10 best predictive lead scoring software to boost your sales funnel

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10 best predictive lead scoring software to boost your sales funnel

Lead scoring is a crucial part of building MQLs, often initiated by marketing teams using prospect data. Post qualification, these leads are passed on to the sales teams for further discussion. While usually performed by marketers, some businesses might assign this task to their sales teams.

In scenarios where a multitude of leads are collected, it becomes incumbent on the marketing team to qualify and forward the best leads to the sales team. In the SaaS framework, businesses might adopt a mixed strategy.

Salesmate best illustrates this cooperative model. It successfully merges the sales and marketing efforts to develop an effective lead scoring model. This validates the rising adoption of lead scoring software, showing an industry CAGR of 11.6%.

Contained within this article are recommendations for the best predictive lead scoring software in the market, each with their intrinsic pros and cons. These platforms range from being the best lead scoring software, automation software lead scoring, to predictive lead scoring software, catering for diverse needs.

What is lead scoring software

Lead scoring software is a digital tool, often used by marketers and sales teams. It helps prioritize and score promising leads that are more likely to convert into customer sales. It’s beneficial for both free lead scoring software users and those engaging with B2B lead scoring software.

Characteristics to consider when choosing lead scoring software 

  1. Fit for Your Goals: Choose a lead scoring software that aligns with your business goals. Whether it’s a basic lead scoring software or predictive lead scoring software, it should meet your needs.
  2. Ease of Use: The best lead scoring software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should have an intuitive interface that’s easy to comprehend and manage.
  3. Predictive Analytics: Opt for predictive lead scoring software which uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and predict future outcomes. Predictive Lead Scoring Technologies are becoming integral for successful scoring.
  4. Automation: Automation software lead scoring features can significantly streamline processes, saving both time and resources.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Your lead scoring software should smoothly integrate with your existing CRM, marketing automation, or sales platforms.

Remember, the ultimate choice should fit your targets, budget, and operational style.

10 best software for predictive lead scoring

Let’s start this best lead scoring software list with a quick comparison table:

10 best predictive
lead scoring software
Starting price/moTrial DaysLead scoring AI
Dashly AICustom pricing7+
6SenceCustom pricingFree plan
Zoho CRM$4330+
EngageBay$13Free plan

Dashly AI for predictive scoring for sales and marketing leads 

Dashly is the best AI predictive lead scoring software that helps businesses reduce CAC and achieve desired ROMI via personalized customer communications on websites, messengers, and email. For example, you collect a lot of leads but still suffer from a low conversion of lead requests into sales calls. Sales complain about poor lead quality. You can’t scale marketing initiatives because of the slow campaign performance analysis. 

Sounds familiar?

Dashly has a perfect solution — an AI marketing bot 🤖

Dashly AI chatbot

Let’s say an online school for developers launches an Ads campaign. They engage potential students on a relevant landing page to take a short quiz with a chatbot. 

Here is how it works 👇 

  • In a lovely Q&A conversation, the Dashly AI bot gathers customers’ data and qualifies them.
  • Based on the collected answers, it scores leads and predicts their buying potential. 
  • All the information goes to your CRM.

AI marketing bots deliver your sales a prioritized list of leads to process. In addition, you get a fast understanding of your marketing channels performance and the opportunity to make quick adjustments if needed.  


Dashly software provides its AI bot users with everything they need to launch hypotheses quickly and without developers: 

  • Visual builder;
  • 30+ integrations with your fav tools;
  • Ready-made templates; 
  • 24/7 support.


The pricing specifics of the Dashly AI marketing bot are available on demand. Dashly’s managers are always prepared to provide you with detailed, custom pricing information. Contact them directly to ensure you get the best solution tailored to your needs.

6Sence for sales scoring

6Sence for sales scoring
Image source

6Sence is top-notch, multifaceted lead scoring software designed to help businesses grow. It aims to simplify the lead management process, hence serving as an effective tool for small to large-sized companies. Predominantly utilized by sales and marketing teams, 6Sence’s strength lies in its ability to skillfully analyze indicators to rank leads.

At its core, 6Sence prioritizes predictive lead scoring, enabling teams to focus attention towards prospects with a high likelihood of conversion. It harnesses its predictive capabilities to identify actionable insights that propel business growth.

