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Trigger scenario map for SaaS

Create Video Pop-ups That Convert

It’s time to launch impressive video pop-ups on your website
No programming or design skills are required — navigate through the simple Dashly interface to add illustrations, videos, buttons, and custom fields for data collection.
Customize your creatives
Let Dashly pop-up creator guide you through the customization process step by step:
Registration, trials, purchases, etc.
Define Goals
Select audience by pre-set categories
Target Viewers
Display your video pop-ups over the entire website/certain pages

Select Pages
Launch A/B testing before going live
Ready for the roll-out? Evaluate the efficiency of your video pop-ups and your website’s response to its different options.
Video — one format to fit it all
Website promo pop-up
Raise awareness, advertise products & services, present your project.
When it comes to video messages, the number of use cases is unlimited. Here are the most common scenarios:
Lead capture pop-up
Trigger actions by showing video ads or instructions.
Let your lead database grow with every visitor.
Collect data and research your audience — make interactive video questionnaires.
Showcase your brand and add custom messages.
Retain visitors by showing videos they can’t stop watching.

Recipes for your company growth with Dashly pop-ups

new signups
What’s the secret behind a truly appealing pop-up?
After a series of thorough A/B tests and experiments, IQ Option got 25% more sign-ups on its investing platform.
leads within 6 months
One product to bring thousands of leads.
Dashly and Findthat.email found that perfect solution. The combination of one web pop-up and a live chat tripled the number of leads.

How to retain visitors with pop-ups?
The story of Kflwebdesign project for a New York flower shop with a very happy end. Refined customer support and website pop-ups increased sales by 55% and generated a wealth of leads.
7 days of unlimited free trial.
No credit card required
Comprehensive editor that features numerous ready-made pop-up templates and easy customization of every element: text, font, size, color, illustrations, video, and buttons.
One-click settings. With Dashly, you can target the audience, set video display time, and define trigger events.
Unlimited collaboration with teammates through a single dashboard in real-time. Work over video creatives together — invite as many members as needed.
Reasonable pricing. Dashly’s basic Business chat plan comes for as low as $16/month. As you scale up, you can switch to the Automation or Premium plans.
Dashly — your ultimate solution
Dashly ensures flawless pop-up creation and management experience thanks to:
Free consultation with our specialists: get more leads collected in 30 minutes
7 days of free trial.
No credit card required