How to create confirmation email +25 templates for your inspiration

Reading time: 07.10.2021
How to create confirmation email +25 templates for your inspiration

Picture this. You are browsing an online store, fall in love with one of the items in stock, place your order, pay for it, and… 

Never get any email confirmation. 

After a couple of hours of waiting and guessing, you’ll finally get a slight chill running up your back. And you will probably be asking yourself, “Did my order go through?” or “Have I just been scammed?” 

No doubt, this is an excellent script for an online purchase horror story. But if you are a business owner, you better not make it a reality for your customers. 

The good news is there’s an easy way to deal with it — a confirmation email.

Statistically, confirmation emails have one of the highest engagement rates, with an average of 60% open rates and 20% click rates

Here you’ll find out how to set up a confirmation email that will make your customers happy +25 best confirmation email templates.

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But first, let’s check if we’re on the same page regarding what such an email is.

Confirmation email is an automatic email sent soon after a user completes a specific action. Primarily, an in-store purchase, a booking, a subscription to a newsletter or online magazine, or registration for an event.

There is so much buzz around this kind of digital receipt and for a good reason.

Why are Confirmation Emails Important? 

This is a confirmation email

and it has great power to:

  • Reduce post-order anxiety 
    Simply by reassuring customers that whatever step they took, it turned out to be successful, and you are taking action to deliver the best experience and guide them through their next steps. 
  • Deliver important information
    Such as shipping details, booking dates, and directions, links to events a client has registered for, and also ways to contact you or find answers to questions they might be having. Without this information at hand, users will be left fumbling in the dark, and the whole process becomes less formal and potentially more complicated.
  • Update customers on the next possible steps
    Should they confirm their subscription or order? How and when will they get their order or sign in to the event they have registered for? How will they find your venue? And what should they prepare beforehand? 

And perhaps most importantly, a confirmation email can provide additional buying opportunities

For example, what can be more annoying for a customer and awkward for you than promotional emails hitting their inboxes every other day without any response? 

Luckily, confirmation emails can ease this situation for both of you. Then, depending on what they ordered, you can introduce a few related products they might be excited about.

Crate&Barrel order confirmation email is a perfect example of accurate product suggestions based on customer data.

Time to go through each of the different types of confirmation emails and the best examples so that you won’t get lost. Keep reading! 

Types of confirmation emails with 25 templates

Order confirmation email

An order confirmation email is an email that is sent straight after a customer completes a purchase. It reassures them that their order is successful and being processed. So that your customer can avoid the stress of being left alone without any information whatsoever.

For example:

It usually includes all the necessary details about the order itself, payment, shipping, and delivery. 

Having received that, customers can double-check and refer to it whenever needed. 

1. Thank you for your order confirmation email template

Subject Line: Thank you for shopping with [Store]!

Hello, [Name]
A great big thank you for shopping with [Company]! We're getting your order ready to be shipped, and we’ll notify you when it has been sent.
- View your order
- Visit our store
If you have any questions, 
reply to this email or contact us.

2. Payment confirmation email template

Subject Line: We have received your payment!

Hi there,
Thank you for using [Product}. Your payment of [price] has been successfully processed.
You can access your subscription details on your profile page.  If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ section or contact the Support Team.
- Take me to my profile
Best Regards, 
[Product] team

3. Purchase confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your [Store] order of [Product]

Hello, [Name]! 
Thank you for shopping with us. You ordered [Product]. We’ll send a confirmation when your item ships.  
 Order [Number]

Ship to
Order Total:  
View or manage your order
Customers who bought [Product] also bought:
- [Product 1]
- [Product 2]
Hope to see you again,
[Store] Team

4. Shipping confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your [Store] order of [Product] has been shipped!

Hello, [Name]! 
Your ordered [Product] has been shipped.
 Order [Number]


Track your package

Order details

Customers who bought [Product] also bought:
- [Product 1]
- [Product 2]
Hope to see you again,
[Store] Team

5. Return request confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your [Item] return summary

Hello, [Name]
We've accepted your return request of [Item]. As soon as we receive the item, we'll issue a refund to your original payment method.
Print return label & instructions
Check return status & refund status


6. Order cancellation confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your order on [Company] is canceled

Hello, [Name]
We've canceled your order [Item/Order Number].  We’re sorry it didn’t work out for you. You can find your order details below.
Order details
The good news is that we have lots of other great options for you!
New search


Booking confirmation email

This type of confirmation email is usually sent to a customer that books a hotel room, a table at the restaurant, a flight, a tour, etc.

