Product updates:

Live Chat and Inbox
New chat is bringing higher conversion rates

We’ve updated our chat widget! Now it’s bigger and includes operator’s avatar and name. It also has input field, so your users don’t need to open the chat to reply.

Now messages catch user’s eye and are easy to answer to, so you get more contacts (aka potential customers). Our research shows that these messages get 1.5 times more replies than the previous version. Enjoy your new chat 🙂

Mobile AppSettings
Fewer problems loading messages and Dashly Windows app

We’ve made messaging in the Inbox more stable. Now there will be fewer problems loading messages — you will receive them without delay. If there are still problems, we will show a notification. As soon as it is possible to load all new messages, you will see them in the Inbox, and the notification will disappear.

Now there is also a Dashly Windows app — using it you can run Dashly without a browser, right from your computer. It is convenient to keep track of new messages in the app, even if the Inbox tab is closed. The application icon is always visible in the taskbar and available in one click, and if you have a new message, the icon flashes.

Live Chat and Inbox
Pasting images from clipboard to chat

From now on it’s possible to paste screenshots to chat using Ctrl + V (Cmd + V).
Your support agents will have easier time figuring out the problem and helping customers when they see it on the image. Ask a customer to take a screenshot and paste it into chat without saving it. A couple of clicks and off your agents go.

Live Chat and Inbox
Saved replies: search, editing and reordering

We are introducing a long-awaited update: now you can edit and reorder saved replies. Just drag and drop all the most frequent responses to the top of the list and update them as soon as the information changes. You can add a title to your responses so you don’t have to read the entire text when looking for the needed one.

We’ve improved search so that you could find the necessary answer faster and easier. Now you can easily search for replies by text or title. You don’t have to type the word accurately — a couple of symbols will do the job. Don’t forget you that you can add saved replies by clicking the corresponding icon in the conversation. You can find and update your saved answers in Settings, and read more in the blog article.

Leadbot stays free for one more month, Zoom and Calendly integrations become free forever

Dashly is there for you even in the most challenging times. In order to help you cope with the aftermath of the pandemic, we are making Zoom and Calendly integrations free forever. Make video calls, consult, run demos and show items via video — as much as you need.

We are also extending the free period for using the Leadbot for one month. Be there for your customers and we are ready to help or answer questions whenever you need it.

Leadbot avatar and text formatting in bot’s cues

Your leadbot now has its own personality, and you can customize it for your website design. Find settings in the list of chatbots. Just add a picture and come up with a name — they will be the same for all the bots on your website.
People better interact with a chatbot when it doesn’t pretend to be human. So it’s better to set a name and an avatar that won’t imitate a person.

You can now format text in bot’s cues. Using html tags, you can add paragraphs, lists and links, make text italic or bold. Links will work if you wrap them in tags or simply add them as text.

Let your visitors interrupt Leadbot

Now your visitors can interrupt Leadbot. If they don’t want to answer its questions or have something urgent to say, they can send a message to the chat at any time. Then Leadbot will answer acoarding to the Interrupt branch (which you can change) and this dialog will go to the Inbox.
If you have reply imput fields in your bot (e.g. collecting emails or phones) there’ll be no second input: Dashly will collect answers right from the chat.

You can switch Interupt branch off, if you want your visitors answer all the Leadbot questions before they can write something to you.

Collect qualified leads with Leadbot

We know how to spend less time collecting more qualified leads. New Leadbot proactively involves your visitors into conversation and collects data about them. Leadbot is an interactive, quick and fun way to collect not only emails or phone numbers, but any kind of information you need. Let your agents focus on high-value conversations that truly require a human touch — leadbot will deal with others.

Read more in our blog post or create your first leadbot right now!

New integration with Zoom

Add a human touch to your live chat communcations, make it a face to face conversation. Call your customers! Dashly+Zoom integration will help you to easily get in touch with them. Just send an invitation via Dashly live chat, and they will join the call hitting the invitation button. Resolve difficult issues, show your products, give personal consultations and stay in touch while apart.

Set Zoom integration now or read more in our blog

If your customers are not ready to talk right now, try our Calendly integration, so they can easily book a demo right from your chat.

Dashly+Calendly for easy scheduling

Schedule meetings and calls easily via chat on your site. Stop sending messages back and forth — use the new integration with Calendly. Hit the Calendly button to share an event schedule, and your clients will choose date and time right in the chat window. Enjoy communication! Read more in our help center.

Updated Facebook integration

We’ve updated Facebook integration. Now it’s more convenient to work with several Facebook pages: get messages from Facebook pages straight into Dashly, and these will be automatically distributed in different channels. Appoint agents for the channels and speed up your work. Your conversations are structured now.

How to set up this integration:

1. Set up the integration with Facebook and add several pages.
2. Create channels, match with the pages and appoint agents.
3. Enjoy communication 🙂

Triggered Messages
Meet videos in pop-up builder!

Show, don’t text! We all love videos — videos are cool, informative and entertaining. Use them in your pop-ups! Paste YouTube or Vimeo link and have fun. You can set autoplay, but remember that video will be muted. Your users can turn on the sound if you catch their attention.

Go to the pop-up builder to see everything yourself!