise and help potential customers to make a decision.

Customers need help 24/7. When there are thousands of visitors and a few dozen managers, you can lose potential deals. For example, the hot lead needs help with payment question, but you're busy describing product characteristics to other clients.

Provide support at each step of the customer journey automatically. Increase sales by reminding users to pay and helping where typical questions arise with a chatbot.

Capture more prospects in a playful way. For example, create a quiz.

Use the chatbot to collect even more contacts. Try gamification to increase sales by offering a product discount as a prize or suggesting products based on the customer's answers.

To increase sales with a chatbot:

  • work over the proactive messages that engage your website visitors into a conversation;
  • gamify it with quiz questions;
  • provide valuable lead magnets in exchange for customers' contacts.

Your agents may spend a lot of time collecting all the data about prospects before calling them. A chatbot can do all this in a game way.

Use a chatbot to ask your visitors about their needs and what they are looking for. Get their contacts and send this info to the right team automatically. This will help you to increase sales on autopilot.