As is to be expected, the main goal of this email is to confirm the booking and deliver information about the time and place, together with any other necessary instructions.  Reasonably enough, the client will be expecting such confirmation. 

Make sure you provide all the necessary information about the booking:

  • Booking/reservation details (such as an identification code, date, and time)
  • Venue address 
  • Contact details in case they have special requests
  • Link to manage the booking 
  • Link to add it into a calendar (that’s a great bonus for them!)
  • Link to download a receipt or tickets (if they’re attending an event)

7. Hotel reservation confirmation email template

Subject Line: Thanks! Your booking at [Hotel] is confirmed

Thanks, [Name]!
Your booking in [Location] is confirmed.
[Hotel] is expecting you on [Date].
Check-in: Date, Time]
Check-out: Date, Time]
You’ll pay the property directly — [Hotel] handles all payments, so double-check below for more info
You can cancel for FREE until [Date, Time].
Make changes to your booking or ask the property a question 
in just a few clicks


8. Event ticket confirmation email template

Subject Line: [Event] ticket paid successfully! Check your ticket details.

Hello, [Name]! 
You have bought a ticket for a [Event].
The festival will begin at [Date, Time].
You can find PDF files with your tickets attached to this email.
Please print them and show them at the entrance.
- Direct links
 - Your ticket info
- For scanning

If you have any questions, please contact our support

Have a great time, 
[Event] Team

9. Restaurant reservation confirmation email template

Subject Line: Thank you for your reservation at [Restaurant]

Hello [Name], 
Thank you for your reservation at [Restaurant].
We are expecting you on [Date, Time].
We are looking forward to your visit and hope you will have the best dining experience with us. 


Get directions

See you soon, 
[Job position]

10. Appointment confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your appointment at [Company] is confirmed

Hi [Name], 
Thank you for choosing us! Your appointment with [Company] 
was confirmed. Please find the details of your visit below.

Confirmed time: 
Total pay: 

Add to your calendar
Change or cancel

Kind regards, 

11. Venue reservation confirmation email template

Subject Line: Can’t wait to welcome you at [Venue]

Hi [Name], 
Your reservation at [Venue] has been confirmed. We are looking forward to providing you with the best service. 

Confirmed time: 
Total pay: 

Change or cancel your reservation

See you soon, 

12. Car rental confirmation email template

Subject Line: You reserved a car at [Company]

Hi [Name], 
Thank you for choosing us! Your car [Type] is reserved. 
Start date:
End date:
Pick-up address:
Total pay:
A few things you should know before you go:
- Have your credit card ready
- Have your deposit ready in cash
- Make sure your driver’s license is valid

Download your receipt here
Have a question? Contact us!

See you soon, 

Registration confirmation email

Similar to a booking, registration confirmation emails are emails that users receive after registering for a specific event. Their main goal is to confirm the user’s participation and provide them with the event details, such as:

  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Date and time
  • Directions or a link to join the event (if it’s online). 

Additionally, you can place a countdown and a CTA button that offers to add the event to their calendar. These details are vital to customers, especially when it comes to online transactions. 

Here is an example of the registration email:

13. Event confirmation email template

Subject Line: You’re in! Here’s your [Conference] invitation

You’re on the list for [Event]! 
Stay tuned for speaker announcements and the session schedule over the next few weeks.
We’ll send you details with instructions on how to join the event one day before we go live.
See you on [Date].

Add to your calendar

Best Regards, 
[Event] team

14. Event link confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your Next [Webinar] in [Company] Confirmation

Hello, [Name]!
Thank you for registering for Your Next [Event] in [Company]. 
You can find information about the event below.

Date & Time: 

Event ID: 
You can cancel your registration at any time.

How to join?
Join via Zoom
If the button above does not work, paste this into your browser: [link]

Thank you,
Your [Company] Team

Subscription confirmation email

Subscription confirmation emails are usually sent to users after they sign up for newsletters or services. They can be sent as welcome emails thanking your new subscribers, or as a double opt-in to confirm their wish to be included in the list. So that both you and they are sure they haven’t made a typo.

For you, capturing valid emails is essential as it increases the database quality and prevents your confirmation emails from getting into spam.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to engage subscribers to visit your socials also. To catch the reader’s eye add some examples of the posts from your socials. Thus, you’ll show the value also.

