Free help to migrate from Intercom to Dashly in a couple of days

Transfer user data to the Dashly platform, including user properties, conversations history, and knowledge base.
How does it work?
Dashly experts migrate data in a few days, depending on the size of the user base and conversations
Provide access to an Intercom account or API token
Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
Import data
We'll transfer all possible data from the Intercom leads database to Dashly automatically. If you are contacted by a user that you have communicated with before in Intercom, the system will detect the user's data.
Import conversations
We'll move all the conversations your customers responded to. Managers will know everything about previous users requests, so they won't have to duplicate questions.
Import the knowledge base
We'll create a knowledge base with the same articles, pictures, and cross-links as was in Intercom. So, you won't have to spend weeks copy-pasting articles and links manually.
We will transfer your data quickly and free of charge if:
You have the lead merge
by User ID
You buy a 1-month
Dashly subscription

Learn how to migrate from Intercom to Dashly easily

Can I migrate the data myself?
Yes, we have prepared functionality for importing and exporting data. We're happy to chat with you on any questions, comments, or suggestions on migrating data.