Lead scoring features

6Sence’s lead scoring platform offers a diverse range of tools for lead capturing and lead scoring:

  • Lead Scoring: 6Sence uses predictive analytics to score and rank leads based on their readiness to buy.
  • Lead Capturing: The platform’s lead generation tool helps businesses find new leads and analyze their behavioral patterns.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless integration with existing CRM platforms allows for smooth management of leads.
  • Marketing Automation: Automation tools streamline marketing campaigns and improve engagement.
  • Sales Intelligence: Leverages historical data to predict future sales and improve sales effectiveness.
  • Technographic Analysis: Assists in the identification of prospects based on their technology stack to customize marketing and sales strategies.


6sense pricing
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6Sence follows a subscription-based pricing model. While it does not offer free lead scoring software, it accords potential users a free trial that lasts for a specific number of days, allowing them to explore the features before they commit. The platform offers multiple plans catering to various business sizes — you can choose the one that best fits your budget and requirements.


  • Comprehensive B2B lead scoring software with predictive analytics.
  • Streamlined and user-friendly interface.
  • Robust integration with various CRM platforms.
  • Exceptional support team.


  • Limited functionality in the free trial.
  • It might be slightly expensive for very small businesses.

All in all, 6Sence aggregates as a rich blend of sales and marketing intelligence that can be an asset to any businesses aiming to optimize their lead management process.


Salesmate scoring software
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Salesmate is a comprehensive lead scoring software platform designed for empowering businesses across the spectrum — be it small, medium, or large. Known for simplifying complex sales processes, Salesmate primarily assists sales and marketing teams.

The principal aim of Salesmate is to provide businesses with value-laden, transformative approaches to lead management. Salesmate’s lead scoring operates on an intelligent algorithm, prioritizing leads through predictive lead scoring and helping teams focus on meaningful, high-value conversions.

Lead scoring features

Salesmate shines by merging the functionalities of automation software lead scoring and a robust CRM. Here’s a list of features it offers:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring: Leveraging AI-based algorithms, Salesmate accurately ranks leads based on buying potential.
  • Sales Automation: Automation tools streamline sales processes and enhance productivity.
  • Marketing Automation: Driven by intelligent automation, these tools optimize marketing campaigns for improving lead engagement.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless two-way integration with popular CRM platforms facilitates effective management of leads.
  • Lead Capturing: This platform efficiently captures new leads, helping monitor and leverage their behavior for turning potential prospects into customers.


Salesmate pricing
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Salesmate operates on a subscription-based pricing model. Starting at a competitive rate, the platform also offers a trial period for new users to explore its capabilities. Available are multiple plans that are tiered to suit businesses of different sizes, each differing in cost and meeting varied budgeting and operational needs.


  • Comprehensive marketing automation tools and CRM integration capabilities.
  • Robust, AI-driven predictive lead scoring software.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface easing task management.
  • Exceptional customer support.


  • Limited functionalities in the basic pricing tier.
  • Can be slightly more expensive for smaller businesses.

In brief, Salesmate emerges as one of the best lead scoring software that integrates sales, marketing, and lead management seamlessly, making it a beneficial asset to any business aiming to excel in their lead scoring and conversion game.

Act-On software

Act-on software
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Act-On is a powerful lead scoring software platform that caters to the needs of a wide range of companies, from SMEs to large business establishments. Their goal is to augment sales effectiveness and marketing strategies through their robust platform offering.

With Act-On, you get the advantage of predictive lead scoring software, which evaluates leads based on past behavior and demographic data. Teams can focus their efforts on the most promising leads and foster them to the point of conversion.


The Act-On platform offers:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring: Driven by advanced algorithms, Act-On ranks leads according to the likelihood of conversion.
  • Automated Marketing: Automation tools streamline the marketing process and increase the reach of marketing campaigns.
  • CRM Integration: Incorporating a blend of the CRM and HubSpot’s lead scoring app, Act-On ensures smooth management of leads and better track conversion rates.
  • Lead Management: This feature enables comprehensive lead tracking, nurturing and routing, crucial for enhancing conversion rates.
  • Email Marketing: Its refined tools optimize email open rates and click-through rates.


