We updated the live chat widget and increased conversion into a conversation by 60%

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We’ve redesigned live chat: combined website live chat, messengers, and social networks in a single widget. Thus, website visitors can choose the channels to start a conversation with an agent. 

Dashly team does everything to erase boundaries between businesses and customers to make their communication simple, seamless, and human. 

We tested the new live chat widget. A/B tests of this version showed significantly higher conversion into a conversation on mobile. With the new live chat widget, visitors write to messengers and live chat more frequently. There is 40% to 180% growth of a conversion into a conversation within different business segments and channels.

Uniting all the channels under a live chat widget made business and customers even closer 

  • Social network and messenger contact options are placed in the header of the live chat widget now. This interface eases the way customers can go back and select another channel.
Social network and messenger contact options are placed in the header of the live chat widget now. This interface eases the way customers can go back and select another channel. 
  • Communicate with customers from different channels in one window. They can write to live chat and continue the conversation in a messenger or on social networks without duplicating the request. You have all customers’ information and close questions faster.
  • Now the chatbot launches by clicking on the live chat widget, not just by events. Relieve your team. Let a chatbot answer the most common questions, qualify users, distribute requests to different channels, capture leads even at night. This feature is available in the pricing plans that. include a chatbot

We simplified the interface and increased the conversion rate

  • You can customize the order of the icons in the live chat widget header. Take care of your customers and place channels they prefer to write to first.
  • Now customers can see a history of their communication with business, go back to the previous conversation, and continue it. Show that you know what issues they wrote about earlier. There is no need to waste time on duplicating a question.
  • We added live chat widget cues to ease the way customers switch between screens, social networks, and messengers. The easier the customer journey, the higher the Conversion Rate.

Live chat widget became laconic, but also attractive and convenient

  • Custom design. Now there are even more opportunities to customize the widget for your website. In addition, live chat can adjust to the light/dark theme of the user device automatically.
  • Friendly interface. There are many rounded elements in the chat now. They help users perceive information easier.
  • Manage and guide users attention with layering. It creates a visual hierarchy to guide users’ attention.

We’re happy to chat with you on any questions, comments, or suggestions on the new live chat widget