Optimize support performance and analyze more live chat data with Dashly API

Manage your live chat visibility with JavaScript API
— decide which pages you want users to see a live chat on
— set live chat to show up only in your support team's working hours
— set up automatic opening of the live chat when a user clicks a pop-up or other element on the website

Optimize support performance
Route conversations to different agents depending on the content of messages

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Send auto messages to the live chat
Automatically notify users when their subscription expires or wish them happy birthday in the live chat

Collect even more data and analyze it
Offload conversations to perform advanced analytics, such as viewing the most common questions and requests from users

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Easily integrate with your team's favorite tools
More features in the Dashly mobile live chat widget
Transfer data from Dashly to your CRM and integrate with analytics systems automatically
30+ integrations
We will make sure that your data is safe
Data security
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