13 chatbot campaigns for eCommerce businesses

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13 chatbot campaigns for eCommerce businesses

Great news! We’ve come up with 13 chatbot campaigns. Run them to help marketers, support agents, and business owners do magic. Things you can do:

  • engage users in a conversation,
  • generate leads,
  • qualify them,
  • consult users,
  • increase the conversion rate to order,
  • get customers back to your website.

Note: you shouldn’t consider this list as your strict action plan. These are our ideas that you may put to good use in your company. Edit scripts and adjust products to the ones you offer.

How to use the map

  1. Find the stage where you want to work with your customer and the metric you strive to improve.
  2. Identify an appropriate campaign. Don’t know where to start? Look at the 1st campaign.
  3. Adjust the campaign to your business. Delete branches you don’t need. Or replace them with the ones you do.
  4. Configure the campaign in the platform. Don’t forget to set triggers and timeouts if necessary. Define which audience should see the leadbot.
  5. Make sure the bot doesn’t replicate other campaigns. It can be pop-ups or live chat messages.
  6. Test and run your campaign!? Watch your conversion rates and profits grow.

You can set up all campaigns using Dashly. It’ll take only 15 minutes to create a chatbot in Dashly visual builder.

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