Product updates:

New integration with Zoom

Add a human touch to your live chat communcations, make it a face to face conversation. Call your customers! Dashly+Zoom integration will help you to easily get in touch with them. Just send an invitation via Dashly live chat, and they will join the call hitting the invitation button. Resolve difficult issues, show your products, give personal consultations and stay in touch while apart.

Set Zoom integration now or read more in our blog

If your customers are not ready to talk right now, try our Calendly integration, so they can easily book a demo right from your chat.

Dashly+Calendly for easy scheduling

Schedule meetings and calls easily via chat on your site. Stop sending messages back and forth — use the new integration with Calendly. Hit the Calendly button to share an event schedule, and your clients will choose date and time right in the chat window. Enjoy communication! Read more in our help center.

Updated Facebook integration

We’ve updated Facebook integration. Now it’s more convenient to work with several Facebook pages: get messages from Facebook pages straight into Dashly, and these will be automatically distributed in different channels. Appoint agents for the channels and speed up your work. Your conversations are structured now.

How to set up this integration:

1. Set up the integration with Facebook and add several pages.
2. Create channels, match with the pages and appoint agents.
3. Enjoy communication 🙂

Triggered Messages
Meet videos in pop-up builder!

Show, don’t text! We all love videos — videos are cool, informative and entertaining. Use them in your pop-ups! Paste YouTube or Vimeo link and have fun. You can set autoplay, but remember that video will be muted. Your users can turn on the sound if you catch their attention.

Go to the pop-up builder to see everything yourself!