Make the lead card easy-to-use for yourself and all teams in the company

Live Chat and InboxSettings

Choose which properties to pin at the top of the card

It doesn’t have to be a phone or email. For example, it’s important for a sales to see the customer’s time zone and plan. Marketers wanna see the source of conversions and subscriptions. You can change the assigned properties according to the new tasks.

Combine user properties into collapsible blocks (accordions)

You no longer need to scroll through a long list of data in the properties section. Just expand the block you want.

You can also leave the blocks you want to view each time always expanded. This setting is saved when you access the admin panel again.

Copy data from user properties in one click 

There is now a dedicated button for this. This feature is useful if you need to enter data from properties into a report or use it to find information about a user in your CRM system.

We hope that this update will make it easier and more pleasant to work with a lead card section.

Dashly product team!