How marketing and sales audit from Dashly can improve your conversions in 2024

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How marketing and sales audit from Dashly can improve your conversions in 2024

Speaking about conversions, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes, we lose leads because of tech bugs like an unsent lead magnet or email sequence schedule mistakes. Another reason is the long reply time because of the heavy salespeople’s workload. Sometimes, it is a human factor, like missing a demo request or poor quality lead qualification during a sales call. 

Sounds familiar? 

The 200 marketing and sales assessments conducted by the Dashly team prove that every company has these moments. 

It is a common notion for growing companies that constantly experiment with new hypotheses, processes, tools, and goals. Because of an abundance of tasks or an excessive focus on individual hypotheses, we don’t notice when certain events, tools, communication within teams, or processes stop working. 

This is when you must step back to see what’s up. For example, it can be an external audit from someone who’s been around the block in your industry. Usually, such an expert looks under your system’s hood, Customer Journey Map, and identifies the fastest areas of improving your conversions into leads, meeting requests, or actual sales.

That’s exactly what the Dashly team offers you for free 👇

Since 2018, we’ve worked with 1200 companies, conducted over 200 marketing audits, and helped optimize 600 funnels. Based on this experience, we help marketers, CMOs, and CSOs discover broken parts of the customer journey where they lose leads.

Here is what you’ll get after the Dashly audit:

  • Visual report on your CJM bottlenecks like long reply time, bugs in sending a lead magnet, or broken communication flow. 
  • Expert analysis of your salesman call.
  • The best practices of similar funnel optimization and market benchmarks.
  • Hypotheses on how to improve your CJM. 

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Intrigued? Here is an example of how everything goes 👇

The marketing audit process for Refocus 

Refocus is an online academy offering marketing courses in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our goal was to help Refocus CMO find areas of conversion growth by highlighting funnel stages where his team potentially lost conversions. Thus, we passed the entire buyer journey on a website, tested each communication channel they offer, and provided results on a visual board.

Here are some of them:

1. Contact Us buttons and forms on the Indonesian website

The Refocus website has numerous contact forms inviting visitors to a conversation with a manager. We checked each of them:

Examples of buttons and forms engaging to schedule a call with a manager

When visitors share their contact data, they take the short qualification quiz. To get to the priority list, we answered questions as if we were the target leads. It was necessary to test the speed of their team’s reply time. 

The screenshot of the 10-question quiz aimed to qualify visitors

After the quiz, visitors instantly receive a confirmation email. But our goal was to get the call. And here is a moment to improve: the reply time was 18 hours. It is too slow for communication with hot leads. The reply time should be about 15 minutes.

The screenshots of the email and WhatsApp messages potential students receive after a manager call request

The good thing is that a company manager sends potential clients the call resume on WhatsApp after a conversation. But, in addition, we see here the same qualification questions that were in the quiz. 

To summarize, here are some of our recommendations:

  • Avoid asking repeated questions. 
  • Improve the reply time. 
  • Check the tools you use for automated lead nurturing.
  • Implement lead scoring and prioritization. 

2. Free course section

The second funnel type was about free courses. There are several options to choose from on the website. After checking each of them, we discovered that some links don’t work. 

List of free courses on the Refocus website with registration buttons

As for the rest, the registration buttons lead visitors to the relevant landing pages with contact forms.

The landing page and a contact form for one of the free courses that potential students see after clicking the registration button

Thus, we left a request for a free course and instantly got an email confirmation. At the exact moment, we got an offer to continue communication on the Telegram messenger.  

Messages on email and Telegram messenger that clients receive right after filling out the registration forms

During a week, we received a sequence of auto messages with links to video lessons on YouTube. After each class in the messenger and each video on YouTube was an offer to pay for the entire course at a discount. 

We checked this option: submitted a request and got instant email confirmation. But as for Telegram, we found a service bug — each of the follow-up messages was sent three times in a row.

To summarize, the main elements to fix in this funnel were: 

  • links,
  • the workflow of the service that sends message sequences on Telegram.

These are common things happening in the processes of each marketing team.

3. “Contact Us” form on the Philippine website

The funnel has quite the same structure as the first one: 

  1. Visitors fill in the contact form.
  2. Pass the lead qualification quiz that promises them a present. 
  3. Follow the Facebook Messenger link to get it, but nothing happens next, even when they try to communicate there.
  4. Instantly, after the quiz, they get an email confirmation. 
  5. But there was no offer to schedule or request a call with a manager. 

Unfortunately, the lead is lost. To fix this process, we provided the following recommendations:

  • Check the setting of an auto message with a lead magnet. 
  • Check the way sales receive and process leads.

Want to get a free marketing audit? 

Let’s schedule a 30-minute call and find out how to: 

  • Improve your website conversion.
  • Grow your ROI/ROMI with proven hypotheses that fit your audience.
  • Optimize or launch ad channels without additional budget.
  • Decrease SLA workload by saving their time on lead processing.
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