Chatbot campaign ideas

Free your team from answering the same questions over and over again

A chatbot engages your website visitors and shows options it can help with. It handles easy and frequently asked questions and hands complex ones to your agents.
Ready-to-use workflow
Use this template in Dashly to easily launch a FAQs handling workflow on your website
FAQs handling workflow

Let a bot, not your team, handle FAQs

People ask a lot of questions, which is a good indicator that they are interested. What if your team gets so many questions at a time they make your site visitors wait? The more they wait, the more likely they are to leave.

Quickly reply to your customers' requests and reduce your support team workload with a chatbot. It will provide answers to FAQs and route conversations to the suitable agents.

  • engages your users into a conversation
  • replies to FAQs
  • routes complex questions to the right agents

Set it up in 3 easy steps

  • create your workflow in a visual builder
  • see what it looks like from your customers' side
  • launch it on your website and get your users' questions answered!
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Ready-to-use campaign ideas
Collect and qualify
leads on your website
Collect your leads even when your team is sleeping
Get your users' feedback
Free your team from answering the same questions over and over again
Increase your sales team efficiency
Send targeted product updates to the right segments
Recommend your users the right solutions
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