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Lead qualification: best ways to make it work

Reading time: 21.01.2019
Lead qualification: best ways to make it work

Lead qualification allows you to know more about your visitors, leads and customers because then you can better adapt the product for their needs. There are two ways to know your visitors better — secretly like a spy or overtly — asking questions and receiving answers. You can do both in Dashly.

Recording the data about visitors’ actions

Dashly allows you to analyze visitors behavior imperceptibly to understand what they are looking for. We’ve told about it in a separate use case.

When you understand what every single person is interested in your product the most, you can send triggered messages concerning only that field or send their details to your sales reps so they work with them manually. Knowing a lot about your visitors let you sell more, build better relationships and feel universal happiness.

Asking about visitors’ interests

When you can’t detect what your visitors want, just ask them about it. Launch auto message that will involve your visitors in a conversation. Operators then will qualify them and lead to a purchase.

In Dashly we have an auto message that appears in 3 seconds after website visit, offers help and allows to book a demo right away.

Invite visitors to have a conversation with you

You can adapt message text, change a timeout and catch visitors even earlier. Next, you can change a trigger — an event after which the message is sent. If you think that chat message is not noticeable enough, change the message type to pop-up.

By the way, you can launch an A/B test to see what works better for you.

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Launch A/B-test fast and easy with our check- list

Don’t try to talk to every visitor personally — let personalized auto messages do it for you. With the help of triggered pop-ups, you can ask how big their company is, what goals are they pursuing and what features are looking for. Depending on an answer, you can send the next message or directly lead to the right place on your website (in a product).

Dashly pop-up builder allows you to add an unlimited number of buttons and record different events for each of them. This event may be a trigger for next auto pop-up, chat message, or email.

Create an auto message

Let’s look at how to make a pop-up for lead qualification in Dashly pop-up builder.

This is a pop-up just for fun (had a super high conversion, btw) and instead of the beard you can ask about the goals — but the approach will remain the same.

Create a pop-up to play

You can make a pop-up for qualification without pre-made answers — let visitors write themselves. You can add several fields to a pop-up to ask all you need, like that:

Create a pop-up to collect personal data

All the visitors’ answers in pop-ups will be saved and sound Dashly. Your sales reps can use it further, and you can make communications more personal.

Summing up 

  1. Qualification helps to offer visitors only what they really need.
  2. Learn visitors’ interests by collecting the data and dividing them into segments.
  3. Ask visitors what they need with the help of triggered messages.
  4. An answer to a qualification message can serve as a trigger to a next one.
  5. You can build auto message chains based on your user journey for different segments with any number of messages.
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