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Boost conversions on your website, leaving no lead behind with fully customizable pop-ups. In a matter of clicks, automate lead generation and qualification processes, easily access and manage all your leads in one place.
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Even if your ultimate goal is to capture leads, it's essential to decide on the specific offer that will encourage website visitors to leave their contacts. Give them something worth taking action — a special promo, a gift, or a newsletter subscription. Dashly offers pop-up templates for each of these goals.
Pick a goal
Create your first lead capture pop-up to generate more leads
With Dashly pop-up software, you can create free lead capture pop-ups that convert in no time. They are easy to change and adjust to suit your purposes.
With visual editor blocks, it will take you just a few clicks to customize your template or create a new one. Drag and drop image blocks, text fields, background, etc.

No coding skills are required!

Design content
Define when, where and who will see your pop-up. Specifying different groups of visitors to show your lead capture pop-up is as easy as choosing website pages where it will work.

If you want to segment your audience by behavior, set trigger events like exit intent.
Set up pop-up performance rules
Test creatives
Use A/B tests to see what messages and designs work best. Adjust to convert more visitors with the best-performing version of your lead capture pop-up.
Use visual stats to evaluate your lead capture pop-up performance: how many times it was sent, read clicked, etc. Based on this data, you can easily polish your lead capture forms to get more leads in the future.
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Ready-to-use lead capture pop-ups from Dashly
Lead capture pop-up
Mobile popup
You don't need to puzzle over the elements of your pop-up anymore. Choose from numerous templates carefully designed and tested for you and start generating leads today.

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7 days of free trial. No credit card required

Recipes for your company growth with Dashly lead capture pop-ups

How to get more sign-ups?

Dashly email capture pop-ups easily solved this task. After a bunch of tests and experiments, they selected a sign-up form that brought the company 25% new subscribers.

7 days of unlimited free trial.
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leads within 6 months
How to generate more leads?

Dashly and know the answer. The story of how the implementation of one product brought 3 times more leads with one pop-up and a live chat.
How to get more online sales?

Dashly and Kflwebdesign made a cool project for a New York flower shop that brought more leads, improved customer service and helped the flower shop to get 55% more online sales.
A mix-match of design options.
«uild your lead capture pop-up from scratch or customize any element in templates that were already pre-designed for you — colors, texts, fonts, CTA buttons, contact fields, and more so that your forms call attention and call to action!
No coding required. Don't have an in-house designer or a coder? Not a big deal — with our pre-designed templates and easy-to-use visual editor, you can manage it all alone even if you've never done anything like this before.
Flexible settings. Determine and segment audiences, customize trigger events, and schedule the right time and place for your leads to see a pop-up on your website.
Why do I choose Dashly lead capture pop-ups?
Dashly lead capture pop-ups designed with a user in mind prove to be an effective and easy-to-use solution that helps you gather website visitors' information and attract more leads carefully.
Unlimited seats. No matter how big your team is. With Dashly unlimited agent seats, none of your team members will be left out and collaborate in the pop-up creation process.
Flexible price policy. Whether you are a small business or a fast-growing company, we'll find a plan that both covers all your needs and fits the budget. Choose from the basic Business chat, Automation, or Premium.

All data in one place. Manage and track leads and conversion rates, so you always know what works and what doesn't. Experiment, adjust and take full advantage of what pulls off.


What is a lead capture pop-up?
A lead capture pop-up is a message shown to website visitors with the goal of collecting their contact information, such as emails or phone numbers, that can be later used for promoting your products or services or nurturing them with useful content.

How does a lead capture pop-up work?
When a user comes to your website, you don't want them to go without leaving any contact information. And this is precisely what lead capture forms are designed for — to encourage users to leave their contact details, usually in exchange for a newsletter subscription, getting a discount, or a product demo version. Visitor contact data is automatically saved in a system where you can easily access and manage it.

Do I need a designer or a coder to build a lead capture pop-up?
To set up a lead capture pop-up, you don't need any coding or design skills. With our pre-designed templates and easy-to-use visual editor, you can manage it all alone, even if you've never done anything like this before.

How much time does it take to build a lead capture pop-up?
You can set up a lead generation pop-up in a flash. All you need to do is customize a pop-up template pre-designed for you, fill in the fields with your content and connect it to your website.

How much does a lead capture pop-up cost?
Dashly lead capture pop-ups are part of the Automation and Premium plans. But if you're not sure which plan to choose yet, you can get started with them for free as we offer a 7-day free trial, no card required.

Build your first pop-up for free
7 days of free trial. No credit card required