FindThat.Email + Dashly case study: pop-ups and live chat generated x3 leads in 6 months

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FindThat.Email + Dashly case study: pop-ups and live chat generated x3 leads in 6 months

Being able to reach the person you need is vital, no matter if it is an HR from Apple to send a СV, a manager from CNN to launch a commercial, a CEO in Amazon to share the experience or that beautiful girl without social networks from last night dinner. As Valery, Dashly marketing team, says “Network makes everything”.

This is one of the main problems that solves. Find That Email finds professional email addresses, based on a person’s name and company/business domain associated with it. Their main clients are companies, but there are also individuals using the tool as freelancers.

After signing up you will be able to literally reach out to any professional on the globe. Just type in First and Last name and business domain and Find That Email’s algorithm will scan through different data sets to ultimately zero in on the correct email address. You can also be sure that your email lists are clean of bounce because all emails are verified. is not just a company that helps businesses grow by giving them contacts they need. They are also a cool team of people dedicated to what they do. And one of our most beloved clients concurrently.

Our acquaintance began about 6 months ago. They saw us on Product Hunt, tested, and that’s when our love started.


“We actually tried out a few tools out there, but we decided to switch to Dashly (wonderfully called Dashly at the time) because it gave us plenty of options to track and improve our customers’ success, along with the automation”

Customer Success Manager

Auto messages to make more sales uses Dashly as the main communication tool for:

  • chat communications,
  • marketing campaigns,
  • notifications
  • and support inquiries.

When a visitor starts discovering there is a chat to help them get around.

Chat in house colors
Chat in house colors

FTE is almost a self-service product that allows users to puzzle it out independently.

We don’t really have our hands full because our product is pretty simple to use, plus we have a handy Knowledge base so our clients easily get around. But Dashly also helped us guide our customers around with automated messages triggered by different events, which minimized the need for chat support

Customer Success manager

Usually visitors manage to sign up by themselves and they prefer to ask about plans and credits.

When the sign up process is over, a newly-minted user sees the fox greeting in a pop-up. FTE team minds users needs and puts the most important links into a pop-up, so we won’t have to look up for them. pop-up
Hello to you, foxy!

After you’ve signed up, you have 50 credits to find emails and 100 to verify — that’s when the user path starts as a free user. One of the main goals of FTE is to upgrade you to paid users because paid accounts let you enjoy the product with more credits, integrations, and team options.

To manage user path, FTE divides all their leads depending on a plan they are into leads, free, premium users. It is easy to do that in Dashly, just start recording user plans into properties and then easily create segments based on them. You can add any custom properties you want and create segments combining different properties and events. FindThat.Email also segments their users by countries they are from and exclude them from message chains — analytics has shown them where the conversions are higher.

In addition to segmentation depending on a plan, FTE uses lead scoring — they assigned scores to different events that their users do:

  • Answer the message gives 20
  • Click on the link in the message gives 20 scores
  • Unsubscribing from the campaign takes away 50 scores
  • Downgrading the account takes away 100 scores, etc.

This allows FTE to understand (and Dashly to send messages) who is ready to be upgraded and go for premium. Scoring can rocket conversions, but only if you learned your visitors well.

That is why FTE team “runs (and continuously test, test, test…) different welcome, onboarding, nurturing and a whole lot of other triggered messages so that our clients know we’ve got their back”. But we all know that clients don’t need to worry when Marina is in charge of the support process. ?

To reach a goal and upgrade users from free to paid ones, FindThat launched A/B tests to understand what email texts and follow up messages work better.

The difference in A/B test emails was in an additional sentence that included a link to the FAQ page. We don’t know the results of this A/B test made yet, but this is how the report will look like for two alternatives that will allow FTE to make a decision about the best alternative in this and ongoing A/B test:

Dashly A/B test statistics
Dashly A/B test statistics
Automation is the key. Learn all about it in our free email course

Quickly, check your inbox!

Automation is the key. Learn all about it in our free email course

Analytics to deal with the results

Testing while you’re launching campaigns is fun, but you really need to look at the  numbers. And after all the campaigns had been launched, FTE looked at the statistics and analyzed the results. “We thrive and improve based on analytics. No one will tell you when your campaigns are boring, while stats have a subtle way of doing so,” — said Marina when I asked her about how they use numbers from statistics. — “Analytics have their own language and there’s no guessing there.”

That’s why we put a whole lot of attention on creating useful and representative analytics and happy to see it in use. One of our (and not only our?) all-time favorite feature is funnels:

Custom funnels are pretty great as they can give you some wicked stuff on a plate. But the coolest thing is that you can customize what you need to focus on and put aside what you don’t need at the moment

Dashly funnels
Dashly funnels

What are the results?

Among the last questions I asked (with my fingers crossed) Marina about changes in conversion rates after Dashly was implemented.

And she said:

We saw the growth in our conversion rate in the last couple of months, and it’s the result of better deliverability that we could implement with Dashly. Plus, we almost tripled the number of leads since we started using Dashly

And Roman, Valery and I did:

Dashly team happieness
Roman, Valery and me, when we hear words like that

All in all, we are happy to get in the processes of and be useful for them. We’ll be looking forward to help with their future developments, ideas and will have our eye on success.

That is just one example of how Dashly can be used as a growth hacking tool. If you also want to try and see what’ll happen — contact us, and let’s dash!?

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