Act-on pricing
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Act-On proposes a subscription-based pricing model with various tiers to fit different business sizes. While there isn’t a free trial, they offer a demo for potential users. The pricing begins at a moderate range and varies with each plan, thereby making it suitable for businesses of various capabilities.


  • Its powerful automation and predictive lead scoring capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with major CRM software and HubSpot’s lead scoring app.
  • Comprehensive lead management toolset.


  • High-end plans can be costly.
  • It may carry a steeper learning curve for non-tech savvy users.

Ultimately, Act-On acts as a catalyst for seamless marketing automation, CRM integration, and enhanced lead scoring, making it a strong competitor in the realm of scoring software. It makes the task of marketing and sales teams far more result-oriented and productive.

HubSpot software

HubSpot for lead scoring
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HubSpot is a robust lead scoring software designed to cater to businesses of all sizes — small, medium, or large. It is used by both marketing and sales teams to drive up their efficiency. HubSpot aims to revolutionize the way businesses attract, engage, and delight customers.

The company excels in lead scoring by using behavioral data and demographic information, providing teams with insights on which leads are most likely to convert. As a predictive lead scoring software, it helps fine-tune marketing efforts and ensures overall process efficiency.


Key features offered by the HubSpot scoring software include:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring: The platform uses an effective algorithm to rank leads based on their likelihood of converting.
  • CRM Integration: HubSpot’s efficient CRM platform enables seamless lead management.
  • Marketing Automation: Helps streamline marketing processes and automates repetitive tasks.
  • Lead Management: Helps track and nurture leads effectively, improving conversion rates.
  • Email Marketing: Tools to create, personalize, and optimize emails for improved engagement.


HubSpot offers a freemium pricing model, with its basic CRM platform available free of charge. They have multiple paid plans beginning at a moderate price point, each offering a different set of features based on business size and needs.

HubSpot pricing
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  • Its powerful automation and predictive lead scoring capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with major CRM software and HubSpot’s lead scoring app.
  • Comprehensive lead management toolset.


  • High-end plans can be costly.
  • It may carry a steeper learning curve for non-tech savvy users.

In summary, HubSpot is a complete lead scoring software that provides a full-stack CRM, sales, marketing, and service platform to help businesses nurture their leads until the conversion point, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to optimize their lead management strategies.

Madkudu for sales scoring

Madkudu for lead scoring

Madkudu is an outstanding lead scoring platform aiming to equip SaaS businesses of all sizes with predictive and data-driven decision-making tools. It assists sales and marketing teams in enhancing their lead conversion rates by accurately predicting potential leads.

Madkudu operates on a refined predictive lead scoring model. Its goal is to prioritize the most promising leads, freeing your team to focus on nurturing those leads with a higher likelihood of becoming revenue-generating customers.


The vast array of lead scoring tools offered by Madkudu includes:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring: Madkudu uses machine intelligence to score leads based on their propensity to convert into customers.
  • Marketing Automation Integration: Allows teams to automate repetitive tasks, making the marketing process more efficient.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless integration with mainstream CRM systems ensures streamlined lead management.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides in-depth insights into prospect behavior to guide marketing and sales efforts.
  • Lead Segmentation: A vital tool that helps in categorizing leads based on various properties, facilitating targeted engagements.


Madkudu pricing
Image source

Madkudu operates on a subscription-based pricing model. While it doesn’t offer a free trial, it provides a demo to potential users for exploring the platform’s features before committing. There are tailored plans available to suit different business sizes and needs, with exact pricing available upon request.


  • Advanced, data-driven predictive lead scoring.
  • Easily integrates with existing CRM and marketing automation tools.
  • Offers in-depth analytics facilitating data-backed decision-making.


  • Could be pricey for smaller businesses.
  • The lack of a free trial option might deter some potential users.

In essence, Madkudu emerges as a powerful predictive lead scoring platform. It elegantly fuses sales, marketing, lead management, and customer intelligence to elevate your team’s performance, making it a top choice for businesses seeking to optimize their lead conversion strategies.


Keap for lead scoring

Keap is a versatile lead scoring software designed to simplify and automate sales and marketing processes for small businesses. Its goal is to help teams save time, get organized, and win more clients.

Keap’s scoring software works by assigning points to leads based on their engagement with your business. It factors in email opens, click-throughs, and form submissions to score leads. This helps sales and marketing teams prioritize their efforts on high-scoring leads.


