Live Chat and Inbox

Live Chat and Inbox
Search for users in Inbox by phone number, email or name

Previously, in the Inbox section, you could only search by message text. The agent had to:

  • recall the exact conversation or its date;
  • ask their administrator for a lead card and wait for an answer.

It overloaded agents and slowed down their work.

We added a user list to Inbox and enabled search by contact info.

Now an agent can enter a user’s name, phone number, or email, and the system will show a list of relevant conversations. Selecting a specific user, you can see the history of conversations with them.

If you want to restrict access to the search by contact info, disable it in the “Team members” section.

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Digest of minor but important Dashly updates

This is Tim Turovskii, Head of Product at Dashly. 

We often tell you about new features of the Dashly conversational platform. But improvements to existing features are also significant.

Thus, I’ve put together a digest of these minor but useful updates to streamline the way your teams communicate with customers. 

Let’s talk about updates to:

  • chatbots, 
  • conversations section,
  • user card.
Live Chat and InboxSettings
Make the lead card easy-to-use for yourself and all teams in the company

A lead card is a section of the service where sales, support agents and marketers can find out everything (or almost everything) about a user. Since lead card stores a lot of data, sometimes it was difficult to navigate. You could spend 15 minutes scrolling it to find the needed info. 

Now everyone can customize the order of data display in the lead card to reduce the search time and make the work more convenient:

  • choose which properties to pin at the top of the card;
  • combine user properties into collapsible blocks (accordions);
  • Copy data from user properties in one click.

Live Chat and InboxSettings
Improved interface and the live chat logic
  • Now, users see only relevant messages on the main live chat screen.
  • It is possible to open a new conversation every time the user writes to the live chat.
  • We modified and accelerated the Inbox section.

Read more about update

ChatbotLive Chat and Inbox
We updated the live chat widget and increased conversion into a conversation by 60%

We’ve redesigned live chat: combined website live chat, messengers, and social networks in a single widget. Thus, website visitors can choose the channels to start a conversation with an agent.

Dashly team does everything to erase boundaries between businesses and customers to make their communication simple, seamless, and human.

We tested the new live chat widget. A/B tests of this version showed significantly higher conversion into a conversation on mobile. With the new live chat widget, visitors write to messengers and live chat more frequently. There is 40% to 180% growth of a conversion into a conversation within different business segments and channels.

Live Chat and Inbox
New conversations filter

Find conversations that need your answer with one button 🔥. Hover and you’ll see how many conversations are waiting for your answer.

Try it in your Inbox.

Live Chat and Inbox
Hide chat widget on site pages and mobile version wherever it’s not needed

Now you can choose where your visitor will see a chat. For example: if there are landing pages or products where you don’t provide live support — hide a live chat option there. It’s also a good opportunity to free some space on the mobile version of your website. Despite the chat invisibility, all the visitors’ actions will still be tracked and stored in the user card.

Just set the list of URLs to show or hide a chat widget on in chat settings.

Live Chat and Inbox
Dashly validates Emails and Phone numbers

From now, Dashly validates Emails and Phone numbers in case user left them via pop-up, auto-reply or chatbot. Read more about the rules in our help center.

Therefore you can notice a slight decrease in conversion rates. But the number of qualified leads will remain the same. Read why it happens in the latest blog post.

Live Chat and Inbox
New chat is bringing higher conversion rates

We’ve updated our chat widget! Now it’s bigger and includes operator’s avatar and name. It also has input field, so your users don’t need to open the chat to reply.

Now messages catch user’s eye and are easy to answer to, so you get more contacts (aka potential customers). Our research shows that these messages get 1.5 times more replies than the previous version. Enjoy your new chat 🙂

Live Chat and Inbox
Pasting images from clipboard to chat

From now on it’s possible to paste screenshots to chat using Ctrl + V (Cmd + V).
Your support agents will have easier time figuring out the problem and helping customers when they see it on the image. Ask a customer to take a screenshot and paste it into chat without saving it. A couple of clicks and off your agents go.

Live Chat and Inbox
Saved replies: search, editing and reordering

We are introducing a long-awaited update: now you can edit and reorder saved replies. Just drag and drop all the most frequent responses to the top of the list and update them as soon as the information changes. You can add a title to your responses so you don’t have to read the entire text when looking for the needed one.

We’ve improved search so that you could find the necessary answer faster and easier. Now you can easily search for replies by text or title. You don’t have to type the word accurately — a couple of symbols will do the job. Don’t forget you that you can add saved replies by clicking the corresponding icon in the conversation. You can find and update your saved answers in Settings, and read more in the blog article.