Optimize your sales and support performance with Welcome bot

Respond to customers 24/7 and reduce the workload of the support team

Install on the website

The Welcome bot will meet users who want to chat:

  1. will answer the most common questions
  2. collects contacts if agents are offline
  3. distribute the conversations across the team


of users leave the website if they don't get an answer within 10 seconds


of questions can be closed with a Welcome bot

Reduce customer service response time and don't lose customers

Answer user questions in the chat without agents

Collect contacts to respond later

Collect more information about customers to achieve your sales targets faster

Distribute customer requests within the team automatically

Track team workload with statistics for all channels and agents

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Stay focused on the deals that matter most

Distribute customer requests within the team automatically


of leads are untargeted


hours per week agent spends on people who will never buy

Create your own chatbot in the Dashly builder in 5 minutes

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How does it work?

Install the service on your website

Set up Welcome-bot scenarios in the constructor for daytime and nighttime

When a user opens live chat, he will see messages from the Welcome-bot

Chatbot collects data about the user, answers common questions and transmits the conversation to the manager in the live chat or send to the CRM

Very soon: chatbot in messengers

We are constantly improving the product. Soon you will be able to use the chatbot not only on the website, but also in messengers.

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