15. Thank you for your subscription confirmation email template

Subject Line: Welcome to [Company]!

Hi, [Name]

Thanks for signing up for [Service] — we’re thrilled to have you on board. You can refer to our FAQs here or our user manual here.

Sincerely yours,
[Company] Team

16. Sign up confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your sign-up details for [Service]

Hi [Name],
Your account on [Service] has been successfully created. Now you can sign in to see the content you have access to.

Your login: 

Login page

Sincerely yours,
[Service] team

17. Service activation confirmation email template

Subject Line: Thank you for joining us. Let’s start jamming!

Hi [Name],

Welcome to [Service]! Fun to use, [Service] is [an online application designed for teams to work together]. Try it out with for:
- [Brainstorms: explore, share, and build on each other’s ideas].
- [Infographics: visualize systems, processes, prototypes].
- [Workshops: make business meetings more engaging].
To activate your account, please press the link below

Start jamming!

18. Online magazine subscription confirmation email template

Subject Line: Welcome to your [Company] membership

[Name], we’re glad you’ve started your membership and excited to start delivering the best content.

Here’s a recap of what you’re getting:
[Read add-free]
[Access all stories]
[Control your experience]
Start exploring
Your username: 
Billing date: 
Subscription: [price]

19. Newsletter subscription confirmation email template

Subject Line: You’re in! Thanks for subscribing to [Newsletter]

Hello, [Name]!
Today is a great day. You’ve joined our [Newsletter]. 
You now have access to the best newsletter covering [business, tech, and finance]. 
See you in your inbox tomorrow morning!
Here’s what to expect:
[Economy news]
[Tech News]
[Business processes]
[Newsletter] Team

20. Double opt-in confirmation email template

Subject Line: Please confirm your subscription to [Company]

Hi [Name],

Thanks for signing up. To get you started, please confirm your email address. To do so, click on the button below. It will take you just a few seconds.

Yes, add me to the list

If you didn’t submit your email address to join our subscriber list, just ignore this message.

Best regards,
[Company] team

Cancellation confirmation email

This is perhaps the trickiest type of confirmation email because letting go of a customer is not the most pleasant business. But remember that if they decide to cancel their subscription for whatever reason, a proper goodbye can play a vital role in their opinion about your company. 

Plus, there is always a chance that they might reconsider their decision at any time in the future or have second thoughts while reading your cancellation email. So inserting a button ‘Restart your membership’ is never a bad idea.

Pro tip: Just look at how YouTube tries to return subscribers. By highlighting the list of Premium plan advantages, they make the reader think twice about the subscription cancellation idea.

21. Service unsubscription confirmation email template

Subject Line: We’re sorry to say goodbye

Hi, [Name]
As you requested, we've canceled your membership effective [Date].
But we'd love to have you back. If you change your mind, you can restart your membership anytime, and we’ll be happy to deliver you the best experience.

Restart your membership

Your [Service] Team

22. Newsletter unsubscription confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your [Company] subscription is canceled

Hello [Name],
Your subscription to [Company] is canceled. If you would like to renew your subscription, please press this link, and we’ll be happy to deliver you the best news straight to your inbox!

Restart your subscription

Feedback confirmation email

Feedback confirmation emails are sent to users after they contact a company to resolve an issue with a product or service or leave a review or feedback. Sending a confirmation email in any given situation is an excellent way of showing them that you care.

When customers leave an inquiry, they want to be sure that it was received and worked on, and they will be contacted as soon as their issue is resolved. So, though users might be prepared for your answer to take some time, don’t leave it too long. 

Otherwise, they will start looking for information elsewhere. 

If they leave feedback or review your product or service, it’s nice to send a thank-you email and notify them that their review has been published. 

An automated email is an easy action for you to take and will be greatly appreciated by your customers. Show them that you value the time they took to share their experience.

23. Received inquiry confirmation email template

Subject Line: We received your inquiry!

Hello [Name],
Thank you for reaching us. We are already working on your inquiry. And will get back to you within [days/hours]. 
In the meantime, feel free to check our FAQ section.
Thank you for your patience, 
[Company] Support Team

24. Thank you for your feedback confirmation email template

Subject Line: Your opinion is important to us!

Hello [Name],
Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it since we’re always looking for ways to improve our [product/service].
[Company] Team

25. Review confirmation email template

Subject Line: Thank you for reviewing [Item] on [Company]

Thank you, [Name]
Your latest product review is live on [Company]. Both customers and our team appreciate the time you took to share your experience.

