The 1960s Book or Modern Reports: Guess Where We’ve Taken These Marketing Tips

Life is cyclical. Fashion changes every couple of years, so no wonder that trends that were popular in the 1990s come back in 2021. The same is about marketing. 

Recently we’ve found the ‘On Advertising’ by Ogilvy (which was published in the 1960s). David Ogilvy is also known as Father of Advertising – he was a British advertising executive known for his emphasis on creative copy and campaign themes, founder of the agency of Ogilvy & Mather. The tips he gives correspond with what we read in modern articles and books. Try to guess which is which!

Trend from 1960s or modern research?

A/B tests – modern or old?
The most customers said that companies’ behavior during crisis reflects its reliability
Run MVP and the target audience research before launching the product itself
People buy the product value that it can bring, not the product itself
A hallway testing may help you to understand whether your audience gets your message in a right way
The main problem of marketing is that it's difficult to find a competent marketer
People pay more attention to captions under photographs than articles these photos were published
Companies pay more and more attention to automation and to personalisation. Modern trend or tip from 1960s?
Trend from 1960s or modern research?
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