Keap’s diverse lead scoring tools include:

  • Lead Scoring: Keap’s lead scoring feature tracks customer actions and assigns points to differentiate hot leads from the cool ones.
  • CRM Integration: An efficient CRM solution ensures smooth lead management.
  • Marketing Automation: The platform makes marketing automation simple, boosting engagement.
  • Email Marketing: Tools to craft, personalize, and optimize your emails for better customer engagement.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: A feature that provides visual indications of sales stages and wins.


Keap pricing
Image source

Keap adopts a subscription-based pricing model with various plans tailored to small businesses. It offers a free trial period to let potential users explore what the platform has to offer.


  • User-friendly scoring software which makes lead scoring easy for beginners.
  • Excellent CRM and marketing automation capabilities.
  • Strong customer service.


  • Comparatively pricey for very small businesses.
  • Interface might be less intuitive for first-time users.

In a nutshell, Keap is the ideal choice for small businesses looking to optimize their lead management process using a simple yet efficient scoring software. As a bonus, its suite of marketing automation and CRM integration functionalities makes it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to streamline and automate their sales and marketing cycles.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM for lead scoring
Image source

Zoho CRM is a versatile lead scoring software that caters to businesses ranging from small to enterprise scale. It provides sales and marketing teams with smart, data-driven solutions to streamline their operations.

With a core focus on driving conversions, Zoho CRM has an in-built mechanism for lead scoring. It assigns and adjusts lead scores based on numerous factors such as interaction level, purchase history, lead behavior, and more. This helps businesses of all types prioritize promising leads that are most likely to convert.


Zoho CRM’s lead scoring platform offers a well-rounded pack of tools, including:

  • Predictive Lead Scoring: Helps classify leads based on behavior, thereby providing a ranking that assists teams in focusing on high-value prospects first.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly links with the Zoho ecosystem and other external apps to provide smooth lead management.
  • Marketing Automation: Automated procedures simplify repetitive marketing tasks and enhance customer engagement.
  • Sales Force Automation: Facilitates a more streamlined and efficient sales process leading to a higher rate of conversions.
  • Real-time analytics: Gathers and provides valuable insights to guide decision-making.


Zoho pricing
Image source

Zoho CRM functions on a subscription model. Their pricing starts at a very reasonable rate, with different plans suitable for distinct business sizes and needs. A free trial is available, allowing businesses to test the platform before fully committing.


  • Comprehensive marketing automation and CRM integration tools.
  • Excellent predictive lead scoring capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface that caters to all levels of tech skills.


  • High-tier plans can be slightly pricey for smaller businesses.
  • Customization flexibility could be more robust.

In essence, Zoho CRM is a powerful lead scoring platform that offers a suite of essential tools — from predictive lead scoring, sales force automation to marketing automation. It assists businesses in executing effective strategies for managing and converting leads to customers.


Freshsales for lead scoring
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Freshsales is an innovatively designed lead scoring software by Freshworks that serves organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level. It primarily assists sales and marketing teams by efficiently streamlining their lead management operations.

Their lead scoring algorithm assigns scores based on leads’ behavior and quality, such as email opens, link clicks, website visits, and more. This empowers the teams to prioritize the most promising leads and concentrate their efforts productively.


Freshsales comes with an extensive range of lead scoring tools:

  • AI-Based Lead Scoring: Freshsales’s intelligent scoring algorithm ranks leads using an array of factors ensuring the team focuses on high-yield leads.
  • Marketing Automation: This tool helps streamline the marketing process, automating repetitive tasks.
  • CRM Integration: Seamless integration with existing CRM platforms for efficient management of leads.
  • Sales Management: The software provides complete visibility into your sales pipeline aiding in effective selling decisions.
  • Activity Capture: This feature registers and tracks every interaction with leads providing valuable insights.


Freshsales pricing
Image source

Freshsales follows a subscription-based pricing model starting at a competitive rate. It offers various plans tailored to suit the needs of different business sizes. In addition, Freshsales offers a free plan for those looking to get their feet wet, as well as an extensive free trial.


  • User-friendly lead scoring software with AI-based lead scoring.
  • Effective marketing automation tools.
  • Seamless CRM integration.