Read your review


Before we take off with instructions on how to actually set up a confirmation email, let’s knock down the confirmation email samples listed above. 

How to structure a confirmation email

1. Subject line

Please keep in mind that email confirmations are very straightforward, so make sure their subject lines direct subscribers to the point. Try to find a balance between telling users what your confirmation email is about and being a little more creative. 

Let’s have a look at five endorsed confirmation email subject lines that will result in higher open rates:

  • Your [Company] Order Confirmation [Number] — detailed and useful
  • Good news! We’ve got your order! — positive and friendly
  • Thanks for signing up! Verify email now — instructive and straightforward
  • Psst! You’re in [Event]— funny and encouraging
  • [Company] Appointment confirmation — straight to the point

2. Greeting and thank you

That is basically where personalization steps in. Simply greeting your customers by name and including “Thank you” will be a real game-changer, as it will make them feel appreciated and encourage more robust relationships.

3. Core content

This is the essential part of a confirmation email and a whole reason your subscribers are expecting one. Meticulously consider each element of this section, depending on the product or service you provide. What details are essential for users to get the job done? If it gets too messy, our advice is to include the most relevant information as part of the text and add a link to the page to access their full booking or order details.

4. Redress information

Try to think ahead of the users and anticipate their next steps by providing links to relevant pages they might be interested in, such as tips, FAQs, instructions. Another possible option is to simply include your contact details so that they can reach you directly. Feel free to choose one of these options or do a bit of both.

Pro tip: Adding an image of the purchased product gives them a chance to double-check their order and personalizes their experience. If you are sending an event confirmation or a subscription confirmation email, you can choose an image that represents your company or resonates with your values. It’s not mandatory, but we’re all well aware that images or other visual elements improve text readability.

And perhaps most importantly, any email now (and a confirmation email is not an exception) should include an ‘Unsubscribe’ button because they are required by spam laws and increase your email deliverability.

How to set up a confirmation email in practice

With a reliable marketing tool, you can configure an automatic sending of the email confirmation in no time. All you need is: 

  • an “event name” assigned to the user action (purchase, subscription, booking, etc.) on the website after which you want to send email; 
  • email sending tool integrated with your CRM to understand that trigger and send email; 
  • and confirmation email design and copy.

Let’s walk through this process step-by-step on the Dashly example. 

Step 1. Decide where users conduct a trigger event on your website.

As you already know, a confirmation email is sent to contacts who’ve completed a particular action, such as placing an order, booking a hotel room, etc. When they do so, they usually fill in the form or click the button, which becomes your trigger event for a confirmation email to be sent. Examples of trigger event names: user_registered, user_paid, booking_ticket1, user_subscribed. But you can name them whatever you want.

pop-up scenario for triggering email confirming template sending event
  • If it is your customer already, the email is already on the user card. Thus, you don’t need to create email capture forms to send a confirmation when customers click the “buy” or “pay” buttons. 
  • If it’s a new website visitor, you need to get the contacts first. For this, business uses lead capture forms, lightbox pop-ups, chatbots. You send confirmation only when website visitors fill out that form with the email and click the target button. 

So, define where the trigger action will be done on the website. Let it be an email subscription pop-up. By clicking the “I’m in” button of which, the website visitor should receive the confirmation email.

confirmation emails examples
The main part here is a button or link, click on what will be the trigger event for sending an email confirmation.

So the action is done, and the “subscribe_me” event is already in your CRM. 

Time to create an email.

Step 2. Design confirmation email content

Dashly has a few confirmation email templates to choose from — welcome ‘thank you’ type emails to subscription cancellation ones. Plus, you can always create a confirmation email from scratch.

email confirmation

When done to that, continue customizing the content in the chosen template by filling in the fields.

email confirmation examples

Or, if you decide to create your unique email copy, check out our tips on how to create a top-notch email that boosts conversions.

Step 3. Choose a trigger event for your email

Now let’s back in the memory to the event in your CRM.

If integrated with Dashly, you’ll easily find the event in the list by typing it in the relevant field.

confirmation email

Don’t forget to set the time when the message will be sent. Here you have two options — either straight after the event is completed or after a certain period of time (after a time lag). 

It’s better to set a 1-min timeout. Thus, the event trigger has enough time to work.

