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Why Leadbot?

Save up to 70% of your salesforce time not losing customers' data

Save up to 70% of your salesforce time not losing customers' data

Generate leads in 1 min without any effort

Generate leads in 1 min without any effort

Collect and qualify leads, book meetings, route conversations to agents, streamline the sales — all with chatbot service
doing_1 doing_2 doing_3 doing_5
Engages leads you need by tracking user behavior
Qualifies with questions and possible answers
Leave easy questions for chatbot so you can focus on high-value leads and sales
Collects leads, books demos or makes the connection between leads and support or sales agents
Routes conversations to agents or groups of support and sales agents

Add to your website

Play with leadbot
No coding required

Set up under several minutes with a chatbot interactive builder

Dashly chatbot fits any business that wants to collect and qualify more leads without forms or assistance from humans
Collect leads
Collect leads
Personal approach to every segment
Personal approach
Free agents to support high-value conversations and sales
Free agents
Collect leads and book a consultation service
 Collect leads
Route to the support agents or other service, e.g., sales
Segment VIP buyers
Segment VIP buyers
Segment VIP buyers
Answer common questions and make sales streamlined
Answer common questions
Agency and consulting services
Start building lists of contacts
Collect leads
Make feedback collection easy
Collect feedback
Create a FAQ and make it reachable
Leadbot can be your FAQ
💡 You can easily combine these basic scenarios to create more complicated sequences for a chatbot, more efficient chatbot support, chatbot for the sale process, and other services
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What else does leadbot support?


Add pics and files to messages


Provide up to 10 possible answers


Collect contacts while building your audience


Demo booking via Calendly integration


Send articles from knowledge base

What is this chatbot for?
Leadbot is a feature of Dashly’s live chat. It is a chatbot service that supports sending triggered messages with possible answers or forms to fill in. The chatbot will ask the next question. According to the customer’s option, the chatbot will assign the conversation to an agent or route this conversation to a particular channel, e.g., sales, support, price experts, or another service. In other words, the chatbot makes the customer journey smoother.
  • What can this chatbot do?
  • Send triggered messages;
  • Suggest up to 10 answers and ask the next questions accordingly;
  • Send files and images;
  • Tell the price;
  • Collect customer contacts (name, email, phone number), start building your list of contacts, or ask for more specific information to provide better support, service, and further sales;
  • Assign agents or route the conversation to a channel;
  • Make more interaction with your website, e.g., redirecting to the price page;
  • Enrich customer’s card with more information for further segmentation and targeted personalized messages.
  • The chatbot will be able to send a meeting invitation so that customers can pick a time slot without chatting with a support or sales agent;
  • The chatbot will make it possible to send articles from your knowledge base (built with Dashly).
The chatbot proactively asks questions. It helps you engage more prospects. It collects contact details and qualifies leads with questions you set. As a result, you get more qualified leads with no effort from your agents. Those who need a personal approach or support will be assigned to particular agents, e.g., sales who can tell more about the price structure or assistance.
No, it starts with a trigger you set. It is usually a specific action done by a website visitor on your website. If your prospects start chatting with you, the Leadbot will not answer (though we must add it here: this feature of «chatbot as a service» will be supported soon). In other words, the chatbot won’t make sales but makes a few steps towards it, e.g., telling the price or redirecting to the price page, or sending a price list.
If you already have Dashly’s live chat widget on your site, you don’t need to install anything additionally to a bot. Set the chatbot service up with a no-code chatbot builder from Dashly panel. The chatbot building takes around 5 minutes with a user-friendly chatbot maker.

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