  • High-level features are available only in advanced plans.
  • Learning curve for non-tech savvy users.

In sum, Freshsales combines a plethora of tools including lead scoring, CRM integration, and marketing automation, making it a choice lead management software for businesses aiming to improve their lead conversion effectiveness.


EngageBay as a lead scoring software
Image source

ageBay is a comprehensive lead scoring platform that primarily targets small to mid-sized businesses. It aids both sales and marketing teams by offering a unified platform with an array of automated solutions to manage their operations efficiently.

EngageBay employs an intuitive scoring mechanism that assigns ranks to leads based on their online behavior and demographic data. This way, teams can focus on nurturing high-potential leads, which invariably results in an improved conversion rate.


EngageBay offers an array of lead capturing and lead scoring tools:

  • Lead Scoring: This lead scoring software ranks leads based on their engagement level and likelihood to convert.
  • Marketing Automation: Streamlines the marketing process by automating repetitive tasks, leading to a personalized customer journey.
  • CRM: Its CRM platform ensures proper lead management, offering features for tracking, nurturing, and converting leads.
  • Email Marketing: Allows the creation, personalization, and optimization of emails for better lead engagement.
  • Sales Automation: The tool guarantees an effective streamline of the sales process.


EngageBay pricing
Image source

EngageBay operates on a freemium pricing model, offering a cost-free package great for those wanting to test the platform. They also propose multiple paid plans catering to different business sizes, each with unique features at various pricing points.


  • A comprehensive platform that integrates CRM, sales, and marketing functionalities.
  • EngageBay’s lead scoring software allows effective prioritization of leads.
  • Offers great value for money, especially for small businesses.


  • Some advanced features are only available in top-tier plans.
  • Users might face a learning curve with the extensive feature set.

In essence, EngageBay is an all-in-one solution for businesses seeking an affordable yet powerful platform to manage their leads better. Combining robust CRM integration, marketing automation, and lead scoring software, EngageBay is a great option for organizations hunting for optimal lead management solutions.

FAQ best lead scoring software

The best free lead scoring software list

1. Dashly AI: An intuitive lead scoring tool that uses machine learning to rank leads on their probability of conversion.
2. Zoho CRM: A comprehensive CRM that offers advanced predictive lead scoring software algorithms to prioritize leads.
3. EngageBay: A unified platform for managing sales and marketing operations, including efficient lead scoring.
4. HubSpot CRM: Known for its seamless marketing automation and robust lead scoring capabilities.
5. Salesmate: Merges the functionalities of automation software with a robust CRM to streamline lead scoring.

How do you automate lead scoring?

To automate lead scoring, use lead scoring software integrated with your CRM. This software evaluates leads based on demographics and interactions, then assigns scores automatically, streamlining the lead management process for sales and marketing teams.

What is the lead scoring algorithm?

A lead scoring algorithm in lead scoring software uses multiple variables related to leads’ activities and demographic data. These variables, defined within your CRM, are used to assign each lead a score, aiding sales and marketing teams in effective lead management by prioritizing potential customers.

How much does lead scoring cost?

An SDR manager’s average annual salary can range from $70k to $100k. Meanwhile, a lead scoring software like EngageBay, which also includes CRM, marketing automation, and sales tools, can be as low as $12 to $50 per user per month. Therefore, utilizing a lead scoring software can significantly reduce costs in long term lead management.

How do you implement lead scoring model?

As a Dashly sales manager, implementing lead scoring model begins by defining scoring criteria based on lead behavior and attributes. Dashly, one of the best lead scoring software in the market, automates this process. Its predictive analysis tool collects and analyzes lead data to score leads based on their likelihood to convert, helping sales and marketing teams to prioritize and target their efforts effectively.

How do you build an effective lead scoring process?

As a Dashly sales manager, building an effective lead scoring process involves several steps.
Firstly, we integrate and leverage data from different sources such as email interactions, website behavior, and CRM values. The software then analyzes the data to understand how different actions might correlate with successful conversions.
Secondly, Dashly uses this data to score leads. The scoring depends on actions like email opens, form submissions, or product page visits.
By filtering the highest-scoring leads, businesses can target their offers more effectively, saving time and resources while also increasing conversion rates.

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