Step 4. Sending settings

To avoid sending it again and again to the users that have already performed a required action (e.g. confirming their subscription) after receiving the first email, don’t forget to tick the ‘Don’t send again to those who have answered’ box.

confirm email sample

Step 5. Select a goal

reservation confirmation email

At this step, you should choose a goal for your confirmation email — an event that you want to be completed by a user after they receive it. Most commonly, goals for confirmation email campaigns are predefined by the information you include in your email body which presupposes that they complete a specific action that you embed into your email body while creating a copy. 

Applying goals to your confirmation email will show you who opened it, clicked on the link, signed in, and perhaps equally importantly, who did not. Now let’s sort out the goals that might be particularly useful for confirmation emails.

  • Clicked on the link in the message

Set it as a goal for double opt-in subscriptions and other types of emails that provide clickable information such as links to events, articles from your blog posts that might be relevant to the user, and many more.

  • Made on order 

Suppose you want to up-sell or cross-sell and provide a few related products in your confirmation email, depending on what the customer ordered. Usually, they come under titles like ‘Customers also bought’ or ‘You might also like’.

  • Signed in 

If you are a software developer or an online magazine, then you can insert a link or a button that enables users to sign in to your service or website. By choosing the message goal ‘Signed in’, you will see how many users actually logged in after receiving a confirmation email.

  • Session started

A confirmation email that a customer gets after subscribing to a service or an online event can also contain a button or a link that activates the session. Simply put, users log in to the service or event and start using it by pressing the button or link included in a confirmation email.

  • Registered 

Let’s say users left their emails to be on a waiting list for an online event or to get a demo version of the product. If you expect them to register through your confirmation email, then this goal can be particularly useful.

Step 6. Review your confirmation email campaign

Double-check all information to make sure everything is in its place. Give a name to your campaign and assign it to a suitable folder, so it won’t get lost. 

At this step, you can also configure a sequence of messages and activate custom events for the previous messages of the sequence so that you’ll be able to choose them as trigger events for the messages that are supposed to follow. Thus, defining all the scenarios of your automation.

confirmation email examples

Step 7. Test, analyze, adjust 

This one goes beyond the set-up process, but is a final and integral part of it. Without it, you won’t be able to evaluate your confirmation email campaigns. You can’t improve the result if you don’t know it, right?

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Wrapping up

Your order confirmation emails don’t have to be mediocre and boring. On the contrary, they can be informative, supportive, and even bring smiles. In other words, it’s your chance to delight and build trustful, friendly relationships. Help users with the next step they need to take and guide them by their hand. 

If you feel lost and have no idea what to start from, don’t hesitate to use our confirmation email template. With slight adjustments and personalization, we’re sure you’ll come up with something unique.

Don’t forget your copy of 25 email confirmation templates to copy and use at any time

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What is a confirmation email?

A confirmation email is an automatic email sent to confirm that a user has successfully completed a specific action such as an in-store purchase, a booking, a subscription to a newsletter or online magazine, or registration for an event. 

What is an order confirmation email?

An order confirmation email is an email sent soon after a customer makes an online purchase to reassure them the payment has gone through and their order is being processed.

Why do I need a confirmation email?

A confirmation email is essential because they reassure customers that an action they completed was successful, includes essential information, and directs them through their next steps. Additionally, they have high open and click-through rates, which you can use to your advantage — upselling or cross-selling.

How do I write a confirmation email?

Creating and configuring a confirmation email in Dashly is simple and easy. Just follow our step-by-step guide, and you will get a well-structured email confirmation without losing any detail.

What to include in a confirmation email?

A confirmation email doesn’t have a strictly defined structure, and pre-designed confirmation email samples allow you to play around with it. Though there are some details required to include in your confirmation email template, such as information about a product, service or event ordered, subscribed, or registered for accordingly, delivery time, or the date of the event.

Where do I find a confirmation email template?

Dashly has a variety of ready-to-use confirmation email templates. Or you can choose one of the confirmation email samples provided in this article and create your confirmation email template from scratch using a simple drag-and-drop interface of the software.

When do I send a confirmation email?

A confirmation email is usually sent automatically right after a customer completes an action that triggers an email confirmation.

Are coding skills required to set up a confirmation email?

No, coding skills are not required, nor do you need to be a designer. With Dashly easy-to-use visual editor, you can quickly and with minimal effort build your first confirmation email, even if you’ve never done this before. And for more inspiration, use our confirmation email templates.

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